Fashion Friday and the Hunger Games


Happy Friday! Who is off work today? Unfortunately, I am working, as is my husband. But, her is off on Monday, so I am going to try to get a lot done today so I can take part of Monday off. Today is an important day for me though, as a Christian, so I will be taking some time out today to reflect on the importance of Good Friday to me.

I will admit, I do not consider myself a fashionable person. Working from home, I wear mainly sweats and running skirts, so being fashionable is a bit more tricky. When I do go to dinner or out somewhere, I do take a bit more careful consideration since I don’t get to wear “real” clothes as often! I will not be doing fashion Friday every Friday, but plan to implement it sometimes, when the mood (or an outfit) strikes me.

Today, I am a walking Banana Republic outlet ad. We went to dinner with a friend last night, so I wore some new clothes I picked up at the outlet (40% off plus I had a 15% off coupon, score!)

2012-04-05 20.06.22

-shirt: Banana outlet

-shorts: Banana outlet

-necklace and earrings: Banana outlet.

2012-04-05 20.05.28

2012-04-05 16.44.43

-shoes from nine west and WOW I need to clean my mirror! Sorry guys!


I also wanted to discuss the Hunger Games. I know a lot of people have been talking about it, but as an avid fan of the books, I wanted to share my thoughts on the movie as well.

I did think it was a good adaptation from book to movie (pretty close as you can get). But, I did feel some key parts were left out.

1.) I feel like the “showmance” between Katniss and Peeta was not played up. I don’t think people who didn’t read the books would understand she was really not in love with him and was thinking about Gale.I think it was kind of confusing.

2.) In the book, a big deal was made out of the capitol food and how much Katniss loved it and overindulged. I feel like a lot more emphasis could have been made on the food, and the fact that she was starving and the people in 12 were always hungry.

3.) I wish they would have put in the part where Katniss received bread from Rue’s district.

4.) When Katniss first got into the arena, she searched and searched for water and it was a big deal. In the movie, she went right to it, no big deal.

5.) The part where Peeta “disguised” himself by the river. OMG. I die. I almost busted out laughing in the middle of the theater because it was so ridiculous.

6.) The avox girl was totally taken out.

There are a few other minor things here and there, but those were the main things I saw. I know it was hard to take the book to movie since Katniss is narrating the book, and I know my expectations were REALLY high. Don’t get me wrong, overall I was pleased, I loved seeing the Capitol outfits etc. and hope to see more in the next movie! (Which by the way I am so bummed doesn’t come out until November 2013!)

QOTD: –Do you consider yourself fashionable?

-Did you see the Hunger Games? thoughts? anything else they left out?

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  1. You look cute!

    Agree re: Hunger Games. My biggest issue was that she was w/ Peeta for so much longer in the book and they kept kissing, etc. It felt like she was only with him for 5min in the movie. But overall, a good adaptation.

  2. I love clothes and shopping but I don’t know if I would call myself fashionable (I live in NH – the bar is pretty low here so maybe I should!).

  3. Cute outfit!! Love the shirt! I think anything from Banana is a win. 🙂
    I agree 100% with you about the Hunger Games. I know they can’t include everything, but SO much was left out. Especially the part about the food and her being starving. She always left the table with barely eating! It was still good, though. I want to see it again!

  4. 1. I’m right with you on the getting dressed thing. I’m at the gym, in scrubs at school, or in pj’s. haha!
    2. We have the same thoughts on the book. Kyle died laughing when we saw Peeta’s camouflage. It was very comical. I never thought about the food part, but you’re right. They also didn’t talk about how much she was trying to be strong right when she got picked so they other competitors didn’t think she was weak and she tried to fatten herself up. Also when Peeta talked about the bread did he say in the book, “I should have gone out to you”? If so I didn’t remember it. I should go see it again! haha!

