My first race award

Yes! I finally got it. One of the sweet moms who works at the church and has kids at my school brought it to school for me! It’s a cute little cross, and it has a sticker on the back that I put on the bototm b/c the cross looks better without it. here it is:

I am so glad more and more churches are hosting their own races. My church used to have one, this is the first year they didn’t do it. Hhhmm. I need to follow up on this! We need to bring it back!
Hopefully one day I will win again, or maybe one day I will win my age category!

Since I napped yesterday, I went for a run about 7:00 this evening. I just did 2 miles. The first mile I did at about an average pace, then on the last mile, I alrernated sprinting and jogging, then sprinting and walking.
Hoping to get in a longer run tomorrow but I also have to clean since I am hosting a baby shower Sunday!
Ok, so who watched Grey’s? Let me tell you what happened. RIGHT after it came on, this huge storm blew in and MY SATTELITE WENT OUT! I was screaming at the tv! This cannot be happening on the night of the season finale! I was on facebook trying to find out what was happening. Luckily, it was only out for about 8 minutes so I didn’t miss too much!
Alright I am going to go lift some arm weights, shower, and relax, it’s the weekend!! Have a goo night yall!

QOTD: Has your tv ever gone out during an important tv show?

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  1. hundredtenpounds says:

    Congrats on your award! That’s so cool! 🙂

  2. the award looks awesome! i’m glad you finally got it, you did a great job (:

  3. That Pink Girl says:

    Love it – congratulations on placing in your age group!!!

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