Sunday at Home

   Afternoon all. I am a little bummed right now, my Saints just lost. They didn’t play well and got beat so it’s their fault so I am still really bummed. Anyway, We had a good time this weekend watching football and relaxing and hanging out.

Homemade dip and spice cakes


“Grandpa” with his grand dogs


Getting ready to BBQ hamburgers. (note, I am not ignoring my mom, she didn’t want pictures of her online looking “horrible” as she says!





They have a bird bath in the backyard and the birds come and splash all around it it. it’s really funny!


Tomorrow my mom and I go pick out colors, etc. for the new house. I can’t wait! Don’t worry, I will bring my camera!

I also need to run 4-5 miles tomorrow. We will see! have a good night!


QOTD: What do you eat while watching football?

*** check out Kayte’s Raffle on her blog!

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  1. Ok, so I must say I really do enjoy reading your blogs. I think you write really well, and its fun to read about things going on in your life. Even something as simple as football snacks to moving into a new home. Its like a reality show (your blog is much more tasteful though lol) but when I say like a reality show, I mean that its something you look forward to watch (in your case, read). Its interesting and new and refreshing to read something nice everyday. No drama, just a refreshing read. Its a nice break from all the crazy news out there. Ok Im done blabbering. Great job on the blog. Im always reading.

    By the way my dolphins lost today too, sad day :0(
    Football snacks i like are mexican dip, or french onion dip with chips. and Hot dogs! Yum!!!

    • Thank you so much, that makes me happy 🙂 I try to not be depressing and you can count on me to be tasteful haha! sorry about the Dolphins, I did hear about that one. 🙁
      We had hot dogs yesterday while watching the LSU game!

  2. runnerstrials says:

    Sorry about the Saints. We all know my team is horrendous this year.

    And I highly doubt your mom could ever look horrible!

  3. Sorry about the terrible Saints game! That really was a bummer! All of that food looks yummy! :0)

  4. Sorry about the Saints yesterday, that game was absolutely crazy! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    My favorite football snacks are chips & dip or chips & salsa/queso 🙂

  5. Sorry about the saints game. You should see the picture Brian put on my fb page. It was not nice, but it was pretty funny! All the food looks good.
    What do you put in your mexican layer dip that you made?

    • the bottom had a layer of refried beans, then guacamole, then tomatoes and cheese. my mom made it, but I think that’s all it was, or at least most of it ha! it was good!

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