One week countdown

Happy New Year! Welcome 2010!

One week from today I will be flipping out about the half I will be running the following moring. we will have to wake up at 3 to run the race for 5:40. we have to be on the monorail by 4 am to make it to the start in time to run. they were calling for rain and now they aren’t so let’s hope it stays that way!!!

As a running New Year’s resolution I would like to keep better track of my runs. Right now, I have a calendar on my refrigerator and I mar down how many miles I run on a given day, or if I cross train how many minutes etc. but thats about it. I want to start keeping a journal with more details like pace, where I ran, weather, how it affected my run, if it felt like a good run or a bad run, etc. so maybe I can see some patterns that will help me train better. we will see if it lasts! haha.

tomorrow I am tapering to 5-6 miles and I will run 3 on monday and 3 on tuesday and that will be it before the race!

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  1. Good luck with your half marathon! I’m sure you’ll do great =) If you’re looking for a good way to keep track of your stats, you should check out Daily Mile or Running Ahead. Both have widgets that allow you to display your latest workouts on your blog, too =)

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