Weekly Workout Recap: August Week 1 2013

Good morning! Wow I am tired today. Yesterday Bobby and I ran a 13.1 mile training run for the Dumbo Double Dare we have coming up, and we both feel like we are falling apart! (WHY did I sign up for DOPEY again?!?)


I see it in her eyes. She knows Dopey personally, and thinks I’m crazy for attempting his race.

We spent the afternoon resting and recovering, and I am so glad our longest run (for now) is behind us. Bobby was upset that we ran a half marathon but didn’t get a medal. He threatened to walk around all day wearing one of his old half marathon medals. Oh boy.

Here is what I did the rest of the week:

Sunday: 6 mile run

Monday: 45 minutes elliptical, abs

Tuesday: 4 miles in 40 minutes on the TM

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 2 mile run outside

Friday: upper body weights, 20 minutes stationary bike

Saturday: 13.1 mile run in 2:20 (half outside, half on TM)

Very productive week, and now I am going to start slowly tapering for Dumbo. I will probably do a long run of 7 or 8 next weekend, then maybe 5 or 6 the following, we will see how I am feeling. I would much rather feel fresh and not so injured then get in more miles.


Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

QOTD: What is the longest distance you run when training for a half marathon?

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  1. Oh I am struggling for Disney. My ‘long’ run for Dumbo was 4 miles yesterday — was suppose to be 7 but that souther summer heat is killing me! First summer training in the south. But, long milage or not I’m still excited for Dumbo and can’t wait!

  2. WOW!! Training for the Dumbo is CRAZY & wonderful all at the same time! I am starting week 5 of training for the Tinkerbell Half in January. I can’t wait until my recap looks like yours! On facebook you posted a picture wearing compression socks after your long run, do they help? I know that I’m not there yet, but I was just wondering.

  3. I did up to 11 miles for my first half, but now I do up to 10. I’m getting excited for Dumbo, and I’m not even running it :-p

  4. Sounds like you had a great week! My first half, the longest run I got in was 8 miles. Not a good plan. Now I train to at least 12 miles. 🙂

  5. That green top you’re wearing!! I was looking at one just like it yesterday at Sports Authority (I think the brand was Under Armour). I decided not to get it BUT you look great in it and now I am definitely going to go back and get it haha.

    Awesome job on the 13.1 miles yesterday for you and Bobby! 🙂

  6. I like to train 12. My first time I only did 9 and after mile 10 of the actual race I was so done. I swore I would never make that mistake again.

  7. I hate to say it, but I kinda agree with your husband. You should’ve totally gotten a medal, or rocked one of the old ones all day, when you ran the 13.1! But congrats on getting it done! And I’m sure you’ll do great with Dopey 🙂

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    Weekly Workout Recap: August Week 1 2013

    Good morning! Wow I am tired today. Yesterday Bobby and I ran a 13.1 mile training run for the Dumbo

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