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runDisney medal holder review

Hello! I’m Crystal from Yasumi Designs! Not quite your average healthy living blog…as in not quite healthy and not quite a blog. 😉 However, I am an avid runDisney fan. I recently received the new runDisney medal holder as an anniversary gift from my husband, and offered to guest post a review for Heather.clip_image002

When I first heard about this medal holder, I was instantly curious. I had been wanting a holder for all my runDisney medals, but was unsure about this one. Luckily, I didn’t have to make that decision since my husband ordered it for me.

The first thing I noticed upon taking the holder out of the box, was that it didn’t look quite like the photo online:


Notice that there are not the extra “hang bar” slots between the bars like in the online photo? Even though the description online says it can hold 6 medals, the photo makes it seem like you can put 13. Clearly, you can *maybe* put 8.

I found a random wall to temporarily mount my new holder to see how it held up:


I was able to get 8 medals on, which was my 2013 runDisney haul. I’d need a hanger for each year at this rate…


I do have to say that the two different surfaces they used for the “run” and “Disney” created a pretty cool effect.


I wasn’t sure how I felt about having all the medals hanging at the same level and clanking against each other, so I tried to stagger them:


An improvement, but the lanyards are not neatly arranged on top. Perhaps something other than paper clips would work better.

I think this is an extremely cute, well-made medal holder. My main concern is that it is WAY TOO SMALL. If I had run any more runDisney races this year, they would not have fit. I hope to see a revamp of this in the future with the capability to hold a lot more medals. Most runDisney fanatics are bling-chasers, and want to proudly display their achievements. This official runDisney medal holder will definitely have a home on my wall, but I will be sure to leave room for additional holders, as I may need one for every year.

Thanks for reading!


QOTD: Do you have a medal manger? Wanting a runDisney one?

Setting Goals: My 13 in 13 challenge to myself

At some point, not too long ago, I realized that the people I encounter discuss their limitations a lot. Often is in the form of what they cannot do and how they must stay within their limitations for whatever reason. However, there are some people who like to talk about finding their limitations or pushing their limitations. I made a conscious decision (although it is partially in my nature) to seek to push my own limitations. To find out how far I can reach and how much I can do and handle.

I don’t want to be the person who is explaining what I can’t do and why. I want to be the person that says, “let’s find out if I can do that.” I have to be somewhat honest when I say I am often surprised by how far I can push myself and how much I can do. And, I find so much joy and satisfaction in doing something that I thought was outside my reach.

In early 2013 I decided to challenge myself to doing “13 in 13.” The goal is to complete 13 events (run/walk) in 2013. Most of my family thought I was crazy. Some even told me not to attempt it. But, I don’t like naysayers and their negativity only fueled me. I am proud to say that so far I have completed 10 of my 13 events and will complete my final 13 before December even rolls around.

As a side note, you’ll probably be surprised to know how hard it was to choose which events to do! Since I limited myself to only 13 (I know…13 in a year as a limit), I had to choose carefully. I attempted to choose events that had a purpose or meaning that was important to me.

These are the events I chose to do and why I picked them.

#1 Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando, Florida


I got a bit of late start with my first race in February 2013 at the Disney Princess Half Marathon, but was energized to just keep going. I chose the Princess Half before I decided to complete the challenge. This was a great event and although I was super slow it was my first event done solo. My mom came down to Florida with me and we enjoyed our time together – something that doesn’t happen as often now that I am married.

#2 Harvest Health 5k Color Splash in Carlisle, PA


The Princess Half inspired my mom and she joined me for event #2 – a local 5k Color Splash. The run/walk happened to fall only a few days after the sudden and unexpected death of my grandfather. We considered dropping out and not doing it at all. However, my grandfather (aka Pappy) took almost daily walks and was a silent advocate for doing so. I think it was really good for my mom to be doing something physical at that point in time. My mom’s goal was to “not be the last one to finish.”

