Fuel Up

Today has been pretty productive. I have cleaned up the house, made a bunch of phone calls/paying things off/getting paperwork done etc., shaved the dogs (oh, the aftermath!)

bathed the dogs, packed to go to my parents in New Orleans, made and ate lunch, washed some of Bellas stuffed toys, washed clothes, caught up on my blog reading. WHEW! Now…something is missing…oh yes, I haven’t run yet today! I was planning on running this morning but by time I got up and ate breakfast it was after 8 and already so hot and sunny, bleh. I decided I would wait until this evening and drive over to my favorite neighborhood to run. I am hoping for 5 miles, which means lots of water. This poses a problem because I can only carry so much. Enter fuel belt. I only wear this when I absolutely have to b/c it drives me crazy. It will be nice to have somewhere to put my phone and have my hands free, so I will see how it goes and let you know. I haven’t used it since last year. I will also stash an extra bottle in my car so when i pass by I can re fill up. Praying I have the motivation to get out there and go!

QOTD: How do you carry water when you run? Do you like it?

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  1. I hate, hate, hate carrying water when I run. Ironically, I have one of those iFitness belts to carry keys, gu, chapstick, a couple of dollars, my cell phone, pony tail holder, etc. and it doesn’t bother me at all. I think it is the sloshing of the fuel belt that makes me batty!

    I try to plot out runs where I can circle back to my car or house to get water!

  2. I have one of those hand held water bottles (I think the brand is Nathan, and it’s pink! lol) and that’s usually enough for me. However when I get to my longer runs for this half marathon since it’ll be so HOT (last time it was in the winter so it was enough for me) it’s going to pose a problem. I hate belts of any kind and refuse to use one!! lol. I like carrying my water bottle because it has a pocket I can put my phone (or used to, I don’t think my new iphone will fit in there! darn!) and a key, and at races I can just take the water they give if the bottle isn’t enough.

    Good luck on the run!

    • I don’t worry too much bout races because they usually have enough water so I dont carry anything then, but those darn long runs are killing me lol!
      maybe in winter I won’t need as much water like you said!

  3. I hope you did well on your run!
    Belts do not work for me. I’ve tried many different kinds, but they are not made for girls w/ big hips and small waists. No matter what I do, it bounces. I just carry one bottle in my hand and plant extra bottles along my route. Or I do a 5 mi loop around my car or house and refill there on long runs.

    • it actually did ok! it is stretchy so I pulled it down tight on my hips and it sayed put, I was impressed. I am nt used to the extraweight so that was hard, but it was alright!

  4. I use a hand held and have actually gotten pretty used to it by now. Plus I have my music on so I can’t really hear the sloshing. I just like that I have the water there when I need it. I’ve tried using fuel belts but just haven’t found one that stays where I want it!

  5. WOAH. Shaving dogs looks to be a very intense thing. 🙂 I don’t really carry water when I run, unless it’s a long run and/or very hot outside. But when I do carry it, I just use a handheld. Not a fan of something around my waist as I’m running.

  6. I have a hand held water bottle. I don’t just love it, but it works and I’m used to it by now. It has a strap too so I can put my GU and ID in there.

  7. This has always been a dilemma for me. I hate wearing a fuel belt or anything like that. I usually end up carrying a water bottle and just bought a Nathan one that I can comfortably grip and it also has a small zippered pocket for money and keys.

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