Cartwheel App Review and $1000 Gift Card Giveaway

When I found out my beloved Target store had a new phone app that could save you money, I quickly downloaded it and learned the ropes so I could get to saving!

cartwheel app

I have always tried really hard to be good with coupons, but I usually end up clipping them, then never using them and letting them expire, or I forget to bring them to the store with me. Since this app is on my phone (which is ALWAYS with me) I never have to worry about forgetting again. Cartwheel can also be used on your desktop or table and is compatible with iPhone and Droid phones. Cartwheel can only be used on in-store purchases, but you have over 700 coupons to choose from! Ok, so how does it work

? Target1

You can use your Facebook login information to sign up free with Cartwheel. By doing this you can see what offers your friends have on their lists in the app. (There is also an option to hide your information from people). If you have a login, you can use that as well. Once you login, you are given ten spots to put offers. You get  more spots by earning badges. (They are awarded for reaching savings milestones ($10, $25, $50, etc.), interacting with Cartwheel (example: adding an offer from a collection to your list), and via social sharing (an invited friend who joins Cartwheel). For each badge that is earned, a new spot on your Cartwheel list is opened). You search the app for the discounts that you would like to use, and create your list. (go to browse).

cartwheel list

For example, I went to “grocery items” and “breakfast and cereal” and can chose which of these, if any, that I want in one of my ten slots.

cartwheel example

You can click on an individual item to see more information about it, like it’s expiration date and any offer exclusions. unnamed

Once you have your slots filled, you simply have to scan your barcode at checkout to redeem your discounts. Each barcode generated by Cartwheel is unique to the guest and holds all of the offers on their Cartwheel list. You can also stack Cartwheel discounts with any other Target discounts or coupons, as well as manufacturers coupons and your Target REDcard discount! You can use the offers as many times as you want before they expire, with the following exceptions: limit of 4 items per offer, per transaction; limit of 6 Cartwheel scans per day. So, if there was an offer for 10% off 20 ounce bottles of Diet Coke, a guest could purchase 4 bottles of Diet Coke in one transaction and the offer discount would be applied to all 4 bottles of Diet Coke. That same guest could do this up to 6 times in one day, for a total of 24 bottles of Diet Coke. Target

This is a REALLY cool feature: Using either the iPhone or Droid native apps, guests can scan any barcode in store to see if that item has a Cartwheel offer on it. So instead of having to search and scan all 700 discounts, just pick up an item and scan it yourself to see if it applies, then add that offer on your app in one of your discount slots. This app is really easy to use and the savings can add up especially if you are using other discounts, or coupons (also, if you bring reusable bags you get five cents off per bag!) It’s a great way to help your household save money, and well, it’s kind of fun to use, too!

***Would you like to win a $1,000 Target GiftCard® so you can use Cartwheel as you shop at the store? See below for details:*** Simply leave a comment answering the question: What is your favorite thing about shopping at Target? Sweepstakes Rules:

No duplicate comments.

You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

  1. Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post
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  4. For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry.

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. The notification email will come directly from BlogHer via the sweeps@blogher email address. You will have 72 hours to respond; otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 1/30 – 2/28.

Be sure to visit the Target Cartwheel brand page on where you can read other bloggers’ posts!


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  1. Tiffany G. says:

    Hope I win!! Love this app!

  2. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is all of their fun clothing and home decorating items. I like that Target is competitively priced yet they pay their employees a decent wage vs. their biggest competitor.

  3. Christina M. says:

    I love shopping at Target. There are so many great ways to save there…coupons (manufacturer & store), cartwheel, red card. I love their clothes for our whole family and the addition of their grocery section made my weekly errands just that much easier!

  4. I LOVE Target women’s clothing! They always have the best selection of cardigans!

  5. I like Targets home goods section.

  6. Sure I like my red card and earning money for my daughter’s school, but the best thing about Target is their toy department. For my daughters, of course. I’m not fooling anyone, am I? I just like the toy department for ME.

  7. Bridie Rist says:

    I love Target because it is always clean and has a large selection of items. I also really like their clearance deals.

  8. Jennifer Donnals says:

    I love to shop at Target because it is the one place I can score a new sweater (on sale), pick up a pack of toilet paper (why are we always out of it?), oh, we need some bananas, too, and find the perfect pair of socks for my daughter all while sipping a tall skinny latte from the Starbucks up front that I hit on my way in. Target is a destination for me, and when I miss my weekly (sometimes two or three times per week) shopping trip to Target, I get cranky!