#3 & 4 Hershey 10k in Hershey, PA and Nike Women’s Half in DC


In April, my sister in law and I completed two events. A local 10k race and the Nike Women’s Half in DC. We signed up to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through Team in Training. We had both completed events and raised funds with TnT previously so for these two we took it on as a team effort. If you have never done TnT, I highly recommend checking out the organization. If there is another cause near and dear to your heart, see if they offer a similar opportunity. My sister in law’s father passed away about 10 years ago so we ran in his honor. We are also honored and humbled that friend allowed us to use his brother as our honored teammate and wear his photo on our shirts for the half marathon. He passed away only 5 days before we completed the race. A seven time Ironman whisked away by cancer less than a year after his initial diagnosis. Aside from these reasons, I also LOVED running the DC Half. I highly recommend this race to anyone looking to run half marathons. The course was beautiful and the weather was amazing. I lost my SiL after about mile one and ran most of the race by myself. However, Nike races and races done with TnT are never truly “alone.”

#5 Movie Madness 5k in Grantville, PA


At this point I was getting a little worried about my goal and the costs of all these events. I signed up for a local 5k just for fun. My cousin ended up signing up and found out on facebook we were both running.

#6 William F. Foran Colon Cancer Prevention 5k


In June, my SiL, mom and Aunt all completed a local 5k that raised funds for Colon Cancer Prevention Awareness. My maternal Grandmother passed away more than 30 years ago from colon cancer. The continued public education on prevention and treatment has saved countless lives. This is a topic I can talk about for hours, but I will just say to talk to your doctor and make sure you are taking the necessary steps to get checked.

#7 Philly Color Run in Philadelphia, PA


I had been trying to get into a true color run since the one back in March wasn’t quite as “colorful” as expected (it was their first try). So for my 7th race I signed up for the Philadelphia Color Run. I tried to get others to do this with me, but no one jumped on the bandwagon. My mom happened to be scheduled for a conference the next day in Philly so she came down a day early with me and cheered me on. It was so much fun! I can imagine it would be even more fun with a group of friends! I highly recommend sunglasses and a bandanna over your mouth you decide to check one of these races.


My first race of the year with my husband! I keep roping him into things… I first heard about zombie 5k’s last year, but the local races either conflicted with our schedules or were sold out. When this year’s schedule was posted for Run For Your Lives, I immediately signed myself and my husband up. We ran the 5k in the morning and then signed up to be zombies for the afternoon. It was so much fun! My husband especially enjoyed it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he signs up for some more obstacle course events in the future.

#9 & 10 Disneyland 10k and Disneyland Half Marathon in Anaheim, CA



Disneyland! Oh man. I HAD to do a half marathon in Disneyland as part of this challenge. How could I pass up the opportunity for my coast to coast medal after doing the Princess Half in February? Then they announced the Dumbo Double Dare Challenge. Umm … 4 medals in one weekend – yes please! Again, people said I was crazy. My husband harped on and on all summer that he was concerned I’d hurt myself. I didn’t. I had a blast. It was incredibly hot, but tons of fun. A good friend signed up to do the 10k – her first ever race and my husband agreed to do the half marathon – his first half. It was so fun to experience these firsts with my friend and husband. I am incredibly proud of both of them. And, I love my four medals!

#11 Hershey Half Marathon in Hershey, PA

My next race is only a few weeks away. It is a local half marathon. My husband still thinks I am crazy. I’m not too worried about it. My SiL will be running for TnT again for this half marathon. I think we will try to stick together this time. However, I am hoping to PR so I am not sure how that will work out.

#12 Half Marathon as part of Philadelphia Marathon in Philadelphia, PA

Another half marathon – in Philly, during the Philadelphia Marathon weekend. I found out my cousin will be running this race as well. But, we will not run together. She is much faster than I am and I’ll be taking it easy for the race. I hear this is a great course so I’m looking forward to it! I’m also looking forward to completing my fifth half marathon for the year, and 6th overall – yup, I just started this crazy train.

#13 ???

My last race is still up in the air. I have considered a few different events here and there. I think I am settled to do a 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, but I haven’t signed up yet. I am trying to convince a friend to do it with me. I would like to have an event that is after my last half marathon. I would also like to end on a fun note. Something quirky and not serious at all.

#14 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon

I know… I said 13 in 2013. But here’s the deal. I got it in my head that if I can do all this, I can do more. I have refused to add more than 13 events in the 2013 calendar year. However, I convinced my husband to do a full marathon with me. In January we will be tackling the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon! If you look at my timeline, that has me completing 14 events in less than a year.

Since I started this challenge I have learned and experienced so many things. I have learned that there are so few things that I cannot do if I put my mind to them. I have learned that digging in and committing to something for me, and not for anyone else, is awesome, and that I don’t need anyone else’s validation of my efforts. I’ve learned that grief sucks, but getting up and continuing on is important. I’ve learned that running/walking/physical exercise makes me feel great and helps me process some difficult stuff. I’ve learned a lot more, but I won’t bore you.

