Weird Proposals, Baby Names, and Peanut Butter

Random blog post title no? Those are the most fun! So a few little tidbits I wanted to share that are going on around here.

First off, we got the most RANDOM phone call a week or so ago, that we thought was a scam at first. As most of you know, our home in Biloxi is for sale. Well, this woman from Los Angeles we on the phone, a producer for the TV network CMT. Apparently, there is going to be a reality show being filmed in the area, and they were looking for a house to film at for seven weeks. At first I was really against it….until I found out they wanted to pay us $30,000!!! HOLY MOLY! Unfortunately, it will not come to pass, once they found out we have an HOA they said they can’t work with us. Would have been pretty awesome and kind of cool! I bet our house would sell faster for one thing.


reality house?

People keep asking us if we have decided on a baby name. The answer is yes. People keep asking us if we are going to tell them said baby name. The answer is no. Bobby made the mistake of sharing a few names on our short list with some people and we immediately had people coming up to us saying “oh, I don’t like this one” or “I would take that off the list first” etc. etc. This was slightly irritating for many reasons, and it took every fiber of my being not to say back to them “well, I am SO glad it’s not your baby to decide about!” I’m not sure why but it just really, really rubbed me the wrong way. If it’s on our short list we obviously really like the name so to slam it and tell us not to use it (you know, since It’s your decision anyway someone who is NOT the baby’s mom or dad) got pretty frustrating. We figured out if you wait until baby is born, it’s already on the birth certificate, etc. People aren’t (or shouldn’t, that would be awful!) Come up to you and say they don’t like the name of your hours old child. Opinions seem to be more kept to themselves after the fact and I like that much better. So I am really sorry but barring a slip of the tongue, little bit will remain “baby M” until she makes her entrance in September.


Girl baby M’s name will remain a mystery. At least I let you in on the gender!

I have been having weird peanut butter cravings lately. I have always liked the stuff, don’t get me wrong, but I have been eating peanut butter sandwiches, reses pieces, and peanut butter filled pretzels like they are going out of style. On the other hand, I am really struggling with meat. I didn’t think I would have aversions at this point in pregnancy, but after a couple bites of chicken or beef I just cannot stomach anymore. Did this happen to anyone else?

QOTD: Thoughts on people giving name opinions unsolicited? Did you share you child’s name? Would you ever let someone use your house for a reality TV show?

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  1. I hear you on the names! We named our son Henry, and that’s been my favorite boy name since High school…and I still remember every single person who responded negatively during girl chat etc “what will you name your kids?!?” Conversations. But you know what? I subscribe to the point you made: I’m the parent and I like the name! If anyone has the guts to say something after she’s born come up with a planned response like “You can name your children whatever you want.” And if you want to be fresh addd “and I’ll keep my opinions of your tacky name choice to myself.”….but take the high road

  2. All three of my girls I didn’t give a name out until after they were born. Yet had the name picked out. I too didn’t like the opinions of others. Also with my middle daughter I had the same peanut butter thing, she doesn’t eat meat to this day. I too didn’t eat much meat pregnant with her. She is now 9, she wouldn’t eat it in baby food, doesn’t really like chicken or meat. Every once in a while I can get a bit into her but that is it. Peanut butter is one of her favorite foods….

  3. I really regreted telling everyone Wyatt’s name – I must have heard “as in Earp?” Like 100x. I definitely learned my lesson and was glad we kept our girl name contenders a secret.

  4. Kelly Short says:

    I had the meat aversion thing. That’s how I knew I was pregnant. I was gagging on plain chicken (and randomly almonds too). And forget eggs. It took until I stopped breast feeding to go completely back to normal. Everyone is different though so I’m not saying that’s how it’ll be for you.

  5. Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie says:

    I can understand saying, “Oh, I really like that one!” But to say to take a name off your list? I know everyone has opinions, but sometimes opinions don’t need to be said : )

  6. Jessica says:

    We didn’t tell anybody our girls name either for the same exact reason. Mmmm peanut butter I love it but I have developed an allergy to it and if I eat it i will end up in the er.

  7. I agree with not telling people the name until the birth ( because people certainly can be opinionated about it), but I would just play it off as if We hadn’t decided yet. I think this concept of not telling folks the baby’s name is lost on the older generations. When my cousin was pregnant my mom politely asked her if she had picked a name out and when she said “Yes she had” my mom politely asked what it was. My cousin of course said they weren’t telling. My mom felt offended and asked me “Does she think I’m going to steal her baby name or something”?
    I completely get it though.
    Oh, and you’ll have to keep up in the loop if you find out which house they end up choosing to film the Reality Show.

