My Body is Happy


    Today has been a good day for my body. I started off with a three mile run (which was supposed to be 5 but we had a um….family issue to deal with so it was cut short.) Then, Bobby and I both got massages. A salon was having a new client special where a one hour massage was $35.00! Heck yes!  I felt awesome after! It just went by too fast! Can you believe that as my first real massage? I have had facials before at a spa but never a massage. Then, Bobby and I went to lunch. It was an absolutely gorgeous day today, so we sat outside.


We had to run a couple errands, one dealing with our new house we are building and the bank which made us very happy. Then, I got home and our new computers had arrived! I got a new laptop…my other poor baby was getting a thick white line through the screen and so slow. It was given to us for free so no biggie. We got a good deal from Dell since we bought them together. Now I just have to get it all set up (I am using my old one right now.)

    Then, I was back out on the road again for my chiropractor appointment. He took x-rays yesterday so today was to explain everything to me and do an adjustment. Well…come to find out it’s a good thing I went because I am in pretty bad shape! Not only is one hip rotated forward an inch and the other back an inch, but I have scoliosis (which i knew) causing a half inch leg length discrepancy and the top curve of my neck which is supposed to be a 43 degree curve is a negative two, curving back the other way! I have MAJOR sinus issues and can’t breathe when I run and he said this should REALLY improve my running (which I am SO excited about) not only for my sinuses but for my hips and legs which are so out of whack to be normal! I CAN’T WAIT TO RUN NORMAL! can I just put that out there? My husband and I go back Tuesday for further consultation and to set up a plan. I am so glad I went, he said this could be affecting my metabolism, my thyroid, reproductive organs, digestive system, hormones, all kinds of stuff! WEIRD!


    Ok, last but not least, my sweet puppies before and after haircut pictures!

70943193 DSC_0448



My sweet girls!!! Ok, I literally got nothing done at home since I was gone all day. I need to at least do some laundry or dishes. Have a good evening everyone!


QOTD: Do you spoil your pets? How?

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  1. Sounds like you have been productive! Massages our great things!

  2. Glad you got a massage and went to the chiroprator. I can’t wait to read your posts in a month or so about how much better you feel, and how much faster your times are!

    • I HOPE my times are faster! I have always been so frustrated that I don’t seem to get any faster and have been in so much pain, now it makes sense, so hopefully I can run faster!

  3. Hahahaha! I treat my dog as a baby. Honestly. 😉 He actually sleeps on my bed…

  4. SkinnyRunner says:

    i want a $35 massage! i dont get many at all but they sure are heaven.

  5. danicastacijo says:

    Oh a massage I love them. My black lab is my baby too, he goes in the car with us and sleeps on our bed. What is even funnier is my inlaws spoil him worst then we do… They call him their grand-puppy :)!

  6. yes, i spoil my pets!!! i have three dogs and two cats ( well one cat mostly stays away from all the comotion ). they get treats every morning before i leave. they are constantly getting hugs and kisses and so so much love!!!

  7. Oooh the GU pack made my eyes light up!

    Foot that makes me want to sleep? Thai food. More specifically pad that, probably because I gorge on it.

  8. I mean pad thaI

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