Confessions: January 2014

Confession: I got an iPad Air from my awesome parents for Christmas, and have yet to buy a case for it. I’m just not sure what I want, so I have been carrying it around in the box it came in. I kid you not. On the airplane flying into LAX last week, a man actually made fun of my box. I decided it is officially time to get a real case.


Suggestions? Favorites? Likes and dislikes? What do I need to be looking for? Help! I have never owned an iPad and I am quite clumsy.

Confession: I am so burnt out from running I am not even looking forward to the Princess half marathon….yet. I KNOW this will change as I get closer and more excited, but right now running three races in three days makes me want to cry a little.

IMG_1652 - Copy

Confession: I cried Sunday night watching the Bachelor wedding on ABC. Like a little girl. When Sean started crying as Catherine walked down the aisle, I lost it.

Confession: I got home from Tinkerbell last Tuesday and I have only done one load of laundry. Maybe it I just keep the door closed and pretend it’s not there it will go away?


Confession: Every time I go out of town I bring my straightener and curling iron and never use either of them. I am SO LAZY when it comes to my hair. I can’t even remember the last time I wore it down. I should just stop pretending, it would give me more room in my suitcase.

QOTD: Do you have any confessions? Have you fallen victim to any of mine?

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  1. So glad you’re also exhausted from tink and not quite feeling it for princess yet. I’m in exactly the same place. Between work (and work travel) and training … Yawn!
    But I know it will be awesome 🙂

  2. I wish I was doing Princess with you! Hopefully you’ll feel less burnt out in a few more weeks!

  3. Confession: I have a similar laundry pile. I think shutting the door and ignorning it is a fabulous plan 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  4. Bridie Rist says:

    I hope your inspiration comes back soon. I cry at the end of every Undercover Boss. Lol. And I also take my straightener when I go to visit the inlaws in NC and most of the time I don’t even bother to dry my hair, let alone straighten it. Glad to know I’m not the only one. I’m lucky in that my hubby does laundry, and is much better at keeping up with it than I am.

  5. Jess @ PugRunAholic says:

    I never do anything with my hair either! I’ve been wanting to get it chemically straightened so I don’t have to do it. But it’s so expensive!!

  6. lauren@golaurengo says:

    Confession: All I want to eat is sushi, all the time.

  7. My laundry pile is pretty bad as well. We have to yet to get anywhere close to catching up on it since getting home from Disney World. And I also teared up while watching the Bachelor wedding. You could see just how happy Sean and Catherine were!

  8. Morning Heather! I have a Griffin Defender. I never worry about it slipping out of my hands and it can take a beating. I use mine in the kitchen when cooking so the enclosed case keeps everything dry and safe.

  9. Confessions: I do the same thing with my hair and travel.
    Confessions: I was exhausted after marathon weekend. Truly impressed on how you soldiered through Tink.
    Confessions: I ate all of the things for a week post-marathon
    Confessions: My iPad has had a broken case on it for almost a year (don’t feel bad about your box)

  10. you and i could be hair twins then! i rarely touch mine.

    • It’s really so sad. I’m not sure what to do. Mine is so thick it looks bad unless I straighten it, or just wear it up in a wad on my head…which is what I do 99.9% of the time!

  11. I’m lazy with my hair too! I love pony tails and buns lol

    I hope you start looking forward to Princess more soon!! I’m sure you will have a blast!

  12. Oh I stopped lugging around any hair related items on vacation long ago, my hair has one style – the “straight out of the shower too lazy to care mess bun”!

  13. You have done so much running in the last few weeks it is understandable that running does not entice you too much right now! But you do love the princess and the glass slipper challenge is new so I think you will be just fine! Also I found these at amazon. Hope the link works:

  14. My mom has an iPad and keeps it in a Vera Bradley protective sleeve. They also have snap on cases.

  15. Yes girl you have been SuperRunner lately! Take some days off. You definitely need it. I have no doubt you’ll be ready for PH when the time comes! Now…get that iPad a case! I have an otterbox on mine..but I needed something super sturdy since my two boys play with it all the time. My mother-in-law has the Apple Cover on hers and loves it.

