Weekly Workout Recap: July 2013 Week 4

Rainy weekend down here in Mississippi. Bobby and I  got POURED on during our 11 mile run yesterday. If only we had run a little bit faster we wouldn’t have had sand pelting our bodies (exfoliator anyone?) crazy wind and hard rain. At least it was in the last couple miles of our run.


soaking wet after 11 miles at the beach + a thunderstorm

Check out how the rest of my workout week went:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 6 mile treadmill run

Tuesday: weights, 40 minutes stationary bike

Wednesday: 3 mile run, 15 minutes stationary bike

Thursday: weights, 30 minutes stationary bike

Friday: 40 minutes elliptical

Saturday: 11 mile long run

I was very proud that I did cardio 6 days this week after being out of town for so long. It was tough getting back to it, but this is the first time I have run 20 miles in one week since February I think. This next week will be a running cut back week, then the next will have my last really long run before Dumbo Double Dare. I am not where I wanted to be speed wise, but I am confident in the distance. Now what about back to back runs…yeah I haven’t done any of those yet. Maybe this week.

QOTD: How many days of cardio do you do a week?

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  1. Great week of workouts Heather! I was lucky enough to get finished with my long run yesterday before the rain. Can’t wait to hear about your first back to back run!

  2. You’re back with a vengeance girl! the linkup is up today too!

  3. Awesome week, love how you are diving back into things! atta girl! Love running in the rain 🙂

    I guess I do cardio on average 5 days a week. Some weeks 4 and some weeks its 6 or 7.

  4. With summer school, I am pushing it to get three days a week in. Hopefully when my class ends in a week and a half I can push it back up to 4/5!

  5. Becca @ familyfaithfitness says

    Nice week!!! Mine, http://familyfaithfitness.com/2013/07/weekly-recap-5/ was not near that good! I’m working on it though. Hope to be running a Disney race soon!

  6. I have confidence in neither my speed or my distance at this point, so you’ve got one up on me! Good luck with your training and good luck with Dumbo! 🙂

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