  9. Stacie @ SImplySouthernStacie says:

    The thought along of winning a $1,000 Target gift card makes ma want to cry. I freak out when someone gives me a give card from there for $25.00.

  10. Tif Calderr says:

    I love Target because I can get most of my needs and wants all in one place.

  11. Tif Calderr says:
  12. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is that there is ALWAYS something good either on sale or really reasonably priced!!

  13. I just love how I can get everything in one place and it’s all good quality!

  14. Cartwheel is one of my favorite things about target! I love that I can look up coupons while I am already at the store. No pre-planning needed.

  15. I love the running clothes at Target they are well priced and hold up really well.

  16. Learning2Run says:

    It’s sad but I LOVE to scavenge my local Target for all the great clearance sections! It’s like an adventure every time. You never know what amazing deal you’ll find.

  17. I love everything about Target, I also love that they will match competitor prices, so it saves you from going to other stores.

  18. Who doesn’t love Target?! My favorite thing is that you can pretty much get EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you want or need there! 🙂

  19. I love that Target has everything under one roof. I also find it more aesthetically appealing g than some of thei competitors.

  20. I definitely need to download this app!

  21. I love shopping at Target as it has everything and anything I need. but I’ll be honest, I only use cash there now.

  22. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is the convenience of one stop shopping. There aren’t many places you can take care of most, if not all, of your weekend errands at one store.

  23. I love all the home goods and decorations at target! They always have the best pieces at a great price! 🙂

  24. What a cool app! My favorite thing about shopping at Target is the cleanliness of the store. I know that’s weird lol!

  25. There’s no target in my town, so my favorite part of shopping at Target is that it’s “special”. I don’t have access to it that often, so I love going there!!

  26. Michelle J says:

    My favorite thing about Target is that I can get everything I need in one trip…and always manage to find a few extras that I don’t actually need in the process 🙂

  27. What’s not to love about Target?! I especially love their workout gear and shoe department!

  28. I like to shop for children’s clothing at Target.

  29. tweet–

  30. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is always finding something that I didn’t know I needed. I rarely just buy what I went in the store to buy. 🙂

  31. Jennifer Lefforge says:

    My favorite thing about shopping at Target is that I can get paper towels, dog food and a cute top all in the same place! Full time working mom of 3 – no time to go to 12 places. I heart Target! Did I do it right, Heather?;)

  32. says:

    I love that whenever I go to Target, I ended up getting several things I didn’t know I needed, but always end up loving 🙂

  33. My favorite part about shopping at Target is the toy section – we hit that first so my son can hold a toy while I grocery shop!

  34. Heather W. says:

    I love Target because I can find just about everything I need there. I don’t have to go to multiple stores to find what I’m looking for. I can also get great deals with all their coupons and my red card discount.

  35. Jennifer Lefforge says:

    OK I blogged about it! That and other things including the Princess Half! Here you go!

  36. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is that I can use my redcard to save 5% on already great priced items!

  37. Krissy O'Neal says:

    I shop at target all the time. It’s right around the corner from my house. I like that there is so much stuff there! I always think I’m just going in to get this ONE thing, and then end up buying 10 other items as well. Sigh. I have yet to try the Cartwheel App, but I think I need to get it pronto…

  38. I love shopping at Target because I can browse clothing, home goods and pick up groceries all in one spot!

  39. I LOVE that there is a Super Target near my house… I do all of our grocery shopping there as it is just a much better experience than other grocery stores. The products are always great, and I love the prices plus coupons plus Cartwheel. I love that Cartwheel can even often get me a discount at the snack bar! It also helps that before I get groceries, I can browse the clothing (I find so many great things at great prices) or other items I may need to pick up like home decor or a greeting card.

  40. My fave thing about target is the clearance! They have the best deals!

  41. LOVE shopping at Target because I can find incredible things in just about every departmet. It NEVER leaves me wishing I had gone elsewhere. Huge fan!

  42. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is the yummy popcorn smell 🙂

  43. I love that target has everything I need in one spot. The store are always clean and excellent customer service.

  44. Too cool! I’m the WORST with coupons, too — I find them and always have the best intentions of actually using them, but then they got lost, expire, etc. This is great!

  45. Love Target! Everything there is clean, organized, and visually appealing.

  46. I LOVE the Cartwheel APP!!

  47. My favorite thing about shopping at Target are all the great reasonably priced home décor items! I also tweeted about the sweepstakes

    Head on over to for a chance at $1000 target gc #SweepstakesEntry— Sarah S (@SaSo115) January 31, 2014

  48. I HEART Target. I go there for 3 things and end up with a basket full of good stuff.

  49. rachelcartucci says:

    Target is just the most clean store with quality products and it’s my happy place. Thank you!

