More Pool time

So after letting Bobby sleep late, I woke him up telling him he was going to the pool with me. :o) We only stayed an hour, but it was still nice. Only twofamilies of kids this time, and I was actually more annoyed by the parents than the kids! This one kid kept misbehaving and the mom kept threatning and threatning and never made good on her threats, so the kid kept misbehaving and she was just getting frustrated with the child. Well, hello lady, diecipline your kid, don’t just give empty threats! gah!
Ok so anyway, here is happy Bobby at the pool (yeah right. He gets ssoo bored)

It’s hot out but nice and sunny. We are about to head to Fresh Market. There are some things we buy that only the carry, so we go about once every 5 weeks or so. We want to get some good stuff so we can grill out tomorrow for Memorial Day. I am going to get some coconut water, which I am super excited about trying and reviewing for everyone!

QOTD: Any big Memorial Day plans?

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  1. danicastacijo says:

    Mine consist of hanging out with my husband sense it raining up here in Washington , Make some Chili, and maybe watch some movies. Glad your pool experience was alot better, I also don’t get why parents threaten there kids and then not make good on their threats. It only show the kids that they can get away with stuff. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. danicastacijo says:

    I am the same way as far as threats, I work as a juvenile detention officer and if the kids act up I threaten them by saying they will lose some free time. Its amazing how much they listen to you after that

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