Speaking of Which…

Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer. I love it. I will buy bottles of the stuff so I have plenty even after the holidays are over. It’s quite sad, but it literally starts my day off great and I am in such a better mood in the mornings in the fall! Not to mention drinking coffee when it’s 100 degrees outside is not as fun. Speaking of which…


mmmmmm coffee

Cooler weather. Where did it go? Last week we had mornings in the FORTIES! I was ecstatic. Now? The high today is 82. Yeah. Isn’t it almost November? Speaking of almost November, that means it’s almost Halloween…

photo 55

Want to buy cold weather

Halloween Candy. Bane of my existence. After 10/31, I am making the hubby hide it from me. Seriously, if he doesn’t, I will eat all the things. This is not good. I am trying to eat healthy and BE more healthy especially since I have been sick. Speaking of which…

photo (34)

Mickey pumpkin = Halloween

Antibiotics. I haven’t taken any in YEARS. I am still on my round of Amoxicillin, which thankfully is in pill form. Does anyone remember taking the liquid as a kid? I do, and that stuff was gross. Tasting the pill a little brings back bad memories so I have to swallow quickly. However, I am SO glad I am feeling better, because I have a ton to do since getting back in town, like cleaning my house. Speaking of which…


Taking lots of this, too.

House cleaning. It was mostly clean when I got home yesterday, so what the heck happened? It’s amazing how quickly we can trash things, it has literally only been 24 hours. How does this happen? I think I need to do some spring cleaning this fall so I don’t have as much stuff to clutter up.


I don’t have a picture to go with house cleaning, so how ‘bout one of Bella instead, hhmmm?

QOTD: Thoughts on any of these things? Are you ready for the candy to be gone and do you wish little elves came in and cleaned your house at night so you can drink pumpkin spice coffee in the mornings?

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  1. I DO. I DO wish elves cleaned my house in the night. Can we found a subscription service or something?

  2. I am ready for the candy to be gone, but then it’ll be the season of office parties. I need to focus on Christmas break where I can get away from those and the candy.

  3. Oh man, I’m taking Emergen-C like it’s candy these days!!

  4. Cleaning; my house stays dusty always. 🙂 I love the fall crisp weather and we’re having the same thing here in Maryland with the heat wave.

  5. I so feel you, I had way too many of those mini pumpkin candies yesterday and just threw the rest out because I was feeling so gross afterward.

  6. Crazy, but I have yet to indulge in any Halloween Candy. I figure if I don’t buy it, then I can do no wrong? Ha Ha! Your pumpkin turned out adorable btw 🙂

  7. Yes girl. I am missing that cooler weather from this weekend! COME back!!!! Oh and little cleaning elves would be amazing!!!! 😉 LOVE the Mickey pumpkin! I may have to copy for this year!!! 😉

  8. Ugh! I am with you on many of those things. I was so happy to wear a long sleeve shirt the other day and I am back to a maxi dress today. I have 2 kids so my house gets trashed fast since we are in and out constantly. I can’t keep up with it. There are many nights dirty dishes get left in the sink, crumbs on the floor, and a pile of clothes that need to be folded because I am just too tired to do it. Those little elves always skip my house because when I wake up it is all still there. Gives me great anxiety sometimes. As for Halloween candy that is something I am great about! I don’t buy any. Last year the kids didn’t even get my favs. I was bummed but thankful. Sweets are my weakness.

  9. Ahh I have been good with the Halloween candy this year… but getting some candy corn today (it will be a reward after Sunday’s race!).

  10. Oh and how could I forget pumpkin spiced creamer! I quit coffee for 3 months, but the minute that stuff was back on the shelves I was back to drinking it!

  11. I swear, even if I clean my house before a trip, it always turns into a disaster as soon as we get home! UGH.

  12. I am sooo excited!!! I will look at lunch and pick my color and personalization! I didn’t think I would win so I hadn’t even looked!!
    And I also have an addiction to Pumpkin Spice Creamer! It’s the only time of the year I drink coffee!!

  13. as a side note… do you know when the thirty one orders will be shipping?

  14. Cyanne (RunStretchGo) says:

    I used to order the peppermint mocha coffeemate powder by the case from Amazon. Love that stuff.

  15. Haha I LOVED the pink liquid antibotics when I was growing up! It tasted like bubblegum to me 🙂 I may or may not have taken a few swigs of my sister’s prescription as a child! haha.

  16. Our section of the street doesn’t have any street lamps, so I don’t think we will be getting any trick or treaters, which means I haven’t bought any candy, luckily for me.

  17. Evil Becky here! That just means that you have all evening on the 31st to eat all the candy before your hubby has to hide it or throw it away! wha-hahahahaha!

    Good Becky here! DON’T EAT THE CANDY!!! It will make you puke in the middle of the night. Be proud of yourself and happy that you chose not to eat any of it!

    Tough choice on which voice to listen to!

  18. I typically like pumpkin coffee over the creamer, but that looks good too! I’ll have to try it out. I had a brand once and it was TOO sweet, so maybe I’ll try a new one 🙂

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  1. runningwithsass says:

    Speaking of Which…

    Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer. I love it. I will buy bottles of the stuff so I have plenty even after

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