5 Years ago today….


5 Years ago today, my husband got down on one knee (the night I had finished my last final exam for the semester!)


He asked me to be his wife


After we had eaten mac and cheese and hot dogs


and watched an episode of Friends (which we did every time we ate, we went through all 10 seasons more than once!)


In my college apartment (which I loved and miss by the way!)


I haven’t looked at our engagement pictures in years (except for the one or two in frames around the house.) It’s really fun to look back! My how we have changed. Bobby looks like a little boy to me in these pictures!

Here are a few from our engagement party at my parents house:




This is the day after we got engaged:



I was trying to figure out how I was thinner than I am now because I only worked out once a week or so…then I remembered, I HATED our college cafeteria food so I didn’t eat a lot those days. HA! Totally unhealthy, I know, but it’s what happened!

I cannot believe it has been five years that I have been “spoken for” I guess you could say. Most days I still feel like a college kid. (I get in trouble when I call people mam or sir….I forget I am not 15 anymore! Southern habit!) I can say that I am so happy to be married to the man of my dreams. He is an amazing man and I am so blessed to be married to him! Our anniversary is Jan 6 so more sappiness to come! Smile 

QOTD: Do you still feel 14? Are you 14? haha!

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  1. SO cute! I love the pictures! Congratulations!

    I don’t feel 14 anymore – those were awkward days! LOL

  2. Cute pictures!

    fyi – my kids call everyone sir and ma’am, I love that southern tradition!

  3. Nike Bentley says

    Sometimes I still feel 14. I am definitely not 14.

    Mac&Cheese and hotdogs – love it! We had tuna fish sandwiches. It cracks me up I can’t remember exactly what my husband said when he asked me to marry him, but I can remember we ate tuna fish sandwiches and apple slices afterwards.

  4. Congrats on yuour anniversary 🙂

    I totally still feel 14. I know I’m getting older but I feel younger than when I was 21.

  5. Aww you guys look so young. And you may have been thinner, but not healthier 🙂

    Oh and how cool that we got engaged 4 days before you guys?!

    • oh def not healthier! When I was looking at the pics I just couldn’t figure it out b/c I wasn’t running then, then it dawned on me. caf food. yuck!
      yes, 4 days! very cool!

  6. Congratulations on 5 years!! I’ve been married a little over a year and I love every minute! I’m just glad that even though I feel like I’m still 14 somtimes, I definitely don’t look like I did when I was 14. I didn’t know hair could be so frizzy!! (Think Monica on Friends in the humidity… it’s not a good look!!)

  7. christina cadden says

    How sweet! You guys are too cute!

  8. LiveForTheRun says

    Yea, memory lane!! I look back at pics and typically notice an awful outfit, haa.

  9. Love the pics! Happy five years! Sounds like time has just flown right by. Hope the next five are even more awesome!

  10. You and your hubby have the same anniversary as me and my hubby! 🙂 And in another similarity – I’m dealing with IT band/tendinitis that has had me sidelined to just walking for almost 5 months! Crazy!

    I enjoy reading your blog (I joined after following on Disboards) Congrats and Good Luck wih the marathon!

  11. Must be something about this time of year—four years ago on Friday, my husband asked me to marry him 🙂

    Happy engagement anniversary!

  12. GREAT pictures!!! This reminds me, i need to schedule out engagement photo session, lol. Really, we got engaged in APril of 2009, and we never had an engagement party of photo session (long story) but when we booked our wedding photographer he said a free engagement photo session was included. Mine as well get some nice pictures of us! Mind if i ask how old you were when you got married? I was 23 when i got engaged and i’ll be 26 when i get married…can you say LAME??!!

    • I was 20 when I got engagged and 21 when I got married. that’s how we southerners roll! haha! I knew he was the one, so what’s the point in waiting? i was a jr. in college when we got engaged. Hubby was in law school. good times! Def. go get your pictures done! I love having professional pictures of us!

  13. Katy (The Singing Runner) says

    This is too sweet! 🙂

  14. How sweet! It’s amazing to see how we grow and change, especially from the college days to now. My boyfriend is my high school sweetheart. Our early pics are interesting, to say the least!

  15. heidi @ runaroundaroo says

    Congrats! Happy engagement-iversay! Beautiful photos! I love that the engagement story is so “you”.

    The Husband and I started dating almost 8 years ago…my soph yr in HS. I definitely don’t feel old enough for this! Heck, I’ve been a college grad for 2 yrs this month…that doesn’t seem possible either! If anything I feel like I should have my life more figured out!

  16. I love the pictures! :0) Happy Engagement Anniversary!! :0)

  17. love this post!! I just got engaged dec 2nd and we just set a date!! so exciting! 🙂 Happy engagement anniversary! 🙂

  18. Happy Anniversary!

    FWIW I dont think its tacky or childish to call elders sir or ma’am.. I think its a sign of respect!

  19. You guys are so cute together. 🙂 Made me smile. 🙂

  20. Awww such adorable photos! Congrats on 5 years and here’s to many more 🙂

  21. You are so cute! I can’t believe how young you look in those photos! Such a good looking couple you were, and still are!

    I know exactly what you mean about feeling young. I turned 26 last month and I still feel like a 17 year old kid just starting college. I often feel like adults in their 40s+ are like parents and I have to “behave myself” or speak to them like I’m a teenager and they’re the adult. I forget how old I am! Even recently, while in the process of moving to a new apartment in a new city, I needed my dad there to make sure I made the right choice. And the whole time, I was thinking “I’m 26. I could probably be doing this on my own. But I don’t want to.” Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever feel our age! 🙂

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