Change of Scenery

We went to the New Orleans area this weekend to visit my parents. I really enjoy going there for many reasons, one being it’s nice to have a change of scenery for running. They live in a huge neighborhood so there are so many different paths you can take.
First of all, this is what we drove down in. yuck.

We had a good time hanging out, Saturday I shopped with my mom, and then Saturday night we were huge gluttons at the casino buffet! So, felling quite guilty this morning, we got up and ran in the 32ish degree weather and wind. bbrr. Our goal was 7 miles but only made it 5 b/c it was so cold and my nose was running so badly! BUT, the good news is, the run felt great, I felt like I could have gone on forever. I ran the last half mile at a 9:30 pace which is super good for me, especially after running 4.5 miles!

down their street

we ran by the marina. There is a river through the side of the neighborhood.

The sun did come out but it was still sssoo cold and windy. But that’s ok, I am just glad we did something! It was so nice to have some different houses to look at, too!

Oh also I got two new sports bras at Target, they were on sale, and a pair of running pants. Yay!

Back to work tomorrow, I will run again Tuesday. Supposed to be 60, YES!!!

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  1. Sorry it was so cold but great job on the run! Especially the 9:30 time at the end!! Glad you guys had fun! :0)

  2. Great job on the run! I am hating the cold, too! I’m jealous you’ll have 60 degrees by tomorrow!

  3. yay for target sports bras! lol

  4. haha…that’s the only time I buy them too!

  5. I would KILL for 60 degrees. We are alternating between ice and snow. I have cold gear stuff but I’m so not headed out to break my ankles. Back inside to the treadmill I go.

    I signed up for my first 5k today in May!

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