Armour 39 Review + Giveaway

Everyone likes to be able to measure things. Goals, weight, progress, and workouts. There have been many heart rate monitors on the market, some glitchy, some just ok, but nothing compares to the amazing technology of Under Armour’s Armour 39.


I love the tagline “never cheat yourself again”, and this device simply won’t allow it. So what exactly does it measure? Heart rate, calories burned, intensity, and WILLpower.  (WILLPOWER™ IS THE FIRST TRUE MEASURE OF AN ATHLETE. IT BOILS YOUR WORKOUT DOWN TO A SINGLE SCORE 0.0-10.0.) So what IS a WILLpower score? WILLpower™ is a single score of how hard your body has worked during a training session, on a scale of 0.0 10.0. It accumulates over the length of your workout, taking into account information that includes the length of your workout, body position, intensity throughout, user profile, and key heart rate information. With WILLpower, you can, for the first time, objectively measure a hard day versus a light day. There are two options, both require the chest strap. You can use the strap and your mobile device,* or use the chest strap and the Display watch (sold separately)

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If you choose to use your smart phone, you simply download the Armour39 app from the app store, sync it to your chest strap, and begin! There is an optional assessment that I highly recommend doing at the beginning to help the device zero in on your target heart rate.

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*Compatible with iPhone® 4S, iPhone® 5, iPhone® 5S, iPhone® 5C, and iPod Touch® (5th gen) Here is an example of your workout overview:


If you are anything like me, you struggle to take “easy days easy, and take cross training days seriously and need to up the intensity. With this device, you set a target so you never take a day too easy or too hard. I love having a goal, and I love looking at my phone, seeing I need to push harder, and then can see the results of “picking up the intensity”. It truly shows how much of your WILLpower you put into each workout, and is a great tool for any athlete. What’s better? Thanks to my friends at Under Amour Women, I am giving away a chest strap here on THLG! This strap retails for $150, and can be used with your smart phone, or you can purchase the watch to go with the strap. Simply follow the rafflecoptor instructions below:

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  1. Running & cardio workouts

  2. This is awesome! Would be really helpful to track light vs hard workouts.

  3. This would be great for cardio, weight training and running training!!

  4. Alyssa Bourne says:

    I love under armour. This is a great giveaway

  5. That is awesome! I love it already!

  6. Looks pretty cool.

  7. I would use this for helping me train for my first half marathon this year.

  8. Danielle @ It's A Harleyyy Life says:


  9. I love this! I would be great for tracking my speed workouts vs an average run.

  10. This would be a great tool for my running. I have a very bad habit of going all in for every run-no intensity or pace variation-because it’s hard to judge if I’m having am off day and not really working as hard as I should or if my pace is a true reflection of my effort…so I cover my bases with full speed ahead!

  11. I would use it for running…natch. But would be curious to see what Bikram would do for it too!

  12. I would love this for all my workouts. It would really help me push myself.

  13. This would be great for tempo workouts. I struggle with finding my easy/medium/hard points!

  14. This would be great for running, and for interval training, to make sure I am working as hard as I think I am!

  15. Wow!! That looks awesome!! I would use it for everything, running, aerobics and crossfit!!!!

  16. This sounds like an awesome device. I’ll take a stab at it!

  17. I would love to use this for running, biking (especially on my bike trainer in my living room), and for barre class!


  19. I’m starting to do strength training now so this would come in so handy!

  20. This would be the perfect tool for all of my workouts, especially my cardio workouts.

  21. I would love to know if my HIIT workouts were hard enough.

  22. Definitely when running to see how hard I am actually working!

  23. Mandy Hillman says:

    Running/walking/half-marathon training 🙂

  24. Just about anything!

  25. Diana Eichfeld says:

    This sounds very cool, would love to try it out! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  26. Amy Cooper says:

    I’m currently training for a half

  27. I’d let my husband try this with some sort of cardio workout! Great prize!

  28. Awesome giveaway! I would use it to track my cardio and running.

  29. Running!

  30. I am trying to use HR training for improving my running.

  31. Julie Creagh says:

    This would be a great tool for me. I sometimes think that I am giving it my “all” and this would let me know if I am truly giving it my all or if there is a little more I could be pushing towards!! Love this!! Thank you.

