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This is the second time I have had the opportunity to work with the sweet people at Gone for a RUN. I first met them when they had a booth next to my runningskirts.com booth at a race expo I was working. I love their products so much, they have such great variety.

photo (10)

I received the BibFolio from their website and some cute car magnets as well as a super soft bag that everything came in. I can’t wait to put the magnets on my car!

The main thing I wanted to review and share with you about is the BibFolio. I will be the first to admit I am quite sentimental, and I don’t like to part with things that remind me of fun times. For the past 3 years or so since I started distance running, I have been saving all of my race bibs…in a big stack…in the closet….on the floor. I think they deserve much more love than this…but honestly I just didn’t know what to do with them! The BibFolio is the PERFECT solution, and I am not sure why I didn’t think of this before.

photo (9)

You use inserts similar to a photo album and slide your bibs in from the top. You can use the space across the top to write notes about the bib below it with a sharpie if you wish. Some people use the back side to put a photo in from the race, but I just used the space for more bibs.

gone for a run

Note to runDisney runners: Disney bibs are quite large, and I did have to trim them down to fit, which was totally fine, but just wanted to give a heads up un case you didn’t want to cut your bibs. You can personalize your front cover with your name, and there are SO many designs you can get on the front (NINE pages worth!) So there is a style for everyone, even if you don’t run Disney races. The BibFolio is a lot larger than I thought it would be, which is really nice! it is wooden and very high quality.

Gone for a RUN also sells extra sets of inserts so your BibFolio can expand with your bib collection. Right now I have mine sitting on my coffee table. it makes a great conversation starter, and it’s fun to look back at all the races I have run. I think I need more inserts though, because I have a lot of bibs!

Gone for a Run is also giving one THLS reader a $20 gift card to their website! I KNOW you can find something on their site you will like. So. many. products. I love it. Please follow the instructions below to enter:

*Gone for a RUN has also agreed to give my readers a 10% discount good through the day after the giveaway ends. Enter the following code at checkout: HEATHERSLOOKINGGLASS

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  1. I’d get a sterling running charm… Love running jewelry!

  2. There are so many choices! I would have to either go with a bib folio or the bib coasters. They are such good ideas!

  3. I have seen the bibfolios from Gone For A Run around for a whole so that is what I would get.

  4. A bib holder! Mine are in a stack on my desk, I need to get them organized!

  5. I’d like a bibfolio. My bibs are hanging from my mirror, as I do not know what to do with them.

  6. Erica @ For the Sake of Cake says:

    Love the bib folio… very cute!

  7. I am sentimental as well and would love the bibfolio. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been trying to think of a way for me to save my bibs (they are on a medal/bib display right now). If I don’t win I may have to do a little shopping 😉
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  8. I really like the Running Retriever sweatshirt! If it has a dog on it, I’m sold! Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. I’d get the “I did it!” medal hanger – and probably won’t be able to resist the bib coasters either! (already thinking of them as “secret Santa” gifts for my running friends who left their bibs from the last race in my car…!)

  10. Sharon Landis says:

    A charm or a decal.

  11. I’d probably also get a bibfolio. But I don’t know that I’d be able to cut my bibs! I’d probably try to fold them 🙂

  12. I’d use it towards a medal hanger!

  13. Danielle @ It's A Harleyyy Life says:

    I’d love a metal hanger

  14. Lisa Jones says:

    I would love to get one of the bibfolios as I have about 200 bibs sitting in a shoe box.

  15. LOVE the Bib folio idea! Mine are sitting in my dresser drawer, but I LOVE this idea!

  16. Ashleigh Dzurim says:

    The bib folio is such a great idea! I am puttimg it on my Christmas list!

  17. Love the running jewelry

  18. The BibFOLIO is a must! I have so many race bibs that I just shove into a folder. They deserve more respect than that, haha! Great site!

