Hip Injury Update

Hello friends! HAPPY  MARDI GRAS!  My brain is all over the place today. I have so much packing left to do and errands to run and we leave tomorrow afternoon! At least the baby goes to daycare for a few hours today so hopefully I can get it all done.

Anyway, I went to the doctor yesterday to see about my hip/knee situation. After filling out lots of paperwork, I was taken to the back.

IMG_2798 (2)

They took some xrays, and after a physcal evaluation etc. didn’t find any tears thank goodness. They poked around a lot and found several tender spots, and he had me stand on a stepstool on my bad leg and hold my other leg off the front and so a squat. Yeah….I was wobbling all. over. the. place.

So my officially diagnosis is tendonitis. He said the scoliosis probably doesn’t help, but he said every time I run and take a step with that right leg, it is basically doing all of that wobbling with every step. A lot of people run with it and are fine, but due to my run on the crazy streets of NOLA, mine kind of “flared up”. So, he gave me some strong anti-inflammatory pills and I have an evaluation with a physical therapist tomorrow.

Bummer is I won’t be able to start right away because I will be out of town for a week, but hopefully they will be able to give me some strengthening exercises I can do at home. If I am still struggling before the marathon, I can get a cortisone injection to get me through it, but the doc is confident I will be able to manage the race. I can still run though so with the help of the anti-inflammatory pills, I should be fine to finish training.

I’m not looking forward to all the PT, but I am glad that I went to get it looked at and am hopefully on my way to getting well!

QOTD: Have you ever been to physical therapy?

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  1. Joy Hargraves says:

    PT is amazing, Heather. You will find out other ares you are weak, too. We runner folk do not do the strength work we need to, then we get these injuries. I am actually out indefinately with Achilles and posterior tibialis inflammation. Just do the PT and don’t stop the PT. Like ever. Don’t end up like me! 🙂

  2. PT will get you back on your feet. I’m still going from my ITBS but I’ve scaled back to once every two weeks. They’ll know exactly what to do to build strength back in your hip.

  3. I hope that physical therapy is really able to help you! I’ve never personally been, but I think it is just a healthy approach to work on the issues our bodies may be having. Plus, I’ve heard great things from those who do go.

  4. Hopefully PT will help you overcome this injury. Injuries are never any fun to deal with, but hopefully PT will not only help you to overcome this, but ultimately make you stronger than ever.

  5. I spend almost a year in PT dealing with tendinitis in my calf and it’s ALL about the strengthening. Home exercises are so hard because we always find ways to do other things but they are the KEY to successful PT. I’ve also had good success with my sports chiropractor!! When PT wasn’t working anymore, I went to him and have improved so much more than when I was in PT!

  6. I’m glad your doctor has a solution for you, Heather! I’ve never done PT, but it sounds like it’s going to do just the trick for your hip. Hope it all goes well!

  7. Heather Crescimanno says:

    physical therapy is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have had serious hip issues for over half my life, and six weeks of physical therapy completely changed my life. It may not be super fun, but they take really good care of you, so it’s nice to have that hour break to do something for your own health. 🙂

  8. I’m sorry you’re injured girl. But at least you know it’s nothing debilitating and that you can run through it.
    Hope PT goes smooth. I’ve never had a regular PT, but my next door neighbor used to treat me (for free) when I had issues a couple years ago. She still evals my form and squats to look for trouble spots. Very helpful. Good luck.

  9. I totally understand this. I actually think we have the exact pain. I also was diagnosed with tendonitis which is part of my ITBS. I went to PT for over 9 weeks. I was good for a while but it came back. Good luck!

  10. So sorry girl! At least you can still run and train! I know the PT will help you!

  11. Am I the only one that seems concerned with the idea of running a full marathon in March on an injured hip? I know, as a runner, we all experience aches and pains but the way you described the pain makes me concerned. I know I may not have all the information (only what you’ve shared), but this seems to be a case where you overcommitted without being prepared. If Asics is a company with standards they’d want you to train properly and be ready for your best race. Both you, and them by sponsoring you, sends a dangerous message about injuries and race preparedness.

    • I have no doubts that PT will be great but I think looking at your base and commitments to upcoming races should also play into your treatment plan for this injury. I hope you do heal quickly, I just have to question the commitment to multiple races despite a painful sounding injury.

    • My dr. Is a runner and he’s fine with it and has no doubt that with a month of PT I will be fine to complete the marathon.
      I have trained properly I followed the plan they gave me with the mileage they suggested.

    • I have to agree with Jackie. It does seem unwise to push when you could just sit it out and recover. If Asics is sponsoring the trip, there’s no money lost on your end. Isn’t your health and future ability to run more important than a free trip?

      • My doctor has ok’ed me to run. I trust his medical opinion. I started PT today. Everyone is confident I will be ok in one month. I planned to run/walk the full anyway so it really doesn’t change anything and does not compromise my future ability to run. But thanks for the concern.

  12. PT has resolved every musculo-skeletal issue I’ve ever had. It worked when meds, chiropractic, and other things didn’t. A good PT will teach you to use your body to heal itself. And if the PT is familiar with sports medicine, or perhaps even a runner her/himself, all the better! Good luck & be well!

  13. awww, not looking forward to PT? : (

    Find a good place and it won’t be bad! I love when I get to work with patients that are runners! Also Aqua-therapy is great if you have a PT facility with a pool nearby!

  14. I went to PT for runners knee…it didn’t help me. I’m also dealing with a hip issue that sounds similar to you, my left leg causes me issues! Custom orthotics have solved most of my issues along with hip strengthening moves.

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