I’ve experienced my first solo event; my first walk with my mom; grief that knocks you to your knees, but forces you to stand on your own two feet; watching a good friend and my husband go farther than they have gone before; getting over the biggest fear of my life; and so many more things.

I encourage you to set goals and reach for the stars. Find out what your limitations are or find out what they aren’t. I’m still trying to figure it all out.

See ya real soon!


PS – Yes, I do wear the same outfit for most of my events. :o) I like the continuity

QOTD: What is your favorite race you have run?

10 Commandments of Running


Hello everybody! My name is Kathryn and I blog at From Dancing to Running. While Heather is in Orlando enjoying time at Universal Studios and Disney World and running the Tower of Terror 10 Miler, I’m honored that she’s given me another opportunity to share some thoughts on running with you.

Many of us have at some point come across one version or another of the “Ten Commandments of Running.” Now that we’re in the midst of the fall running season, I have found myself revisiting many of variations of this list and reminding myself of many of the commandments. I’ve now been running for six months, and am finding these commandments to be of utmost importance, especially now that I’m officially one month into my formal training plan for my first half marathon, the Disney World Half Marathon in January.

Below is my list of commandments that I’m currently reminding myself of and trying my best to adhere to:

1. Thou shall never compare one’s speed, distance, or abilities to that of another runner.

While we all may be runners, we all started at different points in time, we all have different physical limitations that we face, and we all live different lives. What’s most important is that you are out there running, regardless of how fast you may be or how far you can go.


2. Thou shall get enough sleep.

Statistics show that athletes need more sleep than non-athletes. Now that I’m more physically active than I was six months ago, I find myself more tired in the evenings than I used to be. Because I’m a teacher and have to get up at 4:45 every morning in order to be at school on time, I usually fall asleep between 8:30 and 9:30 every evening. Six months ago, I could easily push myself past 10 or 11 every night, and feel rested enough to face my students in the morning, but that’s no longer the case. Athletes exert more energy than non-athletes do; thus, they need more recovery time before they’re back up and at it the next day.

3. Thou shall listen to one’s body.

As runners, we’re always trying to push ourselves to be just a tad bit faster or to run just a bit more distance. This means that we’re putting extra stress on our bodies than the average American. If you’re starting to feel sick, or your body is telling you that it hurts, it’s okay to take a day or two of rest. Most training experts recommend at least one day of rest after any strenuous workout, which in a runner’s case is likely the long run or a race itself. If your body says it needs rest, then listen to it and take it.

4. Thou shall not neglect the importance of proper nutrition and hydration.

Proper nutrition and hydration are essential in order to have the necessary energy for running. This is not only important for staying healthy, but our bodies cannot perform at their highest level possible without being properly fueled.


5. Thou shall find a buddy to share their enthusiasm for running with.

There’s always strength in numbers. Whether your buddy is physical or virtual, finding at least one other person who you can share your passion for running with will help ensure that you maintain your motivation and passion to keep running. For me, I find my physical motivation in my husband. He’s been running for years longer than I have, so it’s natural that his endurance and speed are much greater than mine are. However, we often go to the gym or out on the trail at the same time, and just knowing that we’re out there “together” helps keep me going. On days that he wants an easy run, he’ll often run with me at my speed. We’ve run multiple races together, but opted for different course lengths. We’ve still both had to get up early for the same reason, and we both had to nourish our body the day before in order to prepare for the same event. Virtually, I have found the blogging community of runners to be invaluable, as well as those who I also follow on Twitter. It’s not only inspiring to read others’ stories, but social media provides us access to a network of other runners to communicate that physical limitations might otherwise prevent.


6. Thou shall keep their running interesting to them.

For most people, if something isn’t fun or enjoyable then they’re unlikely to follow through. Everybody finds different things to be fun. For me, varying where I run and the types of races that I run helps maintain my interest. Finding a running partner can also help keep running interesting. Race wise, not only are there the runDisney races, but many other fun race series have recently popped up, including the Electric Run and the Color Run. I also recently had a unique opportunity to run on the runway at Dulles International Airport. Find whatever it is that will help keep your running interest sparked so that you’re not tempted to steer away from running.


