I have this poster hanging up in my classroom. I am big on motivational kind of stuff like that, and a lot of those types of things really apply to school. I have looked at the poster 100 times but today I REALLY looked at it.

Effort. You can’t become a better runner, spouse, parent, employee, without effort. I tell my basketball girls all the time that they aren’t going to just wake up one day and be a good basketball player. They have to work at it, and put in the time and EFFORT to become great.
I think the hardest of the 4 on the poster for me is the last one. Making the most of every opportunity. I squander a lot of opportunities to be better at things but especially my running. Sometimes I can just be flat out lazy. I am really trying to work on this. I can’t let the small stuff get in my way of me running/working out. Yes there are days I literally just need a break and can’t do it, usually when I am so mentally tired. But, there re a lot of times I am just being lazy! Anyone with me? So. Imprint this poster in your mine. Give your best effort. don’t give up or give in. Make the most of every opportunity. Achieve your goals through commitment and hard work. You can do it!

I did however reward myself today with McAlister’s sweet tea. I have been so good lately with my liquid calories, so I thought I deserved it.

Bella said she wants some.

On a workout note, it is pouring rain and 45 degrees so no run for me, and I am achy from my good run yesterday. But I am about to hop on the elliptical, and put forth some EFFORT!

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  1. So true! Nothing worth wanting in life comes easy!

    Hope you enjoyed McAllister’s. You definitely deserved it 🙂

  2. I agree with that poster completely! My basketball coach was amazing (almost made it to the olympics) and she used to tell me those same things whenever I played!

  3. Neat poster! I like motivational stuff, too! :0)

    LOVE me some McAlister’s tea! Yummy!!!!

  4. Good post! We could all use some motivation sometimes! I am right there with you on the mentally tired of just plain lazy!!!! It happens.
    Cute puppy!!!!!

  5. I’m all for the motivational stuff, too!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog 🙂 I’m glad to have found yours!

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