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Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie


     Evening everyone! Sorry my post is so late today, but I have been gone all day….and then came home and took an almost 2 hour nap! Bobby and I had to go to the courthouse, and go pick up papers downtown then go meet with the lawyers today, then we were starving so we ate lunch out, and got home about 2:30. One thing is for sure. You know you have hired expensive attorneys when the lobby looks like this:


Let me back up first to what I made us for breakfast this morning…a peanut butter banana smoothie! Caitlin had talked about making one and so I decided to give it a whirl with a couple of tweaks and making up my own measurements! It came out awesome! I really liked it. This is what I used:

-1 banana with lots of brown spots 🙂

-1 scoop vanilla protein powder

-3-4 heaving spoonfuls of natural peanut butter

-1 handful of ice

-1/8-1/4 cup of vanilla almond breeze almond milk

-Blend blend blend!



I will be making this again. It was so easy!


Ok, so after the breakfast and the errands and all that jazz it was time for lunch. Bobby wanted Japanese hibachi, and I gave in. Don’t get me wrong, I love friend rice, but it makes me feel SO gross and bloated and thirsty after. I haven’t had it in probably a year or so. WOW did it do a number on my energy levels. I came home and went straight for the bed and slept for so long! But, not before getting this package at the door. I won a giveaway awhile back, and I was so excited because we are almost out of GU and I was about to have to go buy more!




WOO HOO that’s a ton of awesome stuff! I love it! Can’t wait to try out some of the flavors I have never had before like mint chocolate. YUM!


….and just because, this is what Bella does when I take warm clothes out of the dryer.


Oh those sweet innocent eyes!!….yeah right! I hope everyone has a great Friday night!!


QOTD: What food makes you want to sleep a lot?