First Marathon Training “Injury”


Ok, so it’s more of a joke…but still, an injury just the same! I went on an impromptu 5 mile run yesterday. I was going to do 3 or 4, but just kept going. Bobby was at work so I had nothing else to do, so may as well, right? From about a mile in I felt a pain on my right toe. I have had this before so I knew what it was. my 2nd and 3rd toe are longer than the other toes, so when the nail on my 4th toe is too long it rubs the side/underneath of the 3rd toe. Got all that? good. Well, thinking it would just blister or make a small cut I just ran through the pain. When I got home and took my shoe off I found this. EW!


warning, blood ahead!















GROSS! I was totally not expecting that! I promptly cut my nails, took a shower and bandaged that baby up. What sucks is every step I take now hurts. Hope I can run tomorrow! I started thinking it would be no fun if something like this happened during the race. How will I prepare for it? I definitely need to start making a list of things to do before I run (like cut my nails!) and things to bring “just in case” something goes wrong. I can’t imagine running in that pain like that for 26 miles. my foot would be covered in blood haha!


Rest day today, like I could do anything if I wanted to, so it actually works out well. A big thanks to everyone who commented on my post yesterday. I was not expecting the great reaction I got, but I got a lot of encouragement and feel like I am doing the right thing for me, so thank you! I have not had time to respond to all the comments so I am going to go do that right now! Have a great afternoon everyone!


QOTD: Any foot related running injuries out there?

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  1. Yikes! I bet that hurts girl. I’ve had that happen before. On my 18 miler a couple weeks ago, I got two huge blisters that didn’t heal until recently. “Small” issues like this can really affect training.

    And I’m interested to see if anyone has gotten a black toenail. I kind of don’t feel like a real runner because I’ve never had one.

  2. OK, other than my toenails falling off from running longer distances….I had always assumed that post pregnancy my shoe size was a 6-6.5, but, never measured as I usually wear open toed shoes, tevas, birks etc….well, during my runs, I realized my toes were burning and hurting and had blisters as well.(only on more than 1-1.5 mile runs….

    Anyhow, I went to a fancy running store who measured my feet, told me that my left foot was one whole size larger, and that I should add 1/2 size for distance….now I wear an 8 in Nike’s and a 7.5 in NewBalance or Asics and my feet are happy!

  3. Ouch ouch ouch!!! That looks really painful! I wish I had some tips. Just rest it.

  4. I had an injury during a half marathon. It actually started hurting the week of but I figured it would go away. I wasn’t even through the 1st mile when the pain was back. It was on my right ankle. I did my best and finished the half but when I got home and took of my shoe and sock…I had a huge bruise. I felt kind of tough. LOL.

  5. Ugh! You poor girl! That looks really awful! I hope that it won’t set you back too much. That would be very frustrating! I have been getting a black toenail for the past 8 months now on the same toe. It keeps getting stepped on when I play soccer. So twice now my new fresh toenail underneath got smooshed too. Now it is like a neverending cycle of black toenail. I am not going to the dr. for a stupid little toenail so I cut the top one off to relieve some pressure so that helped make the swelling go down. Hope your feet heal up and you never have to experience the toenail epic! 😛

  6. ouch. I keep my toe nails cut pretty short so I do not have this happen. Hope it heals soon!

  7. LOL I agree with you on the black toenails…yuck!! lol

    Hope your toe gets to feeling better!!

  8. Jude (JBM02) says:

    Ouch!! I have an issue with one toenail tht gets all weird on me so I just keep my toenails painted. That way I don’t see it and get grossed out.
    Hope your toe feels better soon!!

  9. be proud of that sock! I got so excited about my first bloody sock!

  10. Ouchy! Poor you! On a more happy note; you DO have a hardcore runners injury now! 😉

  11. Thats so weird, I have the same problem…I used a little bit of a bleach pen and it seemed to do the trick…YAK gross, and the blister STILL hurts…

    Good luck with your Half 🙂

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