    • Julie Creagh says:

      This would be a great tool for me. I sometimes think that I am giving it my “all” and this would let me know if I am truly giving it my all or if there is a little more I could be pushing towards!! (I am somewhat of a beginner runner, so I would use this for my treadmill runs and outdoors) Love this!! Thank you.

  32. I want to train for a 5K again and I would use it to train.

  33. I’d use it for running, of course! 😉

  34. These is awesome I have been wanting to buy a heart rate monitor for a while to improve my workouts. I would love to win this!

  35. Heather (Where's the Beach) says:

    Oh cool. I really like that you can use it with your phone instead of having to buy the watch too. Perfect if you already have something like your Garmin. I would use it for my cycling or weight training.

  36. I love that this works with your phone! What a great way to track workouts.

  37. I would use the Armour 39 for runs and weight training sessions.

  38. This looks like an awesome product!

  39. Running (I am training for two half marathons in March), strength training and yoga!

  40. LEt me count the ways I LOVE Under Armour….nevermind. Infinity!

  41. I would really love it to be able to track my running better, to improve my fitness and strength!

  42. I would use this to finally differentiate between the “hard” and “easy” days of running. It would also be useful to see how my recovery cross training days measure up.

  43. I would love to try this out!

  44. Looks great!

  45. Under Armour is the greatest. Would love to use this and see how it compares to Nike and Fitbit

  46. That looks great! (especially since my hrm just died…)

  47. Cori @ olivetorun says:

    I’d definitely use it for weight lifting!

  48. I’ve been eyeing monitors for awhile now, and wincing at tales of unreliability. So glad to have your recommendation! I wish it was Android compatible 🙁 but maybe I could use a new iPod, lol.

  49. That sounds really neat – I’d love to win one!

  50. I would use this for running and spinning but mostly to keep track of my progress/

  51. Looks awesome – I’d love this for Spinning!

  52. love this…looking for a HRM….

  53. I’d love to use this when I’m running and racing!

  54. I would use this for speed workouts and for strength training days! Thank you!

  55. I would use it for running and cardio circuit workouts!

  56. I would use this for my cross training workouts 🙂

  57. I like to use a monitor for my cross training and lifting workouts. I like to make sure my heart rate stays in the right zone. Plus I’m a bit of a numbers junkie and like comparing my workouts.

  58. I would use it to train for my first half marathon

  59. Lori Musselman says:

    I love fitness gadgets!

  60. I would actually use this as a gift for my husband, I got a fitbit for Christmas but he needs something a little more serious, this could be the one!

  61. This is so cool! I have a basic Polar monitor/watch but I really want something that I can compare my workouts with. I might have to get one! I love that it’s compatible with my iPhone too – I don’t need any more gadgets when I run/lift.

  62. I would use it for my long run!

  63. I would use it for running and spin classes and plyo classes

  64. I would use it for running and Insanity.

  65. I would use it for my P90X workouts and any other circuit or weight lifting workouts I do.

  66. I would love this! I love the intensity scale!

  67. I would use it for running and my body back classes!

  68. Lisa Anderson says:

    It would be great help for my training that I started 12-31-13…Plus life as a PE teacher, I’m always curious how much I really burn through the day! 🙂

  69. I would definitely use it to measure my running workouts!

  70. I would use this for both running and weight training. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  71. I think I would primarily like to use it for my cross-training activities as I already have my running data nailed down with my Garmin Forerunner 220.

  72. Jessica @ pugrunaholic says:

    This would be great for my Body combat workouts!

  73. This sounds like a great tool for P90X workouts!

  74. I’d use this to track my Spin sessions!!

  75. I have been looking for a good HR monitor and this sounds perfect! Love that there is an app for it too!

  76. Danielle Warren says:

    I would use it for any of my cardio workouts and running! 🙂

  77. I would use it to make sure that my training runs are using the right amount of intensity.

  78. I’d use it to measure the intensity of my workouts!!

  79. I would definitely use this for running!! I’m training for the LA Marathon and would be so interested in seeing how this helps my training!

