Race Week Sickness


Evening from gloomy NOLA. It has rained on and off all day today (but of course the sun was out in full force when I was running this morning!) I woke up to something NO ONE wants to wake up to the week of a race…a completely stopped up nose and feeling weak, with snot going down my throat. EEEEWWW. Totally not fun. I blew it off and went for a run. it. Sucked. Not only did I not feel great but it was so hot and HUMID. Seriously, isn’t it almost November? Yes, it was really 92 degrees here today!


I ran around by the marina in my parents neighborhood.


I did 4 miles then met up with my mom back at the house and we power walked a mile. She then gave me a claritin D which I hate taking because they make me feel so loopy, but I knew I had to do something. It did help with the congestion but it made me feel weird and shaky. She left for work and I took a nap and woke up with a horrible headache and feeling sssooo tired. Bah! I drank a frappicchino to perk up some. I was so excited to find the lite vanilla here, we don’t have it in my local stores. Only 100 calories but still so yummy.


My dad came home and I told him about my headache and he suggested I take excedrine migraine. So, I did, and my headache is gone and I feel better (other than the shakiness) but I know this is just the medicine and I am not really “well.”


So, this leads me to think about how I will approach the rest of the week. I was PLANNING on running 3 miles tomorrow and two miles on Thursday. I know I need to rest for at least one day, and possibly not run anymore until my half. I will re-evaluate tomorrow evening and see if I can do an easy 2-3 on Thursday. I will definitely be resting Friday for the Saturday race though.

  On top of rest, I am taking vitamins, drinking lots of water and tea, and and trying to think positive. On the up side, this race is NOT my ultimate goal. it is technically a fun training run to help prepare me for the full. On top of being sick I am still battling IT band issues, so depending on how that is doing race morning I may have to re-evaluate my race goals. This is not something I am good at, because I am so competitive, but I HAVE to think of my ultimate goal, and do what is best for my health and training. There will be other half marathons, this is just supposed to be fun! I will keep you updated. Hopefully I caught it soon and it won’t turn into a full blown cold/sinus infection and I will be good to go for Saturday!!


QOTD: What is your best get well tip?

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  1. My best get well tip? Hmmm. Lots of water and soup!

  2. I would start taking Emergen-C stat. It helped me SO MUCH when I was recovering from the flu before my first half-marathon. And it doesn’t taste awful.

    Good luck, I hope you feel better!!

  3. christina cadden says:

    Awe, hope you feel better soon!

  4. I used to swear by airborne. It kept me illness-free for my wedding! I also say take emergen c, though. 3x a day. Also, I would NOT run anymore this week. Drink a lot of liquids, eat properly, and rest. You will kill that half. No need to push yourself this week if you are not well.

  5. Other than all the usuals (tea, water, vitamin C, etc.) I make “sick soup” for my family members when they get sick. It is a french onion type soup that has loads of garlic, which will help get rid of icky germs. The recipe is actually from Rachel Ray and is easy and yummy. Here’s a link…
    Feel better soon!

  6. The best remedies I have are sleep and vitamin C.

  7. I wouldn’t run for the rest of the week until your race. Any running you do won’t help your race now and you need the rest more. I got pretty sick on the Wed before my Sunday marathon. Thursday I had a fever so I called out of work Thursday and Friday and basically slept and rested and hydrated. I was sick through Saturday but Sunday morning I woke up feeling great! Good Luck!!

  8. Lily @ Lily's Health Pad says:

    Ahhh, drink some fresh veggie juice! At least you’ve been training for awhile. You could take the rest of the week off and be totally well rested and hopefully recovered from sickness for this weekend’s race.

  9. I agree with Crystal. I use airboorne, espcially when I catch it early enough! I wouldn’t run that much the rest of the week. You don’t want your immune system to drop any, especially before your half.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  10. runnerstrials says:

    Sadly on rest and time are the tried and true cures for a cold 🙁 But you have a few days, and your willing to rest. So I hope you nip it in the bud!

    And it’s supposed to be that hot here today. What the heck??

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