Weekly Workout Recap: March Week 3 2013

Happy Sunday! How has your weekend been? Yesterday was our relaxing rest day, and today I am running 6 miles and doing some housework. It’s been gloomy and humid here and supposed to get chilly again this week (hence everyone getting sick!) So far we are hanging on to our health fairly decently.


Here is what my workouts looked like this past week:

Sunday: rest

Monday: body pump one hour

Tuesday: 5 mile run, legs, abs, biceps

Wednesday: 45 minutes stationary bike, triceps and abs

Thursday: rest

Friday: 3 mile run, triceps

Saturday: rest (switched workout to Sunday this week)

photo 222

I am super proud of myself for sticking with body pump. I am also still using my Fitbit Zip to track my steps, distance, calories during the day. I know it’s a little off but use it more of a “guide” to keep me on track with my movement during the day. My plan for this next week is to stick with body pump, but ramp up my mileage a bit. I want to run 6 miles tomorrow, so that will be the longest long run I have done since Princess. Hopefully I haven’t lost too much of my fitness. I may be racing next weekend, still waiting to find out. My plan is to do more work on abs and legs as swimsuit season approaches!

QOTD: Do you spring workouts look different that your winter ones? How?

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  1. In winter I do most of my workouts inside in other seasons I try to go outside more to workout and run

  2. I’ve been outside a lot more this spring, it’s been great! However, I”m inside today for my run 🙁

  3. I LOVE my outside runs in the spring! I think my treadmill misses me but I prefer to be outdoors when the weather is nice enough.

  4. During the winter/spring I’m pretty much all indoors, then during the summer I’m only outside. Can’t wait to get back outside!

  5. Looks like a good week! 🙂

    Living in south Florida I often feel like I’m complete opposites with the rest of the world in terms of outdoor workouts! From Oct – Feb running outside is a great option; however, for most of the rest of the year the weather is too hot for me to step out the door unless I get up very early (I don’t like to run at night by myself).

    Today I did a 5K and by our 7:30am start time it was already 80 degrees and 85% humidity! Ah!

  6. Good job with Body Pump! I haven’t been to that class in months, but always enjoy it. Spring/summer is usually a little lighter for me on running, as there aren’t distance races to train for. I’m hoping to get back in the pool for some swimming soon!

  7. I really should think about adding some swimsuit workouts to my week, but it’s so hard when there’s so much snow still on the ground!

    Have a great run 😉

  8. I’ve only been running for about 8 weeks but so love my outside runs more than the treadmill. I try to do some yoga and stretches for this old bod of mine on off days, and my oldest daughter taught me how to do a plank workout. I would run every day if I wasn’t so afraid that I would hurt myself…running makes me feel that good! I’ll be running my first 5K on April 6. Can’t wait!!

  9. Looks like a good week for you! I have been thinking about getting a FitBit. I would like to keep track of my steps and overall calories burned during the whole day although I use my Polar HR monitor for workouts.

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