Weekly Workout Recap: July 2013 Week 1

Good morning from the beach! We drove in the rain for over three hours yesterday, and it has been raining on and off since we have been here. Hoping today is the last of it!

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Regardless, we are staying at an amazing place and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


But for today, here is a look at my workouts for the week. Yes, my IT band is still bothering be after runs. My hip hurts after about 4 miles of running, and my knee aches after. I am still foam rolling and stretching.

Sunday: rest

Monday: 35 minutes bike, weights

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 3 mile run, weights

Thursday: one hour bike, weights

Friday: 15 minutes elliptical

Saturday: 7 mile run

Just an average week, but as you can see I am adding mileage. Dumbo double dare has snuck up on me, so I will have to up my mileage rather quickly to get ready for the challenge.

QOTD: How was your week of workouts?

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  1. My workouts were good this week except I couldn’t do a long run this week as my ankle and lower back were bothering me and I’m waiting on new running shoes before doing another long run.

    Sorry your ITB and knee is still bothering you. I’m also foam rolling as well as using a spiky ball for my hip/back.

  2. Workouts were surprisingly good due to my illness. I still feel gross since I was basically sedentary the rest of the time, but I managed three 20 minute walks, a 3 miles run, a 5 mile run, and hopefully a 8 miler this morning (I am feeling much better right now!)

  3. Sorry you are still struggling with your IT band. I had a good week, with a 12 mile run yesterday in preparation for the Dumbo Challenge. Not enjoying the heat and humidity but getting out before 6 am helps alot! Have fun at the beach!

  4. I was on vacation last week but I did two consecutive days of cardio since April. I’m about to start testing my IT band this month to see how it’s healed.

  5. I agree about dumbo…it snuck up on me too. Hope your ITBand feels better soon! Have a great time at the beach!

  6. Ohhh I love staying in hotel rooms that are right on the beach! Nothing like cracking your door open at night and listening to the waves crashing – it’s the best sound in the world!

  7. Dumbo will be here before we know it! Can’t wait to meet ya!

  8. Thanks for sharing your weekly workouts! I’m getting back out there tomorrow for the first time and I know I need to have a plan in place or I will overdo it the first day back. I’ve got to do some leash training with my partner so I’m also counting on that to slow me down some as well 🙂

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