  8. I like names that aren’t popular but I knew I couldn’t keep my mouth shut for the whole pregnancy. We had a gender reveal and I made two huge banners with our boy and girl names so people knew what we had chosen for each. No one said a word, I think they didn’t dare say anything to a room full of people. lol. Our little girl’s name, Violet, fits her perfectly. The other funny thing is we no longer like our boy name as our #1 pick if we have one in the future so it will still be a surprise for everyone 🙂

  9. I almost went off on a rant on my blog because of unwanted opinions. None that were directed at me, but a debate I read about young people participating in long distance running and other parents having opinions. If it’s not their child, then they should zip it! All that matters is you and Bobby love the name.

  10. Ugh, I HATE when people give their opinion on something personal like that when not asked! My husband and I had the same problem with our wedding…as in we didn’t wan’t to have one. When we told people we were going to get married on a beach just the two of us we heard so many “you’re going to regret that!”, “you must be breaking your parents hearts not having a wedding”, “don’t you want to get all the presents??” that we ended up stopping telling people and just went and got married the way we wanted to! 7 years later not a single regret, my parents knew about it and were fine with it and we were able to buy ourselves all the presents we wanted since we didn’t spend the money on a wedding!

  11. For me, I was very superstitious about telling people the babies’ names before they were born so Hubs and I kept it to ourselves. AND, I didn’t want anyone saying anything about names because everyone has an opinion. Once the baby is named no one will say anything, at least not to your face.

  12. Crystal says:

    Ugh! I hate out when people voice their opinions about your name choice! Too bad if they don’t like it, it’s not their child! We shared our name, of course, and people seemed concerned about it. Too bad. Obviously they all accepted it in the end.

  13. Whether you choose to share the name or not, I’m with you 100%. We chose to let people know but believe me I had no problem letting people know I could care less if they liked it or not. People can be weird like that sometimes. Just try to avoid too weird a name. I mean, Moon Unit is probably going to far.

  14. I hear you about revealing names! Our families know the name we’ve chosen, but we haven’t made an official “announcement” (& won’t until our Baby M’s birth). I’ve told a few people who’ve asked, and I’ve gotten “oh I love that!” to “huh?” or “that’s odd!” Um, gee thanks! (I’ve resisted the sarcastic rebuttal, too.) Now I’m just going to say we’ve decided but aren’t sharing yet. The name isn’t too common, and while it may be “odd” for coastal AL, it’s popular elsewhere. Unsolicited advice/criticism is the worst!

  15. Kinnereth says:

    I’m right there with ya on the baby name sharing front! Additionally, my husband and I have chosen not to find out the gender… our families keep saying “how can you wait!” or “we don’t know what to buy, so your missing out on presents!” We want to be surprised 🙂 We have a short list of names for a girl and a short list for a boy, we haven’t shared any of them to avoid the mean comments.
    I am just starting my second tri and cannot eat more than a bite of meat (chicken and red meats). I seem to be fine with fish, eggs and beans so I’m not worried about a lack of protein. I say go with the PB cravings!

  16. So crazy about the CMT idea! I am interested to see what show they are recording! Peanut butter sounds yummy to me! Maybe we should find a PB recipe for your shower! 😀

    • haha! I’m not sure what the deal is, but I have been all about peanut butter sandwiches and peanut butter m and m’s too!

  17. People! I can not understand how they are so blatantly rude. Whether they do not know it is wrong to give their opinion- doesn’t matter. Gahhh. Glad you are keeping it a secret !!

  18. I totally agree with y’all on keeping baby’s name to yourselves! I wouldn’t want to deal with other people’s opinions on my future child’s name either… I am excited to find out what the name is though! :0)

  19. We told everyone our girls names while we were pregnant, but I don’t remember anyone saying anything negative about them. Fortunately! I had an aversion to meat with my second pregnancy. Nausea and stomach cramps came about every time I tried to eat meat. It’s no fun! And it lasted the entire way through. The day after she was born, I could eat whatever I wanted again.

  20. Assuming that it was going to be the cast from the party/jersey shore type show they wanted to bring to Ocean Springs, It might be a blessing in disguise that CMT wont be using your house for filming. You may have needed that $30K for repairs after they all cleared out! Lol. I hope yall are settling in well back in Madison and the house down here sells quickly.
    We shared our baby names pretty early, but since they were family names we didn’t get too many negative comments.

  21. Nicole Glass says:

    I guess I’m not as nice as you! We haven’t kept Baby G’s name a secret and out family has been very open about how much they don’t like it! We had a girl and a boy name picked and everyone was so bummed it was a boy because they HATE the name we picked. I am not a nice person when it comes to unwanted opinions and we finally told them, “well then it’s a good thing we don’t care what you think” and that shut them up.
    I like calling him by name and using his name in conversation and I would not have been able to kept names a secret!

  22. Allyssa says:

    What is wrong with people that they think they can tell you what to name, or not name, your own baby?! Keep your opinions to yourself people! Sorry that happened to you guys. If that had happened to me I definitely would have stopped sharing before they were born! I didn’t get any comments about our name choices, but I did have people make weird rude comments about what the initials were going to end up being and stuff like that. Who cares? I like the names we chose so I really don’t care what the initials look or sound like (no it didn’t spell a bad word).

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