The Ultimate Blogger Guide for Working with Brands: For Intermediate Bloggers

Make the Money you Deserve

Learn how to pitch and work with brands as a blogger or social media influencer

Pitching Your Dream Brands

Learn how to find PR contacts, what to say to them, and even when to send your pitch to a brand.

Writing Content That Gets Noticed

Walk through what to post, once you get a contract, and how to make sure a brand wants to work with you again.

Make Money Posting on Your Blog + Social

Learn how to get in the mindset of a successful blogger and ask for what you deserve to make in your business!

Who is this guide for? 

This guide is for…

Intermediate bloggers: Bloggers in all niches who have been blogging at least 4-6 months consistently and have an archive of posts and preferably social media posts and profiles. If you are a little lacking here that’s ok! Use this guide to get yourself up to speed and get to work. You can do it!

This guide is NOT for bloggers who are already consistently making money from their blog working with brands.

This guide is NOT for bloggers who are just starting out who have no blog and social media profiles.

*This guide is mainly geared towards bloggers, however you can use a lot of the principles, especially those about pitching and actually working with the brand, if you just want to be a social media influencer.


Feel like you are ready to make money from your blog or social media channels but don't really know where to start? I can teach you how! I have worked with many brands over the past eight years and want you to be successful in your pitch and writing your posts. You CAN do more than just get free product through your blog and social media, I am proof!

Content Overview:

Section 1: Getting Your Mind and Blog Ready

Section 2: Where to Find Sponsorships and Work with Brands

Section 3: How to Approach Brands

Section 4: Writing Your Post



I've had brands approach me but didn't know the right steps to take to approach the brands I wanted to work with. The Ultimate Blogger Guide for Working with Brands gave me a clear guideline for approaching brands as another income source. I've started making my list of brands I want to approach using the tips in this ebook. If you're unsure of how to start working with brands this great resource will walk you through it step by step


Reading through "The Ultimate Blogger Guide for Working with Brands: For Intermediate Bloggers" has helped give me the confidence to approach brands I love, use, and share about already about the possibility of working together. Heather gives great tips on how to prepare yourself, your blog, and your social media for partnerships. I love that she didn’t leave out the mental game when it came to transitioning to working with brands. If you are considering this transition, the guide as tons of tips to give you a great start.

When I first started blogging, I didn't even know it was possible to make money from it. Slowly I learned about ads, and then I was pitched by my very first brand. I was terrified but also excited someone wanted to pay me to write on my blog! For awhile, I would get pitched by brands, but then I wanted more. I began going out on my own and doing the pitching. I also started getting bold and negotiating my contracts to get the money I knew I deserved. I learned how to say no, here are my rates, and I learned when and what to say in a pitch. Now I want to help YOU do the same thing and earn what you deserve as a blogger. I can't wait to see your successes by using my guide!


Who This Guide is For

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Section One: Getting Your Mind and Blog Ready

Chapter 1: A Strong Mental Game

Chapter 2: Aesthetics and Blogging Behavior

Chapter 3: Content

Chapter 4: Social Media

Chapter 5: WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?)


Section Two:  Where to Find Sponsorships and Work With Brands

Chapter 6: Ad Networks

Chapter 7: Working for Free

Chapter 8: Interaction on Social Media


Section Three: How to Approach Brands

Chapter 9: Who to Contact and What to Say

Chapter 10: Media Kit

Chapter 11: Types of Work


Section Four: Writing Your Post

Chapter 12: Go Above and Beyond, Follow Directions!

Chapter 13: Pinnable Images and Photo Editing

Chapter 14: Sponsored Social Media Posts

Chapter 15: After You Post



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