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I have mentioned on the blog before my love of the Olympics. Did you also know that I attended the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta? We lived in Atlanta for 7 years and had just moved away a couple years before, so we decided to go back and visit friends. I was going into sixth grade, and was stoked to cheer on my country. I so wanted to go to the gymnastics events but they were sold out so we went with my sisters choice, equestrian horseback riding. Not my first choice but still exciting. We drove from New Orleans, with the van decked out in shoe polish “honk if you love the USA” and “Olympics bound.” It was SO much fun. We painted our nails red white and blue, and cheered our little hearts out. Ah, memories. Ok ok enough of a walk down memory lane. I got this survey from Enjoy Your Healthy Life, and just knew I had to participate!



Favorite Olympic Sports to Watch:

summer: gymnastics, volleyball, track and marathon

winter: figure skating, curling

Favorite Athletes:

summer: Kerri Walsh, Shannon Miller, Kara Goucher, Lolo Jones

winter: Michelle Kwan, Apolo Ohno


(soruce) I love Lolo. She is a Christian and an LSU graduate! I can’t wait to cheer for her!

Sport/game/race most excited to watch:

summer: marathon, Kerri Walsh/Misty duo in the finals, USA women’s gymnastics against China and Russia

winter: no favorite I can think of

Most boring sport to watch:

summer: boxing/wrestling

winter: speed skating

Toughest sport in my opinion:

summer: gymnastics purely for the technical aspect of it. I can’t even do a cartwheel, so it fascinates me! I of course think the marathon is tough endurance-wise!

winter: figure skating. Being flexible and daring…on ice? Crazy!


This chick is a beast. I look up to her so so much. Oh to be her!

Who I root for if no American is racing:

summer: Australia, UK, Canada

winter: ditto

Where I am going to watch the Olympics:

At home on my TV. I will probably be DVRing a lot of it.

What Olympic sport I wish I was good at:

summer: Gymnastics, I COULD play volleyball (not Olympic level of course) and I would love the opportunity to go pro with volleyball!

winter: figure skating


Who else is excited?!? I can’t wait for the opening ceremonies on Friday night. They always do such a good job. Who remembers the amazing drummers from the Beijing opening ceremonies?!?

My FAVORITE! Loved these guys!

QOTD: What are you most looking forward to about the Olympics?

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  1. I’m really excited about the Olympics, too! I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Atlanta (my boyfriend lived there for years) and it’s fun to see all of the old Olympic stuff that’s still in the city. I’m most looking forward to seeing how the Americans compete in the distance events (marathon, 10K, 5K). I have high hopes!

  2. I love watching the Summer Olympics and will watch pretty much any sport… haha. I’m most excited for the marathon this year as well as other track and field events. 🙂

  3. Amy Lauren says

    I love watching the Olympics! That’s so awesome that you actually *went* when it was in ATL. I remember that back in 1996, because I live in SC. They had that weird mascot and we went to a theme park and he had his own roller coaster, lol. My grandma and I watched the whole 2000 summer olympics together so I think of her every time I watch. And I agree, love watching gymnastics, swimming and track and field!

  4. Katie @wishandwhimsy says

    I love the Olympics. I love sports in general, but am not tied to one in particular. Somehow, I’m always sucked into watching some obscure sport that I’d typically have no interest, but since it’s the Olympics, I watch. Fun times!

  5. I loooove my country, so Im all about supporting them in the olympics!! Im a big time soccer player, so Im all about the US womens team. We’ve won the olympic gold 3 straight times now!! I also aadore misty may and kerri walsh. I think they are super athletic and powerful. Im also a tennis fan, so I’ve got to cheer on serena. Her biceps and shoulder muscles are incredible 🙂

  6. I love the Olympics, and when I say love, I really mean I LOVE the olympics. Curling is definitely my favorite winter sport but this year I’m most looking forward to the marathon and gymnastics. I’m like you, I can’t even do a cartwheel so gymnastics is just mind blowing to me.

  7. What a fun survey! I always wished I was a speed skater! It looks like so much fun.

    But really, you like watching curling?! You’re weird 😉

  8. I love the Olympics, too. I’m in LA and am happy to say that I got to attend a few events during the 1984 Olympics. It was incredible.

  9. I too love watching the Olympics!! I love watching the marathon and swimming during the summer and the ice skating and gymnastics during the winter!

  10. I love the summer olympics! Can’t wait 🙂

  11. I am with you Heather! I am addicted to any Olympic games. I am glued to my set.. the only other time I do that is when I am watching Downton Abby. I will “sushing” my kids and telling my husband not tonight for the next few weeks. Bring on the Games! Go USA

  12. I didn’t realize you got to see the Olympics in Atlanta! Sounds like a really fun trip!!

  13. Charlotte says

    I’m sO jealous you were at the Atlanta games!! How cool! Have always wanted to go to an Olympic event. Especially gymnastics! It’s my favorite. I was an elite gymnast growing up so even though I’m now stoked for all running events I’m always the most excited for women’s gymnastics. This year I’m also really excited for the men’s gymnastics. They are so damn talented this year!!! USA men may just take home the gold

  14. Oh girl, I am so excited about the opening ceremony TOMORROW!

  15. I’m so excited for the Olympics!! Last Summer Olympics I was working in Germany and all the commentary was in German – this time I’m most excited to listen to the commentary in English!! 🙂 Although Michael Phelps translates in any language! 🙂

  16. I love watching soccer and volleyball!

  17. Another Olympics geek here!! 🙂 I was at Lake Placid with my parents and sisters for the 1980 hockey win that’s immortalized in “Miracle”. We didn’t have tickets for the game but, boy, the hotel bar/restaurant was transfixed. I remember someone at the game calling in updates (must have been on a pay phone??!) and the place roaring with enthusiasm each update. And when it came back that we won —!! OMG. It was an amazing night.
    I’ll watch just about anything (except lifting in the summer games (I’ll root for Team USA but it’s just not something I am going to be frantically reaching for the remote so I don’t miss it!), and curling in the winter games (even though there are several curling clubs in our area – and I have friends and family members who curl – I just don’t get it…)
    But here is my pet peeve – when the commentators talk about how an athlete’s showing is a “disappoinment” to the USA. After all these athletes and their families have sacrificed to attain Olympian status, we should be proud of their dedication and commitment and not label them, due to a less than stellar day, as a disappointment. Everyone can have an off day. If it happens during the Olympics – my heart goes out to them. And I wish we could support them more at this time, not set them up for worldwide ridicule. Okay, stepping off my soap box now… Can’t wait to watch the opening ceremonies tonight!!

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