  50. I love this app…
    My favorite thing about Target? Clearance section 🙂

  51. I love that Target is literally a one stop shop!!

  52. Jessica @ pugrunaholic says:

    This is a neat idea!! 🙂 Haven’t tried the app, will need though too!

  53. Target is seriously my favorite store…my favorite thing about shopping there is that it is so stress-free because of the layout and cleanliness of the store. And the team members are always helpful and friendly. Okay, there’s way too much I love about Target to pick just one!

  54. What would I spend this gift card on? Am I allowed to buy Disney gift cards with a gift card! I’d love to buy some of those and some clothes for my daughter’s first trip in May

  55. My favorite thing (or most hated thing maybe!) is that I can NEVER walk out of Target with only the things I planned on purchasing. There’s too much I like and I just get sucked in. 🙂 On the other hand, I *rarely* return anything, so there’s a reason I like shopping at Target.

  56. I like that Target has affordable prices

  57. I love the workout clothes that Target sells! They look super cute and could pass for a name brand – only cheaper!!

  58. I LOVE Target! Its hard to choose just one thing that is my favorite. It’s probably that they encourage people to save money. I will definitely be downloading the Cartwheel app. I’ve heard of it, but haven’t tried it yet.

  59. I really enjoy the variety of items sold there at pretty good prices. It’s my go to for basic clothes or workout attire and (unfortunately for my budget) I always seem to find a ton of things I love there!

  60. Wow, I had no idea about this. Just think of all the C9 gear I could buy 🙂

  61. I love Target and never walk out empty handed! They always have such good deals!!

  62. I love that Target has prices that are affordable, has organic options for food, and has really cute clothes!

  63. I love shopping at Target because I can get everything I need in one place and it’s good quality. Plus, the prices are reasonable and the clearance stuff is even better!

  64. My most favorite and least favorite thing about Target is that I can get everything I need and even if I come in for just 1 thing, I end up leaving with a basket full! Gift and a curse 🙂

  65. Sherry Rini says:

    I love shopping at Target – love their products and using my Red card – get the extra 5% off 🙂

  66. My favorite thing about Target is probably the $1 Spot that is strategically placed right by the entrance doors. Gets me EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Oh, and Mossimo is probably the best brand this world has seen. Ever.

  67. My favorite thing about target is their long and lean tank top – I have about ten of them – I’m addicted!

  68. That’s a pretty cool app. I love target- who doesn’t though? 🙂 I will be downloading this app. I love that you can scan items in the store to see if there are discounts available and I love that you can use additional coupons for more discounts! My favorite thing about shopping in Target is that you can get all your shopping done there (clothes, beauty, food, hobbies, etc.) for a reasonable price. Also, I love that the store is always clean; good presentation!

  69. I use the Cartwheel app all the time! I love that Target is a one stop shop for us! We can get everything done at once!

  70. My favorite thing about target is that they have everything! Cute clothes, running necessities, groceries, etc. all in the same place.

  71. courtney b says:

    omg i love target! they have amazing fitness wear and really cute baby clothes!:) this app sounds amazing!

  72. courtney b says:
  73. I love that you can find EVERYTHING at target!! I could spend hours there!!

  74. amy pugmire says:

    I love they’re great selection. I love that they sell original products and I love the great prices.

  75. amy pugmire says:
  76. I love shopping in the housewares department. I could spend hours!

  77. I havent used it but i need to download it asap – it sounds like an amazing way to save my family $!

  78. I tweeted at I hope I got that right the computer wouldn’t let me paste the url into your comments section.

  79. Susan Smith says:

    I love shopping at Target and buy most of my makeup, hair products, cleaning supplies and clothes for my children there.

  80. I like all of the deals on the end caps in the store; my favorite thing is to “find” the thing that I was looking for anyway there. This app could help make that even more fun!

  81. Susan Smith says:
  82. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I love Target’s home decor and kitchen items. They have gorgeous things at much less than department store prices.

  83. Mary Beth Elderton says:
  84. Margaret Smith says:

    My favorite is the quality of the clothing. I’m always pleased with my purchases.
    Thanks so much.

  85. Margaret Smith says:
  86. My favorite thing about shopping at Target, is the mark down items they have! sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  87. I love the variety of brands and prices that I can find!

  88. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is the prices.