  5. Love the outfit! Very cute. Thanks for the movie review. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve read the books. I’m not sure I WANT to see the movie…

  6. Tara Burner says

    my idea of fashion is yoga pants & tank tops! LOL

    I haven’t seen Hunger Games…yet… my daughter saw the premier said it was ok, then liked it better 2nd time she saw it…guess I need to go see it! lol

  7. When I walked out of the theater, I turned to my husband and complained about your #1 and #3. But now that you mentioned #2, I totally agree with you!!! I did love the movie though…

  8. I haven’t read the Hunger Games…in fact I hadn’t even heard of it until the movie was released! I guess I’m pretty out of it.

  9. I kept thinking I had it backwards with the Avox girl and she was in book 2… whew!

    I loved them movie, but you are right on target. I really wish they showed Katniss’ thoughts of Gale and how she had to make her self show the love to Peeta.

  10. Cute outfit! I love Banana Republic 🙂 I don’t know if I would consider myself fashionable but I do love clothes!!
    I really enjoyed the Hunger Games, however I do agree that some key parts were left out. Im looking forward to the next one!

  11. I really want to see the movie, but I’m not sure if I won’t get annoyed. It was just last night I was thinking about the water scene and hoping they do it justice in the film.

  12. I love BR, and I love to shop! But I am in NO WAY in any sense of the word fashionable. I am the type of person who buys the same shirt I like in 5 different colors.

    I’m still working through the second book Catching Fire, but I can’t wait to see the movie!

  13. That tank top is super cute!

    As for the Hunger Games – I was upset at some of the things they left out too. (The same thing happen in Harry Potter – a few parts were critical!) I can understand the difficulty since the book was ‘narrated’ by Katniss – but they actually handled it well. I noticed the Avox girl was there – they just didn’t say anything about her…weird.

  14. Super cute outfit!! I am so not fashionable. I’m fortunate I can wear jeans to work (which I do – almost every day!).

    I was fairly surprised at how much they were able to fit in but I really do wish they had kept in the bread from Rue’s district. After being disappointed by what was left out of Harry Potter, I tried to keep my expectations low for this one! 🙂 I was also really surprised there was no teaser for the second movie but maybe that was because it isn’t coming out for so long! I can’t believe they are waiting that long between movies.

  15. RunFasterMommy says

    How about the mockingjay pin? That was TOTALLY different in the book vs. movie!

    • yes! I had all of these thing sin my head that I wanted to mention and just couldn’t remember them all. No madge? she bought the pin at a shop? No!

  16. Karen :0) says

    Super cute outfit!! :0) Love the accessories, too!
    The Hunger Games was good…I agree with you on all of the points you made. I wish they hadn’t taken out so much from the book but oh well!
    Happy Easter!! :0)

  17. I love sewing and vintage fashion…but unless I’m going all out vintagy-and-cute, I’m boring. On Saturdays I’ve been known to stay in workout clothes for the entire day. I’d probably stay in my pj’s all day if I worked from home!

  18. Heather (Where's the Beach) says

    Love the top! I feel like I’m the only person who has not read the Hunger Games.

  19. I totally agree with your assessment. My only other big thing was they didn’t show Peeta losing his leg… I feel like that was kind of significant enough to show. It’s like they skipped the whole part of them having to stay in the Capitol for a while to heal.

  20. I hate that they left out the hovercrafts picking up the bodies. I think that was a big part of the book. I know some people think it was symbolic of people being taken up into heaven when they die, but whether or not the author intended that way, that in conjunction with the cannons seemed to be a big deal in the book.

  21. I loved the movie, in fact, I’ve seen it twice! I think it was hard for them to convey so much with in only 2 hours – the cave scenes with Peeta were pretty short as were her scenes with Rue – but I saw it with people who haven’t read the books and they seemed to grasp things pretty well, including the whole showmance thing. I think the movie should have included the end in the book when Katniss tells Peeta that most of what she did was for the show and he is upset – that would have put more emphasis on it. Also, she was conflicted at some point in the cave and did start to have some feelings during one of their kisses, so the conflicting feelings/confusion weren’t really clear either. I guess they’ll just have to explore that more in Catching Fire!

  22. tank top dress says

    Love that shirt, supper cute outfit!

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