7. Thou shall be properly fit for running shoes.

Up until about a month ago, I was wearing basic Asics. I made my shoe selection based on what was on sale at DSW whenever I needed a pair of shoes. After my husband ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon and discovered that one of his big toenails was completely purple (four weeks later it still is), we both decided it was time to take a trip to the local running store to be properly fit for shoes. During our fitting, we discovered that he was wearing a shoe that was too small, and that I have extremely high arches that weren’t being properly supported. Although my Asics continue to provide the support I need for walking and weight training, my new Mizunos provide much greater support and I find that I have less ankle pain when I run (I first sprained it when I was in fourth grade, and after multiple sprains its strength has deteriorated.)

8. Thou shall invest in proper running attire that is both breathable and fits properly.

Along with the importance of having properly fitting shoes, having properly fitting and breathable running clothes is essential. Heather shared in her Disneyland half race recap that part of what made her chafe was that her Dumbo costume included a cotton top. Cotton and running do not get along! And girls – just as it’s important to wear a properly sized bra during daily activities, a properly fitting sports bra is just as important during physical activities. I am quite blessed in this area, so cheap unsupportive sports bras aren’t going to cut it.


9. Thou shall not increase their distance by more than 10% each week.

Running is already physically demanding to begin with, but not gradually increasing distance and intensity will only put yourself at greater risk for injury for also at greater risk for dehydration and other health related issues.


10. Thou shall continue living the rest of their life outside of running.

This commandment is by far the hardest for me to obey. A month ago I started following a specific training plan for my upcoming half marathon, with my long runs taking place over the weekend. Only a month in, I’m realizing that adjustments have to be made, not only for when you’re sick, but in order to make sure you also have time to spend with loved ones. Being an athlete is about balancing all of life’s demands, not focusing all of our time and energy just on running. I may not always be able to complete all of my runs on the days that I planned to do them back in August when I plotted out the training plan, but flexibility and adjustment will help ensure that everything on both my life and training calendars can be included.

QOTD: What would you include on this list?

Running and Burnout


It’s so great to be here on one of my favorite blogs! I’ve read Heather’s blog for awhile now, and after meeting her during the 10K at the Disneyland Half (well, running up to her and screaming “Heather! Heather” is sort of meeting her, right?;)


I can tell you without hesitation that she is as kind and authentic in person as she comes across on this blog. You’re good people, Heather, and I so appreciate the opportunity! And if you’d like to come see me on my blog, you can find me at I’d love to have you!

Years ago, when I first started running, I had young kids, a husband who traveled, a full time job that I loved, and a crazy, over-scheduled life just like most of you, I’m sure. I started running as a way to stay sane, to ward off depression, and to bring some balance to a very off-kilter life. You see, I was giving everything away and keeping nothing for myself, and I was depleted, burned out, and stressed beyond belief.

Something had to give. So when a friend suggested I start running, I’m sure I looked at her like she was completely crazy. Excuse me? I don’t have time to sleep, or eat, or use the restroom like a normal human being. How IN THE WORLD do you expect me to run? But run I did, and it gave me more than I could have expected. It gave me energy, and peace, and a space in my day just for me where I can think and solve the problems of the world! I was finally taking care of myself so I really could take care of everybody else.

But even I get burned out sometimes. This year alone, I’ve run the Disney World Marathon, the Princess Half, the Irving (Texas) Half, and the Disneyland Half. And I’ve got Wine and Dine coming up in just a few weeks! I haven’t had a significant break from training in, well, years. So I know a few things about burnout and those days when you are just bored with running.


I’ve done lots over the years to try and overcome and get over a rut. Here are the top things that have worked for me:

Don’t run. Yup. Tell yourself you’re not allowed to run for at least a week, longer if your rut is really deep. I’m just stubborn enough that I will enjoy this for a few days, and then be mad that I “can’t” run and break my own rule, and love every minute. A couple weeks off is often a great solution for when you just don’t want to anymore. You could try something new like swimming or biking or just walking the dog to stay fit, but you may just need to not run at all to remember that you love it.

Set a new goal. Maybe you’ve completed several 10K’s and it’s time to move up to the half or maybe for you it’s time (gulp) to tackle a full! Whatever next challenge scares you to death is a great motivator and if it can be a fun dream race, like Disney or Chicago, all the better! If you’ve got a fun trip planned around your goal you’ll be even more motivated and excited to train well so the race and trip can be as fun as possible! I’ve also done some crazy personal challenges like this past May when I ran a 5K EVERY DAY for 30 days. It was fun and different and really motivated me! (ps it’s good to publicly announce something like this on FB and your blog –  your friends can cheer you on and kick your fanny if you are tempted to quit!)