  89. Target might have mostly the same items as some other big box stores, but it is clean and comfortable with very helpful employees. You win my love! I feel like Target it ‘my’ store.

  90. Whitney Lindeman says:

    I love the Cartwheel app!

  91. Whitney Lindeman says:
  92. Jacqueline W. says:

    Time to head to Target and try out the new Cartwheel app, the $1000 Target gift card sure would come in handy.

  93. Cartwheels through Target…not a pretty sight!

  94. I love the selection of items, especially groceries, and the prices.

  95. Stephanie V. says:

    Love the good process and one stop shop – and they carry my favorite brand – Seventh Generation!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  96. D Schmidt says:

    My favorite thing is that I can use coupons and save additionally with my Red Card

  97. D Schmidt says:
  98. Love Target. I can always find exactly what I need. And I love searching the clearance for a great deal.

  99. Target is my happy place. Definitely my favorite store!

  100. I love scouring the clearance racks and looking at their home decor. I like that their home decor and furniture are on-trend, yet budget-friendly.

  101. soha molina says:

    I like the styles at Target.

  102. I like shopping at Target as it is a lot cleaner than some of my other options and the people who work there are friendlier.

  103. Kim Ripley says:

    Best thing about Target is that it has everything that we need all in one place and the prices are great!

  104. Tracy L Davis says:

    My fave thing about Target is all the items they have.

  105. I love all the discounts you can get there and that it’s a one stop shop for basically everything I need.

  106. Target is a great place to shop.

  107. I love the variety of things in the store and that I can get everything I need in one place!

  108. My favorite thing about shopping at target is that they have so many things in one place! I can do most of my shopping by visiting only one store!

  109. Janice Cooper says:

    I like the fact I can shop for groceries, home accessories, clothes and toys all in one spot. Its my one stop shop 🙂

  110. Janice Cooper says:
  111. That’s a HARD question! I really like the home goods section!

  112. Dwayne Berry says:

    I haven’t tried Cartwheel

  113. I don’t have a device that uses apps. I love finding home decor items at Target.

  114. Jessica S says:

    There is seriously nothing I don’t love about shopping at Target. I like their clothes and their home decor options.

    Thanks for the heads up about scanning products! I use Cartwheel but didn’t know about that part.

  115. Lorena Keech says:

    They have wonderful home decor and furniture.

  116. DESIREE H says:

    I love how organized Target is, the great sale prices, and how they are always in stock of everything.
    It is easy to get through the store, no over crowding.

  117. DESIREE H says:
  118. I like Target’s slushies. They are awesome. I also like huge DVD and book collections they have.

  119. love that u can get great bargains there, but still has a fun/luxury feeling environment

  120. I could spend hours in Target! They have everything

  121. Carolyn G says:

    I love the variety and prices

  122. I love everything about shopping at Target. We love their diapers.

  123. What I love about shopping at Target is that they have a little bit of everything and a lot of stuff I don’t see anywhere else 🙂 I can get my girls some cute clothes, then go over and grab some sushi and a video game! Great stuff all in one place :0

  124. Carol Landry says:

    My favorite thing about shopping at Target is the clean, calm atmosphere at the store. It’s actually a pleasant experience and I feel like I don’t want to leave; unlike my feeling at their biggest competitor store.

  125. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is that it’s one stop shopping and there are always great C9 clothes to choose from (at a great price)!

  126. My favorite thing about shopping at target is their home decor. reasonably priced and trendy without being over the top.

  127. tina reynolds says:

    The store is always clean and it is easy to checkout plus the savings are amazing

  128. tina reynolds says:
  129. I like shopping at target bc of convienence. And the cartwheel app is amazing!

  130. My favorite thing is that they have cute/unique/ trendy/more high quality items for a great price

  131. Love shopping at Target because I can get every thing I need from one store!

  132. Starr Greenwell says:

    I love shopping for cosmetics and hair products. I really do shop at Target SO much:)

  133. Starr Greenwell says:
  134. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    I like that target is one of the closest stores to my home. Get in and out fairly quickly

  135. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is that it’s almost always a one stop shop! I can get just about everything and anything I need, okay, and want in one trip… That can last 2+ hours!

  136. I like the huge variety of just about everything and the stores are always neat and clean.

  137. Sarah Hirsch says:

    my favorite thing about shopping at target is that they have so many different categories of items – i can buy most of what i need in one trip. also, their prices beat my local grocery store

  138. Allison C says:

    I love shopping at Target because everything is in one store. I can shop for food, beauty products, cleaners, clothes, electronics, etc. I get everything I need in ONE place. LOVE it! I’m downloading the app as I write this.

