Peer Pressure

I think this tweet sums it up:


It’s official. I will be running the runDisney Wine and Dine Half marathon again! Everyone on Twitter pushed me over the edge with their darn peer pressure. Ok, so many it didn’t take much convincing, but still.  I really wanted a redemption run. I was so sick last year I didn’t enjoy the race and had to leave the after party right as I had changed clothes to go out and enjoy it. Not so fun. Since we will have just been in Disney for the Tower of Terror 10 miler, we are only staying 4-5 days and will be staying at a new-to-me resort, Port Orleans French Quarter!


No offense to the resort, but being from New Orleans, I was never thrilled about staying here, but in an effort to stay at as many different resorts as possible, I thought I would give it a shot. I did spend some time over there on this past trip taking photos and I went on a run through the property, so I am kind of excited. I love how you can make a Disney trip “new” every time by staying at a different resort.


If you are on the fence for Wine and Dine, consider this your nudge to the other side. Hurry, this race probably won’t last through the weekend. Register now!

QOTD: Have you ever stayed at a hotel themed like your hometown? Thoughts?

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  1. I really enjoyed Wine and Dine last year and I’m really looking forward to it this year! We’re also doing the ToT but hoping for a better experience.

  2. I’m from New England – we stayed at Beach Club last summer and absolutely loved it!

    I’m hoping to run either ToT or W&D at some point. I prefer to run at night but that 10:00PM start would be rough right now. Sleeping is not easy with 3 6 year olds.

  3. We just signed up for Wine and Dine yesterday morning! We’ll be at Tower of Terror and Wine and Dine. My husband ran Tower of Terror last year, but it will be the first for me on both races!! We are DVC members and our favorite resorts are Boardwalk and Bay Lake Towers- locations are great! Also looking forward to Dumbo Double Dare- it’s going to be a busy few months!

  4. Kelly H Russo says:

    I doubt they had to pressure you to much. 😉

  5. I am so excited about Wine and Dine-well all of them!!!! For me though I think it will be so COOL to run through the Osborne lights. I am sure I will be limited about how many stops I can make for pictures-but I am stopping for a pic with the lights behind me. It’s like when I stopped on Main Street at PHM 2013-I HAD TO DO IT!!!!!

    And for your question-no, but I have visited the New York, New York hotel in Las Vegas! Maybe Disney should build a NYC themed hotel-that would be cool!

  6. Have fun! I’ve stayed in Port Orleans several times and have found it to be nice. It is basically the same as all of the other resorts in the moderate class. The bathrooms are set up cute though 🙂 Overall I think I like Caribbean Beach better than Port Orleans because … well … those hammocks on the little beaches are always calling my name 🙂

  7. Jennifer says:

    We did pressure you on Twitter yesterday, I admit:) But as I said I can’t go, so I’m hoping to live vicariously through you:) I am hoping I can do this race in ’14, I really want to.

  8. Wine and Dine is going to be so much fun!!

  9. I was so happy this week when Christine caved in and signed up…..I have a group from my neighborhood going to walk/run the 5k and we are staying at the Beach Club. Wine and Dine is one of our favorite races and glad you joined the party!

  10. Glad to see you finally gave in! I agree about the redemption run, mine will be WDWMarathon. I had only started C25K 6mo before and my longest training was 12mi. I ran with CorralG and it was so amazing to conga across the finish, nothing will replace memories from 2013 but I do know I can do better! I’m looking forward to inagural Dopey with 3 from CorralG.

    Thanks for posting the giant jester picture! I have a picture in front of it with my cousin and somehow, as an adult, just thought it was from MardiGras at Universal. It’s been forever since I’ve stayed at PortOrleans, obviously!

  11. Eek! I need to sign up! I’ll be back for recommendations on where to stay.

  12. Glad to be part of the pressuring crowd! And I really enjoyed French Quarter – the grounds are very pretty and there is a very peaceful vibe at that resort, despite where it is named after!

  13. So happy that you are going! A few of the chicks will be there as well! Hope to see you!

    I can only imagine how the Port Orleans resort would be for a New Orleans native. I had a good experience there, but its nothing like the REAL NOLA. Not a clue where I’ll stay for this race. I’ve never run it before either, any tips or advice?

  14. ok seriously if you are going to keep coming we are going to meet up right?!

  15. YEA they got to you too, huh?! 🙂 So excited about this race! I was really on the fence since it’s two weeks after my first marathon (Marine Corps), but I finally got sucked in. Looking forward to seeing you there (and at DL too!).

  16. Vanessa says:

    I know I’m late commenting, but I can’t wait to do Wine & Dine in 2014. I haven’t been able to do it yet because of high school football/band commitments, but she will graduate HS in 2014 so we’ll have our fall free!

  17. Adrienne says:

    Hi Heather!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and am just getting around to leaving my first comment. I’m running the Wine and Dine Half Marathon, too – my first runDisney experience AND my first half – and your blog has been so hugely helpful. Thanks for all your hard work!

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  1. Peer Pressure…

    I think this tweet sums it up: It’s official. I will be running the runDisney Wine and Dine Half marathon…

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