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Happy hump day!

Hope you are all having a good day! Good news: I feel better today. bad news: I am still really congested and can’t breathe out of my nose! boo! Hopefully it will clear up soon.

Today I went shopping with my mom and we went to the new Academy sports store and I did just a little damage, nothing major. It was fun to walk around and see everything!

Since I am not running today I figured I would do a little strength training. Nothing major, just a few free weights. This led me to think about all the new “home gym” equipment I get to use while staying with my parents! We cancelled our gym memberships back home but that’s ok because they have everything here! We did have to look at some folding treadmill reviews because as you can see, the one in the picture above is a little outdated and space-greedy, but everything else is already available.

Treadmill and exercise ball




Free weights


I am very excited about this because I need to get back into doing arm weights and cross training once a week, now I have NO excuse! Yay mom and dad for having all this stuff haha!

I am going to go ice my leg, and rest so that I can be well for Saturday!


QOTD: Do you have exercise equipment at home? Do you use it?

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  1. Wow! You’re parents have some nice equipment. I have nothing at home. Although, I’m not sure if I would use it if it was here. I’m pretty lazy about home workouts…and strength training in general, but I’m getting back to it!

    Hope your feeling better soon!

  2. runnerstrials says:

    Yay for home equipment!

    Jeff was just saying today we should quit our gym membership and just buy a treadmill. I then reminded him we also use a pool at the gym, and I don’t see an Olympic size swimming pool fitting in our house 🙂

  3. Your parents have some pretty awesome equipment!!! I would cancel my gym membership too, if I had all that in my house. I keep thinking that if I at least owned a set of free weights, I’d keep up with strength training more (maybe…).

    Glad you’re feeling better! Hope the congestion clears up before your race!

  4. Glad you are feeling better! Yay! Hope that continues to improve! :0)

  5. Al Stewart says:

    Quitting the gym membership sounds a great idea. Why pay out when you’ve got everything you need right there. With you on that.

  6. I would love to have an elliptical at home!!!

    • my old one was hilarious. Bobby got it for me like 6 years ago, and back then it was OLD. It was starting to get ridiculous…squeaky, not smooth at all, I hated using it!

  7. Just started reading your blog a few weeks back before my first ever 1/2 marathon – and thought I’d throw some advice your way 🙂

    My BFF and running partner has been struggling with some MAJOR IT band issues and the sports medicine physician we both have gone to (me for lower hammy strain) practices A.R.T. (Active Release Therapy) – it’s a type of soft tissue massage. Anyway, she was skeptical, but had it done prior to our 1/2 marathon and felt A TON better afterward.

    There’s a website – http://www.activerelease.com – where you can look up providers in your area… just thought it may be an alternative to help you get some needed relief!! 🙂

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