  139. Laura Love says:

    My favorite thing about shopping at Target is that its close to my home, the prices and selection are great, and I love the housewares dept!

  140. Laura Love says:

    I tweeted! :

    my email is: laurabethlove [at gmail dot com]

  141. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is the deals on my favorite items I can only find there!

  142. I love all of their clearance deals.

  143. I love their clearance deals.

  144. I do love Cartwheel! I’d love to see “that time of the month for women items”… Right now the 15% Mars Valentine Exchange would be my favorite. Is it wrong that I love m and ms that much…? Thanks for a chance to win! kmassman gmail

  145. tracey byram says:

    I like the selection of clothing and shoes at Target

  146. I love that they have almost everything I need in one place, neatly organized and well priced.

  147. Janette H. says:

    I love their selection in every department; they always have what I need. (They’re building a new Target less than a mile from my house in King of Prussia, PA and I’m a bit worried I will spend ALL of my money there….)

  148. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I love shopping at target because they have literally everything we need for my family! I love their clothing selection for my kids, clothing/beauty products for me, cleaning supplies, home decor! I love Target!

  149. Carolyn G says:

    The prices

  150. I love shopping at Target since they are very close to me. This is a terrific giveaway. Love .

  151. I like how clean it is and how I can find good deals on high quality items!

  152. June Lisle says:

    I like the feel of shopping at Target the best. It is a really calm place to shop compared to other places like walmart.

  153. I could use the 20% off bedding discount!

  154. Lisa Brown says:

    I like the brands they carry; i can always find something i like there.

  155. Lisa Brown says:


  156. Debra Ford says:

    I love that it is clean and bright

  157. Katherine says:

    The variety the price and the cleanliness of my store

  158. Katherine says:
  159. Mary Calabrese says:

    My favorite thing that the store is almost right around the corner!

  160. I love the people @ Target from the employees to the customers and the pharmacists

  161. Tweeted: @rosannepm this will not let me paste the url

  162. I love that Target is a one stop shop! I get everything there!

  163. I like the brands they offer and the quality of the products

  164. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is the everyday low prices. Love how clean the store is and the employees are always friendly and helpful

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  165. I love shopping at target because it’s a one and done kind of store. I can go there for new workout gear and groceries for the week without having to go to multiple stores. Much like everyone else I’m sure I always leave with more than I went in for but you will never hear me complaining!

  166. Jenni Carlisle says:

    I love that my Target is literally around the corner and that although it isn’t a Super Target it is pretty much a one stop shop, so that’s super convenient.

  167. I’ve downloaded the app, but haven’t had a chance to use it yet. WE frequent target, so it’s only a matter of time

  168. I just got an iphone yesterday so I’m figuring it all out 🙂

  169. I really like their clothes and home decor!

  170. janna johnson says:

    I love the dollar bins and clearance!

  171. I’d love to win! Haven’t used the app yet, but I’ve heard good things about it!

  172. joseph gersch says:

    I love the variety of food at Target

  173. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is I just bought a bridesmaid dress and food all at the same location! And I adore the C-9 line there! I have the cartwheel app and love it.

  174. I love shopping at target for all of the holidays. I love their brand of foods and such.

  175. i love the prices at target and love that i can save so much with coupons, the carwheel and the red card!!

  176. I love the clothes there!

  177. I love their clearance deals…and that I always end up with stuff I didn’t plan on buying yet somehow need. hehe

  178. My favorite thing is everything! I love that they have cheaper prices on everything than you can find in my town. It makes it worth the 30 minute drive!

  179. My favorite thing is the big range of undies and swimwear and that they let you try on the bras! I’d never buy one without trying it first.

  180. Rebecca Graham says:

    I like the prices and the friendly staff.

  181. like the Mossimo Supply Co. Yoga Pants

  182. I’d like a deal on any type of lip gloss. I have a big lip product fetish!

  183. Michelle S says:

    I like that shopping at target is so peaceful and calm. I lose all semblance of time

  184. Cori Westphal says:

    I love that I can get almost anything that I need, and also that it’s high quality!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  185. Cori Westphal says:
  186. i like shopping at Target – they always have the “cutest” school supplies and stationary items

  187. I love that their stores are always clean and neat and the aisles clear and the people are friendly and helpful.

  188. Betty Baez says:

    I love shopping at target because of their selection, the fact is clean & organized and most of all their great prices!

