Pros & Cons of Running a Destination Race

Today Nicole from Live Laugh Eat Run is going to be talking about the pros and cons of running a destination race, while I am this morning actually RUNNING a destination race! The 10k portion of the Dumbo Double Dare is this morning! eekkkk!

Destination Race Photo Disneyworld 2011

Here we go!


You get to travel! I love traveling, so this is definitely the number one reason for me to do destination races. New places, new things to see, it’s all so exciting.

If you’re going to a LARGE destination race, i.e., RunDisney or Rock ‘n’ Roll races, you usually get a pretty awesome shirt and medal at the end of the race. And I am all about the bling.

Buzz factor. There is SO much energy at a large destination race that you can’t help but feel overcome with excitement to GO! I love running with thousands of people all intending to reach the same goal, to cross that finish line.


You forgot to pack your visor, your arm band, your shoes, etc. Or, you packed your visor, arm band and shoes in your checked luggage and the airline lost your bag! ALWAYS pack your most important running items in your carry on. Better safe than sorry.

Not knowing your way around town easily and getting lost on your way to picking up your race packet/getting to the start line. When we were in Barcelona, we did the Cursa dels Nassos 10k. We had NO idea where to go to pick up our packets and basically ended up across town (I am directionally challenged). We eventually got them and were able to find our way to the start the next day, but it was a little stressful.

Large races sometimes have SO MANY PEOPLE. As I said before they have great energy, but sometimes you can get a little overwhelmed with the amount of people you are surrounded by.

All that said, I do highly recommend, if you’re a runner, to try a destination race. If it’s in the middle of a city you’re not familiar with, it’s a great way to see the sights! There are so many that I want to do, like Marine Corps Half Marathon, Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon and the San Diego Rock ‘N’ Roll Half. One of these days I’ll get there!

Until then, keep on keeping on.

QOTD: Is there anything I am leaving off this list?

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  1. Don’t forget food. Until I found JIF to go, I didn’t know how I was going to get peanut butter into my check on. I was so afraid TSA would confiscate a full jar.

    • Good point! I’m actually kind of a rebel with food and hope to find something wherever I am. But I know lots of people will pack their race morning breakfast with them. I should probably start doing that too. Would make for a less stressful morning!

  2. Good list! Now if only I can actually save the money to go somewhere…LOL

  3. Laura @ Live, Run, Sparkle says:

    I would love to try a destination race, these are great tips! My cousin ran the Copenhagen marathon last year and she said it was an incredible way to see the sights!

    • Wow, Copenhagen, that sounds amazing! It’s definitely a unique way to see a city and a great excuse for a vacation. You should for sure give a destination race a try when you can!

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    Pros & Cons of Running a Destination Race

    Today Nicole from Live Laugh Eat Run is going to be talking about the pros and cons of running a destination

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