Christmas Rip-Off


This morning, Bobby and I went to the grocery store to stock up on all of my baking essentials for my baking extravaganza! I bake a lot for Christmas for my family, and for fun. Since I am not in my own house this year, I had a lot of ingredients to get. While shopping for M & M’s (there were no more red and green ones!) and Snickers for my famous snickers cookies, I realized that the exact same size bag of “Christmas snickers” and “regular non-Christmas snickers” were different prices!!! Are you KIDDING me? The exact same candy but in “Christmas wrapping” is 60 cents more per bag? I don’t know about you but I think this is a rip off and it makes me so sad because that shouldn’t happen on CHRISTMAS, that’s not the reasons for the season!

Maybe I am getting too worked up about this, but it just really really makes me sad. Well, you can bet what I did. I bought the non Christmas kind. I mean, I am unwrapping them and putting them inside of cookies anyway.

I bought a regular bag of M & M’s and will pick out the red and green ones that I need for my candy! I know I can be quirky, nut really, am I the only one that thinks this is a total rip off? because they know people will buy them?

Ok, I feel better now. Smile After the crazy shopping trip, it was time for the Saints game. Bella did NOT want to watch the game with grandpa.


The Saints fought hard against the Ravens, but being a southern dome team we do not do well in the wind and cold. I think Brees was getting frustrated with the wind changing the ball’s trajectory. Oh well. We will still hopefully be in the playoffs.

Bobby left to go back to work an hour ago, but he will be back Wednesday night and staying through Christmas. Tomorrow I am going to try a short, speedy run and see how I do after yesterday’s run. Have a great night everyone!


QOTD: What “rip off” is your biggest pet peeve?

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  1. And the sad part is, the DAY AFTER Christmas, that same Christmas bag of candy will be at least 50% off. Ridiculous.

    Biggest pet peeve rip off lately – annual “amenity fees” at apartments. I’m in the process of moving from NY to DC, and so many places I’ve looked at are charging $500 a year just for use of the common areas, which I never use anyway! So frustrating.

  2. Jamie Ainsworth says

    Just another thought…the same thing happens with baby stuff. Put “baby” on the label and the price goes up considerably! Just for fun, walk through the baby section next time you’re at Wal-Mart. Look for a yellow container of Cheerios. It should be about $2.25-2.50. Hmmm…you can buy nearly an entire box (or an entire box of the generic) for that price!

  3. That is such a rip off! What is America coming to? Seriously? That makes me angry!

  4. That’s terrible! I can’t believe they are more expensive! That sounds like a bunch of Bah Humbug!! lol I would have been annoyed too and I would have also bought the regular bag of Snickers. Have fun Christmas baking!! :0)

  5. After all the shopping and baking I’ve done, you’d think I would have noticed that by now. I’m sure I’ve been swindled by the Christmas wrapping a few times. Sheesh!

  6. I could go on and on about rip offs… but the biggest pet peeve of mine is the supply companies that supply my kiddos stuff… They will charge his insurance insane amounts for stuff.. For instance the elemental formula he used to get is around $40 per can but the supply company charged insurance almost $100 per can! Such a rip off!!!

  7. Those companies somehow find all wrong ways to make extra money on christmas. You’re right: this is wrong from a holiday spirit kind of view.

  8. Wow how ridiculous! Such a rip-off! I like the idea of just picking out the red and green m&ms too!

  9. That just goes to show how marketing aims to make people judge the book by the cover when we “say” it’s wrong in society but how much society is a sucker for it!
    I also wait till it’s all 50% off to get it.

  10. Adrienne Randall says

    Wow how ridiculous! Such a rip-off! I like the idea of just picking out the red and green m&ms too!

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