  189. Betty Baez says:
  190. I like their kid clothes. They usually have some really cute designs that my girls don’t mind wearing. thank you!

  191. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is that they always have up to date items like clothes, furniture, makeup, and more. You name it and they have it.

  192. they have good deals

  193. I just registered my baby registry in Target and the gift card would be perfect for the other things that we still need before baby comes! 🙂

  194. My favorite thing is the brightly lit and clean store.

  195. I love everything there so I enjoy roaming the isles looking at all that is available.

  196. Randy Curran says:

    I’ve read about this Cartwheel app and will download it as soon as I get a smartphone…Love to save money!

  197. Randy Curran says: I tweeted about the new Cartwheel App

  198. I like that it is a multi purpose store.

  199. Christina Sparks says:

    their location is close to me

  200. Sonya Morris says:

    My favorite thing about shopping at Target is the selection of great products!

  201. Sonya Morris says:
  202. My favorite things about shopping at Target is the clearance sections – always something fun and cheap to take home!

  203. I love all the home decor they have.

  204. vivian blevins says:

    love that its nearby.

  205. vivian blevins says:

    love there stationary.

  206. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I LOVE Target for their cute and quality products and the opportunity to save in so many ways (Cartwheel, manufacturer coupons + Target coupons, gift card offers).

  207. Tanya Bartlett says:

    My favorite thing about shopping at Target are the great prices

  208. James Davis says:

    I love shopping at target because the stores are always clean and the employees are friendlier than your competitor stores.

  209. Wendy Rozema says:

    My favorite thing about shopping at target is all the cute clothes for me and my kids, and I like their grocery section too!

  210. renu laesch says:

    I love to shop Target for all of the great sales!

  211. Christina Y. says:

    My favorite thing about shopping at Target is the ease of finding things. The Target I go to is never very crowded or dirty and I just love everything about the store! 😀

  212. always have a good selection and good prices

  213. Love that you can stack coupons, use cartwheel, and the red card. It can add up to big savings if you plan your shopping trips

  214. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is the layout of the store. It’s just so spacious and I have room to roam.

  215. maria cantu says:

    I like all the sales.

  216. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is exploring all the new items!

  217. RICHARD HICKS says:

    Favorite thing about Target is their unique selection of products!

  218. RICHARD HICKS says:
  219. Robert Lockwood says:

    Best thing is low sale prices

  220. Terri Moore says:

    My favorite thing about shopping at Target is that I can get a Starbucks drink and sip it while I shop all the sales and clearance isles. I never come away empty handed.

  221. My favorite thing about shopping at Target are the clothes!! I can always pick up something cute for work or a night out at a reasonable price.

  222. I love target. They have everything, seasonal items, groceries, clothes, houseware, and even coffee!

  223. Karen Drake says:

    What I love most about Target is the great variety of products, I can get everything I need there.

  224. Mary Cloud says:

    My favorite thing about shopping at Target is there is usually not a big crowd and overly long checkout lines. Plus they have beautiful shoes, clothes and home decor.
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  225. Crystal Murphy says:

    My favorite thing about Target is the home decorating lines. I can decorate my home to look like a magazine spread very affordably. My second would be Target’s store brand food line. MMMM yummy.

  226. Crystal Murphy says:
  227. I lvoe buying clothes for my son at Target. They always have something that he likes.

  228. Barb Stenby says:

    My favorite this about shopping at Target is the money I save! I save so much & with this app I will probably save a lot more!

  229. Barb Stenby says:
  230. I like Target’s food choices and prices.

  231. I shop for everything at Target!

  232. My favorite thing about Target is their clearance!!

  233. Kim Parrott says:

    I love the great selection at Target

  234. Cartwheel and Coupons, a great mix.

  235. My favorite thing about shopping at Target is that they now have a grocery store so I don’t have to go anywhere else!

  236. Mihaela Day says:

    I love Target’s home decor section 🙂

  237. susan smoaks says:

    i love to shop for electronics and movies at target. i love target. i go there at least 3 times a week.

  238. susan smoaks says:
  239. I love to shop Target for their quality kid’s clothes.

  240. I love to shop for groceries at Target.

  241. My favorite thing about Target is being able to shop while I drink a tasty drink from Starbucks! : )

  242. i like target bc its clean, and i love the clearance deals! i always get more than i went in fo, tho!

  243. Allison S. says:

    I like shopping the clearance section.

  244. I like their store coupons.

  245. Love the prices and quality.

  246. They always have a good selection and great prices.

  247. Love the app. Its great.

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