Manic Sunday

Wait….that’s not right! Regardless, it is true! Today is going to be crazy busy so I thought I would go ahead and blog before the madness began. So after my blogging, here is what my day looks like: Go cook breakfast for my sunday school class, wake Bobby up, get ready for church, go to church. Stop by Bobby’s dad’s to bring him lunch, come home eat a quick lunch (home about 12:30), at about 1:45, people will start arriving for the baby shower I am hosting over here from 2-4. After they leave, no time for clean up because Bobby and I start a small group leadership training class at church from 5-7. This will most likely run late, so I will get home in time to clean up a little and go to sleep to prepare for the craziest week ever. Ok, I am tired just thinking about this day! I can do it!

Ok, so I decided to run yesterday. Very rarely do I actually WANT to go run, and I did, so even though it was 95 degrees out (yes, literally) I went anyway. I went knowing that I was going to be slow and HAVE to take walk breaks, and honestly it made my run way more enjoyable to not be staring at my garmin every five seconds (I did take it though) and getting mad at myself when I am not going fast enough. I just ran at a comfortable pace as to not die of a heat stroke. I brought a bottle of water and it was gone before I got home.
Look, the sun is on fire!! This is how it felt! But seriously, cool picture, huh?

It was so hot and I was so sweaty I couldn’t grip my iphone! When I got home I literally shook my arms to fling some of the sweat off. It was gross. This was about 5 minutes after.

But I did it, and felt better after. My weekly mileage was terrible even though i ran 3 times. But I allowed myself to cross train, do a cardio video, and lift weights so I feel more well rounded this week!
Have a good day everyone!

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  1. You look just like I did yesterday after the race! That sun…yeah that’s about right. It felt like it was burning a hole in my head!
    Great job on getting out and running on one of the hottest days yet!! :0) Great job also on cross training this week! Hope today isn’t too crazy with everything that’s going on! Good luck!!

  2. I completely agree with Karen. After our race yesterday I thought I could fry an egg on top of my head with how hot it was! It was miserable, but great job getting out and running in the heat and doing some cross training.

  3. Whoa! Nice work on making it out there and pushing through some walk/run exercise. It’s 100% better than nothing ,although running in heat like that can be pure torture! I went out yesterday when it was around 80 degrees and thought I was gonna die. You’re tough, lady!! Give yourself credit!

  4. wow busy busy! I hope your crazy day goes well (:

  5. The Healthy Apron says:

    weekends arent supposed to be that busy!! Glad you worked up a sweat though!

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