Run with no goal. And with no technology. In other words, run naked;). Not literally (especially if you live in a cooler climate!) but taking a break from charting and graphing every mile, checking every split and following a detailed training plan can be life-giving. You can get out there and just run for fun and by effort, not looking to set a PR or meet a goal. Just run for the love of running!!

I’m proud of all of the races I’ve completed and all the miles I’ve logged, but honestly, the thing I’m most proud of is that running has become a natural part of my everyday life and I don’t ever want to let that go! So when I feel a rut coming on, I employ a trick or two and wait for brighter, more motivated days. They will come! Just be patient and listen to your body.

Happy Running!


Weekly Workout Recap: October Week 1

The first week of October is already over. I can’t believe how close to Christmas we are, it’s mind boggling! I hope everyone had a great week of workouts. Since I had a race last night (more on that later!) I took it very easy this past week.

photo (33)

Sunday: 20 minutes elliptical

Monday: 3 mile run

Tuesday: weights (legs, abs, chest, tri’s)

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: walked around parks

Friday: walked around parks

Saturday: Tower of Terror 10 miler.

Walking around so much before the race isn’t exactly ideal, but after I found out about the heat advisory for the race, I knew I wouldn’t be pushing hard anyway. I can’t wait to recap my race for you!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

Easy Energy Bites

Today is a recipe/guest post from Lesley. Please enjoy while I am prepping for the Tower of Terror 10 miler that is tonight!

A while back, my friend shared with me a recipe that I really love to make, and my husband and I snack on these often. I call them Easy Energy Bites, and they are a great little “pick-me up” if you need a boost on a rough day or right before a run/workout.

You can easily swap out some of the ingredients in this recipe for others that you might like. Or feel free to add additional ingredients. I often add peanut butter or chopped nuts, although neither one are in the original recipe. Don’t like coconut? Leave it out! It really is a simple, versatile recipe.



1 cup oatmeal

½ cup honey

1 cup shredded coconut

½ cup ground flax seed

½ cup chocolate chips

1 tsp. vanilla extract (only use real-not imitation)

Measure each ingredient and pour into mixing bowl. I measure the dry ingredients first, otherwise the honey will cause your dry ingredients to stick to your measuring cup if you measure the honey first.

all together

Mix all of the ingredients together. The mixture may seem a little dry but this is ok.



Once the ingredients are mixed thoroughly, refrigerate the mixture for at least 30 minutes. This will help the ingredients combine and stick together.

After the mixture has refrigerated for at least 30 minutes, pinch off some of the mixture, and roll it in the palm of your hand, creating a 1 inch ball.



This is essentially a pre-exercise superfood. The flaxseed provides a strong dose of dietary fiber, the honey and chocolate gives you some readily bioavailable sugars, and the oatmeal provides complex carbohydrates that increase energy without spiking your blood sugar levels.

Oh, and they are DELICIOUS.

Looking for other yummy recipes, exercise tips, and race reviews? Follow my blog at You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram-username @greaterfitness.

QOTD: What do you eat for energy?

Under Armour Ambassador

It’s official, I am a blog ambassador for Under Armour! Some of you may have guessed by the badge on my right side bar. Smile This has been in the works since they invited me up to Baltimore in August, and now things are official.

under armour heather

You can expect to see fun things from me like giveaways, as well as information when new products launch, and my reviews on my favorite gear. There are a few things in the works I can’t wait to tell you about, so be sure to stick around.


You can purchase product from Under Armour’s website through the photos/links on the right side of my blog. I will change up the photos when there are new promotions, sales, etc. so be on the lookout.

I am so excited to be representing such an amazing company with a great story. Their products are made of such great quality materials, and I especially love what they have done with the What’s beautiful movement. I’m sure more good things are to come from them and I cannot wait!

QOTD: Do you own any Under Armour apparel or gear?

