Heat Wave

It is ssoo hot today!

I know it isn’t really 103, it ended up dropping down to 93, but still, yuck! I couldn’t even touch the steering wheel!
I don’t think I will be running today. I am also ssooo wiped out from end of the year stuff. I was busy all day working on things, and tomorrow will be even worse because it will be the last full day. It is really kind of like babysitting now!
I am having one of those days where I just don’t see a run as being a good thing. Not only is it hot, but I only got about 6.5 hours of sleep, yikes! I do NOT do well when I don’t get 8 hours. Hopefully after Thursday I can workout as much as I want!

So anyway, with all this hot weather, it got me thinking to all of the important things to remember when running in the heat. Here is a list that I thought of:
1.) Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen! Also, for long runs, reapplying after you sweat is key.
2.) Wear a running hat. I always feel so much cooler not having the sun on my face
3.)Hydrate, and bring water with you. I also like gatorade because I sweat a lot!
4.) Wear loose fitting moisture wicking fabrics
5.) Try to run early in the morning, or if that is not possible, after the sun goes down. It was still be very warm but when the sun is down it feels nicer!
6.) Pace yourself. Don’t expect to have an awesome training run in which you PR at noon in July. Stop or slow down if you need to.
7.) This goes with number 6, listen to your body! If you start to feel overheated or dizzy/lightheaded, walk, or find some shade and take a break.
8.)If you must run in the heat of the day, run shorter distances or use these days for maintenence runs.

Now, I know I am not a professional, but I am a southern girl, and it gets mighty hot here in Mississippi, and these are things that work well for me! Good luck and be safe!

Do you have a hot weather running tip to share?

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  1. Great suggestions for running in the heat!!!!! I hope that it cools down a bit for you!!! 93 is stinking hot! Especially in that southern humidity!

  2. Hey girl! Just stopping by to say that I love your blog! I just started up a new running blog, if you get the time please stop by and check it out! Thanks! <3

  3. hundredtenpounds says:

    Great tips. I will have to change my workout routine this summer… Running during my lunch hour is not going to be feasible!

  4. Good advice! Man, that deep South summertime heat is brutal. When I lived in SC for college, I remember the outdoor temp reading in my car as high as 119. Granted, the sensor was programmed to read the ground temp, not the air temp. But good grief… sizzle sizzle!

    If you don’t have one already, maybe this is good motivation to save for a treadmill one day. It’ll keep your sanity and your safety. 🙂 Take it easy out there!!

    • I know I want a treadmill! (I now nowhere to put it but would be willing to trade in my elliptical towards one!) We are gym members but the gym is 15 min away and I am way to lazy most of the time to go there unless I am going after work and then I am so tired…it’s tough!

  5. c~o~u~r~t~n~e~y says:

    Along with your #3, I just started hydrating differently on my runs. Instead of drinking at the water stops, I take a coconut water/water mixture with me and take 3-5 sips every .5 mile. I don’t seem to overheat or ever get thirsty!

    • you know I have heard a lot of ppl talk about coconut water, so tell me why everyone is raving about it? I am so curious!

      • c~o~u~r~t~n~e~y says:

        Well apparently, it has all the electrolytes of a sports drink but it’s natural (only ingredient is juice from a young coconut), and it has more potassium than a banana.

        I like it because it’s not very sweet, and I HATE running with a sugary aftertaste of a sports drink in my mouth. (I still dilute it with regular water.)

        It’s really refreshing! For a treat, I’ll add some chia seeds and shake it up. They’re en vogue now too, so I tried them 🙂

  6. Thatpinkgirl says:

    Great reminders about dealing with the heat.
    I freeze slightly damp wash rags, pack them in cold water in a Tupperware container and then they melt. But ooooh they feel nice and chilly to wipe off my face and arms after a long run. Bliss.

  7. the dawn says:

    I’m another fan of the coconut water…although people have mentioned that it is a natural diuretic…so be warned!

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