  19. I love the bib book and the little bag. 🙂

  20. I love the “Oh the Places You’ll Go” BibFOLIO. Such a better idea than the stack I have of bibs at home.

  21. I like the Bibfolio!

  22. I would buy the bib holder! I keep ours,but they are just in a box right now. I love the idea of the bib folio!

  23. That Bibfolio sounds great. All of mine are sitting out by my TV so I can at least see them, but I’ve now run enough races that it is looking a little crowded.

  24. What a great idea! Our bibs sit in a stack in the closet too. I’m so glad I kept the bib from my very first race! When I volunteered this year at the WDW half, I was surprised to see people toss their bibs in the trash as they finished the race!

  25. So many great choices on this site! Just last month I bought a binder and sheet protectors to store my husband’s and my bibs, but a BibFolio would be so much nicer to store them in!

  26. Annemarie says:

    I would love a bib folio. Now I just toss them into an old hat box.

  27. That bibfolio is going on my Christmas list IMMEDIATELY! With 30 races on tap this year, I have a A LOT of bib laying around!

  28. I would probably put it toward a medal hanger!

  29. Laure Simms says:

    Look like some really cool stuff. I never knew what to do with my bibs.

  30. I’d like to use it on a bib folio.

  31. Never thought about a folio for bibs! What a great idea!!!!

  32. I would love to have a bib-folio! Such an awesome idea!

  33. So many choices!! I’d like a bib folio or maybe an id bracelet or maybe a charm. This is a pretty sweet website!!

  34. Kimberly Lambert says:

    I would get a bib folio. My bibs are sitting in a pile waiting for a place to be held.

  35. They have such fun stuff – I think I’d get a medal hangar or wine glass.

  36. Definitely a bib folio and extra sheets!

  37. I would definitely get a Bibfolio. I just ordered one for my daughter as a birthday gift and now I want one!!!

  38. Sarah @ How My World Runs says:

    I think the frame or bibFolio would top my list.

  39. I would definitely use a Bibfolio! I am currently doing the same thing you are…just keeping my bibs stacked together in a not so nice place!

  40. LOVE this idea for the bibfolio!!

  41. I’ve been looking at these for awhile and haven’t had the extra money to buy. They are wonderful.

  42. The bibfolio – I have a huge stack of race bibs that need organizing!

  43. I am a brand new runner (ran my first 5k last month) and I am running the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon this November. My first bib has been traveling all over the house looking for a home. The bibfolio would be perfect!

  44. The Bibfolio is a great idea! I recently started scrapbooking with my bibs, but this seems like a lot less effort 😉

  45. Becca @ familyfaithfitness says:

    wow, I hope to have the kind of collection someday! 🙂 Can’t wait to start my own photo album with bibs

  46. Nicole @ Pink Elephant on Parade says:

    I’m seriously considering the bib to coaster route as I actually need coasters and I have a bunch of bibs…

  47. Jessica S says:

    So many cute things! I think the BibFolio would be awesome!

  48. I can’t decide! Maybe a wind glass orbID bracelet. I keep my bibs in a scrapbook.

  49. Love the bib folio. Very Cute

  50. I love all of the hair ties! The stretchy ribbon ties are the only ones I’ll wear around my wrist to potentially use later for my hair. They have tons of cute colors but my favorite is the yellow 13.1 tie!

  51. LOVE the Bibfolio, that’s an excellent idea! Mine are just sitting on my desk, collecting dust.

  52. I’d get some running sunglasses – or maybe just some socks! Could use more running socks…

  53. Oooo, I love the idea of a Bibfolio!!!

  54. I need more Medal Hanger Displays for the runs I have ahead 🙂

  55. What a great giveaway! I would get the bib folio. What a good idea!

  56. I would get one of the necklaces.

  57. Candace Fournier says:

    I may only have two bibs for now but, within the next 6 months there will be three more and I will be adding more bib numbers. This will be a great way to showcase the experience.

  58. Amy - Mom's Magical Miles says:

    I need a bib folio, for sure!

