WIN Detergent Giveaway and Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review Win detergent. I have been hearing about it for a little while, and was very curious since well, we sweat pretty hard in the Montgomery household.

win detergent

I would be lying if I said we have never had to throw out dri fit clothing due to a terrible stink that just won’t go away no matter how many times time I try and wash said clothing. it’s really sad, because my favorite shirts I wear most often…which means they get the most stink…and well, you get the picture. I don’t want to throw out my favorite workout clothes!


I was sent two bottles of Win sports detergent, original WIN, and WIN green. I really like the smell of the detergent, and I have to say, my clothes DO smell better after using it! My only qualm is that the detergent is very very liquidy as opposed to the thicker formulas of other detergents. Because of this, when I try and pour it into the cap, I manage to get it everywhere! Maybe just a personal issue on my part, and definitely not a reason to not buy it, especially since it gets the job done!

Also, don’t think that just because it’s cold out that you don’t sweat and don’t need this detergent. When I wear lots of layers, I actually sweat a ton. Also, I don’t own as many cold weather running clothes so they get worn more = more stink. Another good reason to use Win in the winter is because we typically go indoors to the gym more in the winter and let’s face it, no one wants to be “the stinky lady/guy” at the gym!

WIN has given me the opportunity to do a giveaway here on the blog. One winner will receive a full sized bottle of each, the original detergent and the green. Also, if you don’t win, or just want to buy  it anyway, you can use the coupon code WINGIVE1 for $1 a bottle of WIN.

To enter the giveaway, please follow the Rafflecoptor instructions below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Be sure to follow WIN on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or visit their website for more information, or follow these hashtags: #SweatHardSmellGreat #WINDetergent

Disclosure: I was given product to review from WIN through Sweat Pink for this giveaway, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Running for sure

  2. Great giveaway!!!!!!

  3. Running or time on the elliptical definitely makes me the sweatiest.

  4. Any indoor type of workout makes me sweat. It doesn’t take long to get it flowing either. At least with running outdoors, the wind helps wick the sweat away.

  5. Running on a treadmill makes me glow the most!

  6. I love Win detergent!

  7. I love this stuff!

  8. Good to know! I’ve wondered if this is worthwhile.

  9. Hot yoga makes me DISGUSTING!

  10. I run all the time, so I know this would get a lot of use if I won! (Though I have to admit, I think my husband’s running clothes need it more than mine!)

  11. all of my long runs-so much sweat, especially in the summer!

  12. smelling good!

  13. I always sweat the most when I am running!

  14. Running always makes me sweat the most out of all my workouts. But right now, I sweat doing pretty much anything. These postpartum hormones are still kicking my butt.

  15. Treadmill running = major sweat session for me!

  16. running makes me sweat the most!

  17. My cardio workout for sure!

  18. Running definitely makes me sweat the most.

  19. Running makes me sweat the most!

  20. Running for sure!

  21. Definitely cycling on the trainer…I feel like I can never get the house to the right temp

  22. Running and spin both make me sweaty.

  23. Jillian michaels dvds make me sweat!

  24. HIIT-style makes me sweat BUCKETS!

  25. Weightlifting

  26. Running or rock climbing

  27. Running makes me sweat the most.

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    WIN Detergent Giveaway and Review

    I was recently given the opportunity to review Win detergent. I have been hearing about it for a little

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