What I’m Loving These Days

I haven’t done a post like this in awhile, and figured it was about time. My tastes, habits, and favorites change a good bit as I’m sure do yours. Maybe you will find a new favorite from my list!

1.) Under Armour shoes – I have a couple of pairs that I really like and cross train in, but recently received some more geared towards running, and so far I am loving them! I have both the speedform and the Monza. Fun bright colors, stable running shoes. I will talk more about these after I get more miles in them both.


Don’t forget you can use my affiliate link to order straight from Under Armour!

2.) Kind bars – My favorite is the peanut butter dark chocolate of course. A great snack full of protein and flavor. I go through several bars a week, and buy them at Target.



3.) Legend – I am a little over halfway through this book, and am enjoying it. Hopefully I can finish reading it on my trip. Check out the website for more info. If you like Divergent, Maze Runner, etc. you will like this one.



4.) Football – Every fall I forgot how much I really love the game, and I am enjoying watching multiple days a week. There is just something about it, even just having a game on in the background. Love. So wishing I could get to a Saints or LSU game this year!


(photo from last year)

5.) Walking Dead – Where are my fellow walker fans? It’s ALMOST time for season four, get excited! Season three just came out on Netflix, so we have been re-watching and getting ready for the premiere. Don’t miss all the zombie fun, this is a great series.



QOTD: What is something you are loving right now? Anything from my list?

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  1. I love having a running coach and my new run group that I just joined, Without Limits!

  2. I usually love football, but as a Giants fan, they are making it REALLY difficult to do so…but I am loving fall in general!

  3. Walking. Dead. YES! Can’t wait! :0) Love the color of those UA shoes! Too cute!

  4. i’m loving football too! i’m going to a tennessee game this weekend. i can’t WAIT!
    i don’t eat kind bars (or bars at all) often but i tried the cashew ginger one and loved it. more savory than sweet, so right up my alley.

  5. I la la la loooooove The Walking Dead! Probably my favorite show on in the fall. I always feel like I could outrun the zombies.

  6. Electra @ electra-fi.com says

    Loving my monzas too!

  7. I keep seeing the Kind Bars and thinking that I should try them- thanks for the recommendation! I am loving my new running skorts from Athleta- with a wide waist band- super comfy to workout, walk or wear out and about.

  8. Football. Period. The end 🙂

    Oh yea … and Fashion Week in NoLa.

    Haha. I sound like two totally different people in this comment!

  9. Natasha McCarson says

    Ohh, thanks for the heads up for season 3 episodes of The Walking Dead!!! I have been watching Netflix like a hawk!!! I’ve watched season 3 already but totally wouldn’t mind watching it again…especially if I have to do some treadmill running! Good luck at TOT!! I’ll say HI if I see you! 🙂

  10. Loving my new Athleta sweater! Loving the fall weather so I can wear it all the time!

  11. Oh my Walking Dead Goodness! I love it and am sooo excited for it to come back on. So excited that I started creating Walking Dead Workouts based on each episode. I am such a nerd I don’t know what to do with myself:)

  12. I cannot WAIT for Walking Dead!!

  13. Football!! Go Saints/LSU!

    Basketball is also about to start! Go Pelicans!

    …and Baseball playoffs are getting closer! Go Cards!

    If it isn’t obvious, I really enjoy sports in the fall, haha.

  14. I have a similar post scheduled for Thursday! 🙂 And yay for a new book to read! I’m going to have to check that one out! I’m super excited about all the season premiers of all my favorite tv shows!!!

  15. Lindsay Murray says

    I loooove the Walking Dead! The new season looks great, can’t wait!

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  1. runningwithsass says:

    What I’m Loving These Days

    I haven’t done a post like this in awhile, and figured it was about time. My tastes, habits, and favorites

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