  59. I love the bib folio, but everything in their website is great!

  60. I like the hydration belt with two water bottles. But I also like the id bracelets too.

  61. I love their stuff, all so fun!! I think i’d go for the race bib coasters!

  62. I’ve been wanting to do something with my race bibs, so I would get the bibfolio.

  63. I love the bib folio! I’ve been searching out fun ways to display them–esp. the disney ones 🙂

  64. The “Day of the Run” tee!

  65. I would love to have the Running Retriever hoodie 🙂

  66. Jodi @ 13.1 Miles to Disney says:

    I would buy a bibfolio!

  67. While I *need* the bib folio (most of my bibs are tacked all over our office walls, much to hubby’s dismay) I would probably opt for the medal holder because 1) my current holder is completely full and 2) I just love looking at my hard-earned bling!

  68. Most of my bibs are sitting in a pile while I try to figure out how to display. The bibfolio would be an awesome way to keep them together and to show others! A medal holder would be pretty nice as well 🙂

  69. I’d love some running jewelry!

  70. I have SO many bibfolios on my wish list. I’d love to finally pick one if I won! I’d have to decide which one though! Ahhh!

  71. I love the Run Girl bibFOLIO!

  72. The design you chose is SO cute! I love it!

  73. I would love the bib folio, too!!

  74. I definitely need a place to keep all my bibs…they’re not in a pile in the bottom of my closet, but the pile on my desks isn’t any better lol

  75. I would get a necklace. I love their stuff! I got a few cute shirts at an expo I was at

  76. so many cute things–think I would pick the charm necklace!

  77. More than likely a bib folio.

  78. victoria l. jones says:


  79. I would love to get one of the bibfolios… I can’t believe I didn’t think of making that myself

  80. I would totally get a BibFolio….such a cute idea!!

  81. Michelle Miller says:

    I love the 26.2 sticker hoping to do my first one at the Disney Marathon, the BibFolio is awesome too!

  82. I would absolutely buy a Bibfolio if I won! I love that! So far I only have one bib, but hopefully will have many more! 😉

  83. I would totally get the bibfolio. Mine are currently scotch taped to my closet door and they deserve to be displayed properly!!

  84. I would definitely get one of the Bibfolios! I have been saving my numbers for the past 10 years and never knew what to do with them! I just knew I didn’t want to throw them out.

  85. Jenny Lou says:

    Would love to win this!

  86. i think i would go for the bibfolio – i run more 5k’s than anything else, and 5k’s don’t really give out medals except for the winners. i’d like to have some way to better commemorate them than a (usually cheapy) t-shirt. this is such a great site!

  87. Cute idea for the bibs!

  88. I’d get the “Run Like A Girl BibFolio”

  89. My husband has a stack just like you said so I’d help Santa out by snagging one for him for Christmas 🙂

  90. I LOVE Gone for a RUN! So many GREAT items! The “Once Upon a Run” magnets are so cute, but I’m in desperate need of a medal hanger!

  91. what a great idea! So much better than the stack of bib’s sitting on my computer desk, unprotected and unloved.

  92. Id go for the Pride Is Forever Bibfolio. Just have them in a drawer ATM.

  93. I love the idea of the bib folio

  94. Products look really neat… thanx!

  95. Lynn Green Brooks says:

    Bibfolio looks awasome

  96. I would also get a bib folio. I need something to keep all my bibs in!

  97. one of the necklaces. LOVE THEM.

  98. Elizabeth says:

    Definitely the Bibfolio! I had one pinned on my Pinterest to remember to buy when I had a little extra money, but this would be even better!

  99. I’d get the bib holder!

  100. I definitely need a Bibfolio! My bibs have been yearning for someplace to be seen instead of laying in a pile in a box. I would get one of those, and they look awesome!

  101. I’ve been looking at bibolios so I would have to get one of those!

  102. I would get a bib folio. I like the idea of storing them in an organized manner.

  103. I’ve had my eye on the Bibfolio for awhile. I’d put the win toward one of those!

  104. Love Gone for a Run! I have a couple of their medal hangers and really like them. My next purchase will either be a bibfolio or a piece of jewelry – there are just too many cute things I can’t decide which piece I would buy first!

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