Are you Dopey?

It’s FINALLY official! runDisney is recognizing the “Dopey” for marathon weekend 2014. Run all four races over four days (5k, 10k, half and full marathons) and get 6, yes SIX medals! I said I would never do goofy again but….this is too good to pass up. I don’t know what to do! Part of me is super stoked, but part of me thinks it’s well…Dopey! So, question is, are you DOPEY enough to take on this challenge?



Check out the super cute video below:



I usually don’t post the press releases I get word for word, but there have been a lot of questions about dates and days, etc. so I thought it would be wise to post the actual release:

Dopey Challenge Among Dizzying Enhancements for 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend


Four-racechallenge will produce six-medal opportunity for runners; New Walt Disney World 10K expands weekend event to five days; popular Runner’s World Challenge returns

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (March 22, 2013) – After celebrating its 20th anniversary earlier this year, the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna is getting even bigger next year and is offering runners another challenge that will be, well, Dopey.

The 2014 Disney Marathon Weekend, Jan. 8-12, will expand to five days and will include a 10K, along with the Family Fun Run 5K, the Disney Half Marathon, the Disney Marathon and Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge. That creates the opportunity for an unparalleled proposition in the running industry: The Dopey Challenge – running all four timed events in successive days (48.6 miles) for the chance to earn an unprecedented six medals.

After the Disney Family Fun Run 5K on Thursday, runDisney’s new Walt Disney World 10K, a 6.2-mile timed event, takes place Friday, at Epcot. Runners completing the race will receive a Minnie Mouse inspired medal.

As in past years, the Walt Disney World Half Marathon will be run on Saturday followed by the Walt Disney World Marathon on Sunday. Runners who complete both – Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge – will receive a special Goofy-themed medal. Add on the 5K and the 10K and runners can earn four medals, one for each race completed, plus the Goofy and new Dopey Challenge medals, for a total haul of six medals.

Inaddition to those four races, the Disney Marathon Weekend will feature runDisney Kids Races and the Mickey Mile, which both take place at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Special ticketed breakfasts with characters will be Thursday and Friday following the Family Fun Run 5K and 10K at Epcot, Pasta in the Park parties at Epcot and runners can celebrate their accomplishments from the weekend at the Cool Down Party at Downtown Disney on Sunday.

The expanded five-day race weekend begins on Wednesday with the start of Disney’s Health and Fitness Expo, giving runners extra time to pick up race packets, shop for the latest running apparel and technology, and meet experts such as runDisney official training consultant Jeff Galloway and runDisney nutritionistTara Gidus.  The expo is free and open to the public.

Online registration for all Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend events opens April 9, but runners can enter early by signing up for the Runner’s World Challenge starting April 2. This limited opportunity allows runners to register for the Half Marathon, Marathon, Goofy Challenge or Dopey Challenge, receive customized training plans fromRunner’s World magazine editors and enjoy VIP experiences throughout weekend.

For more information and to register for Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend events and other runDisney races, go to


Schedule of Events

Disney’s Health and Fitness Expo

Jan. 8 – 11

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex


Disney’s Family Fun Run 5K

Jan. 9, 6:30 am



runDisney Kids Races and Mickey Mile

Jan. 9, 10 & 11

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex


Pasta in the Park Parties

Jan. 9, 10 & 11



runDisney Family Reunion Breakfast

Jan. 9 & 10



Walt Disney World 10K

Jan. 10, 5:30 am

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

Walt Disney World Half Marathon

Jan. 11, 5:30 am



Walt Disney World Marathon

Jan. 12, 5:30 am



Cool Down Party

Jan. 12

Downtown Disney


Walt Disney World® Marathon
$160 by June 18, 2013
$175 between June 19, 2013 and August 13, 2013
$190 on or after August 14, 2013

Walt Disney World® Half Marathon
$160 by June 18, 2013
$175 between June 19, 2013 and August 13, 2013
$190 on or after August 14, 2013

Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge
$340 by June 18, 2013
$370 between June 19, 2013 and August 13, 2013
$400 on or after August 14, 2013

Walt Disney World® 10K
$95 by June 18, 2013
$110 between June 19, 2013 and August 13, 2013
$125 on or after August 14, 2013

Disney Family Fun Run 5K
$60 per participant

Dopey Challenge
$495 by June 18, 2013
$525 between June 19, 2013 and August 13, 2013
$555 on or after August 14, 2013

runDisney Kids Races
$15 per child

Mickey Mile
$30 per child

Race Retreat Packages
$120 Half Marathon Package
$120 Full Marathon Package
$200 Goofy’s Challenge Package

Disney Parks Blog Post on the challenge went up as tell today.

QOTD: Are you Dopey? Will you be singing up? Why or why not?

