Coconut Water…

Is gross. GROSS I TELL YOU! I thought I was being all good, trying something new, something more natural and healthy, blah blah blah. IT’S GROSS! I had to get it out of sight in the refrigerator so I don’t have to look at it because it makes me nauseated to see the box! ug. Bobby can force himself to drink it and not taste it but I just can’t YUCK. What does everyone else think? I had just the regular plain kind. Are the flavored ones better? I bought one flavored one, but haven’t tried it.

Ok on to something else, I am getting sick to my stomach again…we ran 6 miles today. It is so hot, I sweat sssooo much. We ran the route that goes over the dam that I posted about a few weeks ago. It’s 3 out and 3 back and the last mile was pure torture. We had to stop and walk several times in that last mile. But, we did it! I feel better and more accomplished now.

We are going to BBQ for dinner, Bobby is using vegetables form our garden to make steak Kabbobs! I will have pictures to post tomorrow. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

QOTD: Thoughts on coconut water?

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  1. aveiceae says:

    I tried the pomegranate and acai kind and it wasn’t bad. It definitely doesn’t taste like coconuts but if you just think of it like oddly flavored water it’s not so bad… and it’s REALLY good for you! hehe. This is the kind I got:

  2. Thatpinkgirl says:

    Are you drinking enough? Taking in Gatorade? All that sweat leaves your electrolytes & sodium out of whack. Also, I carry rag with my to wipe down my face.
    I freeze half the water in my bottle, wrap a paper towel around it so it doesn’t hurt my hand to carry it, and as it melts, the towel soaks up the cold condensation…oh that cold wet rag feels so good on my face!
    Be safe in the heat!

    • no I didn’t bring enough water this time which made it miserale! not to mention it was 11:00 and in the upper 80’s an no clouds. The wet towel is a good idea!

  3. I’ve only tried the O.N.E Coconut water I tried the mango and pineapple ones. the mango one was not good at all but the pineapple one was alright.

  4. hundredtenpounds says:

    Really?? I have a can I’ve yet try…,I’m afraid to now!!

  5. Crystal says:

    eh. coconut water is not for everyone. I find it a little salty. I forget the brand I’ve tried, but it was passion fruit flavor. It was ok. I’d rather drink other stuff.

  6. runnerstrials says:

    Great job on the run! I bet I’d be disappointed by coconut water too, b/c I’d expect it to taste like a pina colada 🙂

  7. The pineapple one isn’t too bad…I think it’s better to drink in the winter, or at least, cooler weather. When it gets warm, it tastes sickly sweet…Overall, though, I think it helped me. I used it and G2 during my last marathon.

  8. Thanks for posting this! I know you didn’t like it but I just read the benefits… Wow, I saw that it helps beak up Kidney stones and helps with poor circulation… I am sold, I don’t care how bad it tastes at this point because I know it is going to help me not have so much pain in the log run. So thanks again.

  9. I tried VitaCoco and Zico…Ewww! I tried the flavored ones (mango for VitaCoco and pomegranate for Zico) and that didn’t help. I’ve had coconut water straight from the brown, fuzzy ones and that is delicious. Waste of money, these sugar traps they market as a health drinks. I’ll stick with homemade coconut milk. Way more tasty!

    • thats sad to hear. I love coconut water now (took some getting sued to ) but prefer the flavored kind. It really helps me have endurance to get through a workout and keeps me hydrated. It has less sugar in it than sports drinks so it’s a win-win for me!

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