So many choices!


    Happy gloomy afternoon! It has been raining on and off all day today. My mom and I left at 7 this morning and drove to the design center to pick out all of our colors and things. It was fun but also really overwhelming. I never knew there were 9 different shades of “black.” Seriously? I am glad I wasn’t by myself or I may never have decided! here are a few pictures of some things I decided on.

Below is the shingle color, the middle black color is the shutters, the top rectangle is the color of the house on hardy plank, and the bottom one is the trim. The front door will also be the same color black as the shutters.



This picture just shows the black better and the brick that will go along the bottom of the house and be on the front steps.



This is the white cabinet, black granite kitchen countertops, and the wood floor that will be in the foyer, living room, kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom.



This is the marble top type thing for the tops of the bathroom counters/sinks, the carpet for the secondary bedrooms and bonus room, and the tile for the laundry room, bathrooms, and walls of the showers.



The whole house will be a wheat color and the master bedroom and bathroom will be a grey with a SLIGHT blue in it. We will have bronze knobs, fixtures, doorknobs, etc. and gas lanterns on the front of the house, white columns on the front and blue ceilings on the porches. So excited!

I am supposed to run this afternoon about 4 miles, but it is looking REALLY dark out again, so I may be on the treadmill until tomorrow. We will see! I am going to go ice my leg, it is feeling a little tight today. Hope it will be ok for the race!

Monday workday is almost over, you are almost there! Have a great evening!


QOTD: Have you ever designed a house? I loved that we came up with our floor plan from scratch!

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  1. How fun! We designed our first house from inside and out. It was a little overwhelming but so much fun! You picked out some great combinations! When will it be done?

  2. Those are really nice choices. I personally could never do white cabinets. They are so hard to clean, but that is just me.

    • I have them now and just wipe them down about twice a month and they are fine. I think wood floors and brown cabinets is too dark with black granite so I wanted to lighten it up some

  3. Love the design choices! I can only hope to design my own home someday. I have plenty of ideas already!

  4. Love all of the colors and things you picked out!! :0) I can’t wait to see the progress of your house being built! That’s such a fun and exciting time!

  5. Ahh that looks like so much work. I’d have no idea how to tell what stuff goes together. I’m sure it’ll look great 🙂

    • thats how I felt! I kept asking the girls opinion, she is sweet, but she just kind of said “whatever you like” but i am SO not good with that kind of thing so i hope I didn’t pick anything stupid haha

  6. That Pink Girl says:

    I can see how that would be incredibly overwhelming! So many choices! Hope you are having fun at it too though. Your home is going to be beautiful and just what you like!

  7. Designing your new home is so much fun!!! 🙂

  8. We redid our entire upstairs so it was fun picking things out from scratch for that. I would love to have the chance to design a whole house though. I love putting things together visually like that. Too bad money is involved. LOL

  9. colors look great! hope all is going well for you guys! have fun designing! 🙂

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