  16. Of all the trashy tv shows {eh hem real housewives} that I watch, I just haven’t ever been able to get in to the bachelor!

  17. Confession: I’m really mad that I bumped into someone and DROPPED my NEW iPhone 5S and shattered the glass. I’m not waiting for it to get fixed 🙁
    Confession: I’m sick of running too! 11 days, 7 races, 9 medals and 71 miles will do that to a person! But I too know that as we get closer to Princess I will get excited!!
    Confession: I not only got to do all my race laundry from Tink, but also my family’s when I got home – I’ve done at least 9 loads!
    Confession: I cannot wait until my hair grows in again!

  18. Confession: I cry like a baby at commercials. The military surprise returns bring on the ugly cry.
    if you are clumsy, get an otter box for the ipad. it adds some size and weight, but that’s a lot better than a shattered screen. I drop mine all the time and it’s still in one, undamaged piece 🙂
    Laundry is like a four letter word in my life. I hate doing laundry, so by the time I get done with the kid’s, mine just gets left for some other time. I have huge piles of laundry in my closet. maybe i will try to make a dent in it during these “snow” days while I am home with the kids!
    I hope your back gets better soon.

  19. I have been lazy with my hair… so bad that the last time I got it cut was MAY!! Yikes!!

  20. I have never been good at fixing my hair. I am a ponytail junkie. Thank God my daughter is gifted in the hair department. See ya in Disney next month.

  21. I know what you mean by feeling burnt out. Ever since I got home from Dopey, running has felt like a chore. That “itch” to run hasn’t been there. And, sadly, I was stupid enough to register for another full in March (PLUS I’m doing GSC) so I don’t have a choice but to force myself out the door. I’m waiting to feel “normal” again, but so far…no dice!

  22. Laundry … I hate laundry. I don’t mind washing and drying, but the putting it back up, ew. So I find hiding places. So my confession: I have a load of clean clothes in my dryer, in my dirty hamper so I could hide the previous load in my dryer and on the floor in one of my closets. Like I said, I hate laundry! haha.

  23. I may or may not be guilty on the laundry issue. I’m pleading the 5th.

  24. I teared up too when Sean got so emotional… adorably sweet!

  25. The iPad thing is funny. Makes me wonder what kind of looks I’d get if I carried my iPhone around in the original box.

  26. Hope you find a case you like soon! :0) Can’t wait for Princess! Excited to see you!

  27. I am a huge klutz so I tripled up on protection (though I have the iPad mini, not Air). First- screen protector is a MUST. As I’ve learned from my iPhone, one clink next to your keys or anything and a little nick in the glass will drive you crazy. I got a soft, jelly-style case because if dropped it provides the most shock absorption. Luckily these tend to be cheaper than hard cases, so yay! Finally, I bought a little Vera Bradley tablet case to put it in when I’m traveling or know it will be jostled around quite a bit. It’s been good for me 1 year in.

  28. Oh man, yup with you on the hair straightner thing.

  29. I can absolutely relate to the laundry one and also the curling iron one! It’s okay!

  30. Jenn @ Fairest Run of All says:

    Hey, I’ve ALSO only done one load of laundry since the Tinker Bell Half! High five!

  31. It makes sense that you’d be tired of running races after all that you have done lately. And yes, I have a few confessions- like the fact that lately my laundry goes from the dryer to the basket- and stays there until I wear it– and that I’ve had suitcases out since January 5th when we got back from a family trip. Oops.

  32. YOU WERE IN LA!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!? WTF ! Thanks for the call 😉

    And I am dying – because I am just like you! I traveled with my new lap top in it’s BOX!!! The great thing about doing that though is that I didn’t have to take it out of the box because the TSA thought that it wasn’t even opened 😉

  33. ha! your confessions are hilarious! leave the curling iron and straightener at home for sure. more room to bring back souvies… 🙂

  34. I couldn’t find an iPad case that I liked at any store, so I made my own! I bought a pattern on Etsy and picked out the fabrics I liked and a sewed up a nice case that is one of a kind.

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    Confessions: January 2014

    Confession: I got an iPad Air from my awesome parents for Christmas, and have yet to buy a case for it

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