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  1. OMG I am so torn – I want to do it SO bad but the money and can I physically do it?? I don’t know but at least I’ve got a couple of weeks to think about it!!

  2. Wow I love the sound of these races! Shame we don’t have anything like it in Australia.

  3. I’m in! I wasn’t planning on doing the unofficial Dopey again this year since getting up that early 3 mornings in a row was tough, but looks like now only am I doing it again, but now adding a 4th morning – can’t resist! : )

  4. I’m not in for Dopey, but the 10k is very tempting with a Minnie medal. The only thing that puts a ding in my plan is the 5:30am start time for both the 10k and half.

  5. We are really excited!! This year was our first Goofy and we decided we were doing it again in 2014. But with all that bling, how can we not go Dopey?!?! Can’t wait to see the medals!! Time to start planning running outfits too!

  6. $495 is A LOT of money. My gosh. I’d love to do the 10k. I did the marathon this year and am going to bow out of that for next year.

  7. When I hit the lotto jackpot and can afford to train full time and travel for weeks on end, I’m totally IN!

  8. Ahhh Dopey is so tempting but I think I’m doing Runner’s Cruise in Feb. Maybe I can figure out how to do both…hmmmm….

  9. I’m not Dopey, but I am REALLY excited that runDisney has added a 10K! I bet the Minnie medal will be really cute!

  10. I have not had the chance to Run Disney yet, but it’s on my bucket list. I’m thinking this challenge might just be the run to bring in my 40th birthday in a few years! 🙂

  11. I was already going Goofy. I guess my wife is right that I’m Dopey!

  12. If you are up to the Half/Full anyway, adding the 5k and 10k doesn’t seem that crazy — as long as you don’t *race* them. You’d probably be running that much as training/taper runs anyway. But I’m barely up to half marathons, so I will cheer from the sidelines.

  13. There is no way I will be physically ready to do Dopey. I didn’t even think I’d be ready for Goofy by 2014. For me, a part of running is being honest with myself with what I can and cannot do. I am thinking I will do the 5K and 1/2. I hope in a few years to feel ready for the Goofy and then the Dopey.
    Of course I’m wondering when will the Meet-Up be scheduled with all this fun going on!!!!!

  14. I was going to skip this weekend but will definitely sign up for the 10k! Maybe I’ll volunteer for the half or full!

  15. I so want to be Dopey but it’s a long expensive trip from the UK and I was lucky enough to be Goofy this year! I need a fairy godmother!!

  16. Rick Stiles says

    You should challenge yourself to do things that scare you. The Dopey Challenge scares me, big time. I’ve got lots of time to train, and Jeff Galloway thinks anyone who follows his method can do it. So I’m in. Having never run a marathon, or 2 races back-to-back, my goal will be to finish without injury. I’m not running for time. I am running for : Fun, bling, and the right to say I’ve finished a marathon (the hard way).
    I’m going to hate the hours wasted between getting up and crossing the start line. At Disneyland, it was only a short walk from my room to the corral. At WDW, things will be much different. But I haven’t been to the World for years – it’ll be fun to go.

  17. Amanda - TooTallFritz says

    I don’t run for bling but I do love a good challenge. I’ve been watching the info on runDisney and the Goofy and had it on my “list”. Now that they are doing Dopey for the first time in 2014, I’m in. That is, I’m in if hubby doesn’t totally freak out (he’s freaking out pretty good right now and super mad, he doesn’t like me to run and refuses to vacation with me when I am running). I plan to take the kids and do the parks too cuz I refuse to go to Disney without my little ones. It will be a major challenge but I plan to run slow and just soak up the atmosphere. Now to get hubby on board.

    • Amanda…I am with you on the hubby. I said the Disney Marathon this year was my last for awhile. BUT I am soooo tempted! Its also my 40th bday so it be a nice big hurrah.

  18. James Davis says

    Oh I am SO DOPEY! I did the Half last year and was planning on skipping this year and do the goofy in 2014 but this is too good to pass up. I’m running my first full in October so will be plenty ready for that and the 5k and 10k are my minimum runs each week anyways. So as long as you do those as easy runs along with not trying to pr the half should be a cakewalk. I’m going for the bling and fun not scared!

  19. OMG!!! How fun! Sounds like a great experience! Are the parks crazy packed for marathon week??! We LOVE disney and running so why not right???!

  20. Wow!!! That is seriously crazy!! Any idea how many runners they are allowing for the “Dopey” category? I’m just curious as I bet there are lots of folks that will take the plunge. Honestly, I don’t think you will need to train much beyond what you train for Goofy–a 5K and 10K are in “training run” range so won’t require too much more mileage. I think my feet would literally fall off if I ran this though! I’ll live vicariously though you guys–good luck!

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