November Challenges

Hey guys! I am home and playing catch up. Back to the grind and back to workouts. Not gonna lie, it’s been ugly lately, and has to stop before the holidays.
things like this are killing me!

Luckily, a lovely blogger we all know and love told me about a 24 day challenge I will be participating in starting November 1.
I am going to get real with you guys, it’s not so much the working out I have a problem with although I really DO need to step it up…it’s the eating.
I love comfort food and sweets, and absolutely no will power. I think the key is going to be literally just getting it OUT of my house so I am not even tempted.

So, I need you guys to hold me accountable! If you are interested in participating email me and I can help you out but it starts November 1!

Any tips for meal prep, staying away from sweets, etc would be awesome. Maybe I will even do a post on it from your comments and emails so send them on!

QOTD: any tips for better eating or staying on track?

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  1. I set up rules, so that I don’t have grey areas. For example, I could say, “I’m going to eat healthy stuff only”, then order chicken breast at a restaurant, unbeknownst to me that chicken breast is cooked in oil or butter! So I say: no alcohol, no dairy, no dining out. It makes it so much easier and cuts out SO much caloric food, like cheese, desserts etc. It’s how I lost my first 40 lbs. The rest is a work in progress 😉 Good luck!

  2. The main starting point is to get most of the sweets out of the home. I still have Ghiradelli chocolate squares, but then super dark chocolate is good for you 😉

  3. I swear I could have written that post. Eating is my problem too! I have no self control when it comes to breads or desserts. If I stopped eating those, I’d probably lose 30 lbs. I’m in to the challenge, let me know what to do!

  4. Is it the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge? If so-awesome! That has really helped me reset my eating. I did my first challenge in January and actually just completed another go of it at two weeks ago because my diet had gotten out of control. My weight was fine, staying in my goal range, but what I was putting in my body wasn’t great.

    What helps me is to be planning things out and having them fall within the correct healthy ratios of carb/fat/protein/fruit/veggie. And also, taking supplements seems to help with my motivation to eat right. If I’m taking omegas, good multivitamins and all the other stuff that comes with the 24 day challenge (and afterward, I stay on supplements all the time) I tend to have an easier time making good food choices because I know I’m also making good supplement choices. Weird. But it’s what works for me!

  5. andrea lynne says:

    I definitely need that jump start on the diet. What challenge are you doing?? I’m interested in joining you! Message me the details

  6. I always fail at giving up sweets too – I’d rather do longer, harder workouts than give up desserts. I usually am OK w/one sweet per day but agree that the holidays will be hard!

  7. Yep, my sore spot too! I love food. I would say getting pregnant might help with that area at least for the first trimester it has helped me. Things are just too sweet for me right now. But then the pounds will soon pack on with baby! If only there was a magic button we could push to just turn off our desire for all things that are incredibly delicious! Good luck! I will/have to stick with my forced portion control and aversion to all things super sweet and yummy. (like not even ice cream does it for me right now!)

  8. I think challenges are a great way to jumpstart new habits. I have heard great things about the Advocare Challenge, if that’s what you are participating in. Regardless, it’s great to set new “rules” and clean out before the holidays sneak up on us! Good luck! Meal prep is KEY..snack prep is a must!

  9. Oh yes girl I am right there with you! I’ve been eating way too much comfort food lately. Good luck!

  10. Best advice I can give you is to avoid going down the junk food aisles at the grocery store. Stick to the perimeters (produce, dairy, meat) and avoid the chips, ice cream, etc. If you avoid those aisles then you won’t have to talk yourself out of buying those things.

    Good luck! I can’t wait to read about your progress!

  11. I always find tracking and writing everything down helps me. Its a pain to do, but it really keeps me accountable.(because I loooove me some sweets too!) I use myfitnesspal so I can keep it on my phone and track anywhere I go. My friends are all about Advocare too..from the pictures I’ve seen it seems to really work! Can’t wait to hear how it works for you! Good Luck!

  12. I am just like you. As long as I don’t have it in the house and eat at home as much as possible I am really good. I just started a FB health/fitness group and so far it has helped keep me very accountable for my workouts as well as many of the members. We help motivate each other and keep each other on track. Not even 2 weeks in we are all so thankful for the group. We talk about our meal plans, do weekly challenges, brag about accomplishments and vent our frustrations and other issues we are having. I find accountability is the biggest driving force that keeps me on track.

  13. Eating is my issue as well… I have done the 24 day challenge twice and it truly does change your outlook on food and squashes cravings…. I sell Advocare if anyone is interested…. If not interested in the challenge…the Spark drinks / meal replacements are sold separately and are filling and energizing =)

  14. I find it pretty much impossible to be 100% consistent all day every day, especailly when it comes to avoiding food I enjoy but that’s bad for me. So what has helped me is to at least discipline myself away from all-or-nothing thinking.

    In other words, if I know I shouldn’t eat candy but I walk by a coworker’s desk and there’s Halloween candy sitting there, and I take a piece, I don’t go straight to, “Well, I shouldn’t have eaten that. Now this day is shot. Might as well go back and have more. And that bacon double-cheeseburger for dinner, and that pie *and* ice cream for dessert.”

    One piece of candy is one piece of candy (or whatever the off-limits-but-eaten item is). Once eaten, it’s done. But I don’t have to wait until tomorrow to start over/try again. I can do so immediately. That one slip doesn’t have to define my whole day.

  15. Since your job puts you front of tempting stuff so often (and how can you say no to Disney desserts) maybe you should just do a sugar detox the week you come home. They do get easier-first one sucks though 🙂 I think the best thing is just to eat healthy-no gimmicks or fast fixes. Just slowly start changing little things like eating more fresh fruit and veggies, etc… Personally though-I don’t think you need to lose weight. You look fine to me!

  16. I’ve been struggling so much with eating lately. Last year (2012) I lost a lot of weight, but I’ve gained half of it back because I’ve been too relaxed about sweet indulgences. I would love to get back on track before 2014.

  17. My trick is when I want to have a sweet snack mid afternoon or after dinner I have my detox mix. 2 tbsp of Raw Apple Cider, a touch of honey, 16 oz of water. I LOVE IT! Truth be told, I crave it now! It keeps the sweet craving monster away!

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    Hey guys! I am home and playing catch up. Back to the grind and back to workouts. Not gonna lie, it’s

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