  80. Stephanie says:

    running!! and just keeping healthy! sounds like a cool device!

  81. Christine T says:

    Really cool!! I love the rating of workout intensity on a scale of 1-10. That would be so helpful!! And access through an app? Easy peasy!

  82. Christine T says:

    Perfect for both my cardio and strength training workouts!

  83. It looks great. I’d use it on my cross training days.

  84. I would love this for running! I’m training for my 6th half marathon, but I took a “Christmas Break” and lost a lot of my fitness. This would really help me get it back!

  85. I would use for running and Beachbody workouts for sure!

  86. I would definitely use it for crosstraining. This is an area I tend to slack off on quite a bit.

  87. Amanda Stevens says:

    I would use it for boot camp classes

  88. I love to track my workouts and this would be worn every day!

  89. Theresa Winterhalter says:

    I have wanted to try the Armour 39 at my TriFitness practice – it is a solid 2 hours of running, climbing, jumping, hurdling, and much, much more!

  90. I would use it when I run.

  91. I would use it to measure HIIT workouts and running.

  92. Christina Manning says:

    Would love to have this device to keep me on track and training hard. I will be doing my first half in Feb 2015

  93. I could use this on my runs and barre classes.

  94. Running. And Zumba!!

  95. Looks amazing!

  96. Would be great to use with my half marathon training

  97. Heather Kooken says:

    I would love to use the Armour 39 while running— my normal path/loop around my church and neighborhood or running another marathon with runDisney! 🙂

  98. I would use it to train for my first triathlon this summer!

  99. I would use it for running,walking,elliptical, and aerobics.

  100. Lynn Green Brooks says:


  101. Oooo I would use for running, workout classes, races, everything!!

  102. Frank Nardo says:

    Running and crossfit!

  103. Danielle J says:

    I just decided to start training for a full marathon, so I would be using it for tracking my running and cardio.

  104. This would be great for running!

  105. This would be perfect for my training runs!

  106. I’d use it for my running! I am bad at taking easy days easy and hard days hard!

  107. Bridie Rist says:


  108. I’d use it for running and possibly for CrossFit!

  109. I would love to use it for strength training

  110. I would love to have one of these to wear during my zumba workouts, and for when I go for walks with the dogs. 🙂

  111. All workouts! I have always wondered about things like these.

  112. All workouts! It would be great information to know how hard you work.

  113. Running and Cardio!

  114. Kimberly L. says:

    Running and cross training..:)

  115. Kalina Stogsdill says:

    What a great giveaway!! This is so cool I would definitely use something like this

  116. Janette H. says:

    Running, cross training, and lifting – I’d love to have a more accurate record of how many calories I am burning.

  117. This looks like a great device. I would use it for running and weight training sessions.

  118. All of my work outs, especially since it sync with iphones!!

  119. Under Armour makes great stuff! I would definitely use this running.

  120. I would use it for running, but also when I work out at home so I can tell if I’m putting enough effort into my workout.

  121. Krissy O'Neal says:

    Id use this for gym cardio days and running.

  122. I’d love to use this while rowing and mountain biking!

  123. Stephanie Ann says:

    I’d use it for running!!

  124. I would use it for running workouts.

  125. I’d use it mostly for running, but I’d be interested to see the date for my yoga workouts too.

  126. This is interesting. Would be great for running and figure skating training.

  127. This would be perfect to wear when I run and bike!

  128. Running and biking primarily. Your review is very thorough – thanks!

  129. This would be great to use during Body Pump!

  130. Lauren Manuel says:

    I would definitely use this for my running and bootcamp!

  131. I love this! I have been wanting to try a heart rate monitor for my runs and home workouts, but never knew what to choose!

  132. What an awesome giveaway! Wish I could have seen you at the tinkerbell this year! You are very inspirational to me!

  133. Heather Wolf-Rochford says:

    I would use for running and all my cross training. Would be great to monitor workouts in the last few months of my pregnancy (and after of course!)

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