Monster Headphones Review and Giveaway

I was recently asked to review a pair of Monster’s headphones here on my blog. Confession time: I have never had a really nice set of headphones, and wasn’t really sure what to expect. I was really excited when they arrived, and I opened the box and found these beautiful N-Tune headphones in a super fun neon green color. 359 Turns out, they have FIVE colors to choose from. (Blue, green, purple, red, and tangerine). After getting over how adorable they were, I dove into the box to get some more information about these babies. N-Tune HD is an audio achievement that allows you to hear your music like never before (AKA these headphones produce amazing sound)! They has noise isolation that seals out other distractions so you can hear your music, and only your music and can tune out your surroundings. Another great feature of these headphones is that they are super durable. They are nearly indestructible, and are made of good quality materials. You can even twist the headphones, and they won’t break….I may have tried it out myself. They also come with tangle free cables, and a little bag to put everything in to keep it safe and all together in one place. They are also really comfortable on your head. I really don’t like when things are tight around my head, and I get headaches easily. Lucky for me, I had no problem wearing the Monster headphones and found them very comfortable on my ears. For more excellent product reviews visit Top9Rated.
361 In case you haven’t looked at your calendar recently, we are quickly approaching the holidays, and these headphones would make an amazing Christmas gift. Everyone is so into music these days, so why not give a fun gift (one that I had not thought to give before!) that someone in your family would enjoy. 362These headphones are also a great value, and can be found at Wal-Mart store for $150. Thee headphones also have an in-line mic with controls for tablets and other devices. Also, the included music share cable allows you to easily share your music with your friends. Would you like to win a pair of headphones? 25 sets of Monster headphones are being given away, valued at $150 each. It’s easy to enter, simply click over to the Monster Headphones page on and let us know which is your favorite NTunes color in the comments for a chance to win.  All comments left on my blog post will be combined with the other blogs reviewing the headphones, and 25 pairs will be awarded from those comments. so….. QOTD: What is your favorite color?

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October Goals 2013

Guess what? It’s October 2nd and I am writing my goals…not on October 12th or 21st. Hooray! So just like August, September flew by, and I have a feeling October will as well. I have a lot going on, and can’t wait to share it with you! Today we drive down to Orlando, and will be hitting up Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in the morning. Bobby has never been. Cannot wait to show everything to him! We will be staying at one of the onsite hotels so we can take advantage of the express pass (email me for more info on booking a trip for you!


Let’s start with the goals, maybe tomorrow I will be able to share some fun news with you.

October goals:

1.) Slow down: I feel like I am on the go all the time, which isn’t bad, but I find myself looking to the next thing often instead of enjoying the moment. I want to live in the now and savor the things I am doing in the present

2.) Read the Bible every day: I was doing really good with this one and continue to do well while I am at home, but when I am traveling that is another story. I want to keep at this no matter where I am.

3.) Stretch: My IT band has started aching a bit since last Thursday which makes me a little nervous. I need to stretch, foam roll, and do some more yoga.


4.) Not eat too much Halloween candy: Let’s be realistic, I WILL eat Halloween candy, but I need to work on my portion control and not eat it all day long whenever I want. Oy.


Candy being handed out at Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party.

QOTD: Name one of your October goals!

What I’m Loving These Days

I haven’t done a post like this in awhile, and figured it was about time. My tastes, habits, and favorites change a good bit as I’m sure do yours. Maybe you will find a new favorite from my list!

1.) Under Armour shoes – I have a couple of pairs that I really like and cross train in, but recently received some more geared towards running, and so far I am loving them! I have both the speedform and the Monza. Fun bright colors, stable running shoes. I will talk more about these after I get more miles in them both.


Don’t forget you can use my affiliate link to order straight from Under Armour!

2.) Kind bars – My favorite is the peanut butter dark chocolate of course. A great snack full of protein and flavor. I go through several bars a week, and buy them at Target.



3.) Legend – I am a little over halfway through this book, and am enjoying it. Hopefully I can finish reading it on my trip. Check out the website for more info. If you like Divergent, Maze Runner, etc. you will like this one.



4.) Football – Every fall I forgot how much I really love the game, and I am enjoying watching multiple days a week. There is just something about it, even just having a game on in the background. Love. So wishing I could get to a Saints or LSU game this year!


(photo from last year)

5.) Walking Dead – Where are my fellow walker fans? It’s ALMOST time for season four, get excited! Season three just came out on Netflix, so we have been re-watching and getting ready for the premiere. Don’t miss all the zombie fun, this is a great series.



QOTD: What is something you are loving right now? Anything from my list?