Beach Vacation part 2


In case you missed part one, you can find it here: Beach Vacation part 1

I will finish up the recap in today’s post, and include a video tour of our condo. I highly recommend the Beach Club, so if you are ever headed to the Gulf Shores area and would like more detailed info feel free to contact me.

I left off with dinner, hot tub, and a movie on Friday night. Saturday we woke up to some sunshine and not near as much wind. I was hoping to get some sun!



Sun on the balcony!


We ate breakfast on the balcony again, and then decided to go for a run on the beach. I read online that the clouds and rain may roll in after lunch so we wanted to take advantage of the clear(ish) skys.

2012-02-04 10.19.39

We ran 2 miles in the sand. I felt like I was pushing so hard but we were barely moving!

2012-02-04 10.26.57

2012-02-04 10.27.07

We finished out the third mile on the pavement around the cottages you can rent right behind the condos.  There is a path that goes through the middle of some of the cottages and it has a peaceful fountain and some swings around it. I wanted to stop and sit…but we kept running.

2012-02-04 11.01.11

We also saw…um…yeah. This lovely sign. (You can see the condo buildings in the background.)

2012-02-04 11.09.37

We finished the run and ate lunch in the condo. We went to rent another DVD and sat on the swings again for awhile. (Did I mention I loved the relaxed pace of this trip?!?)

2012-02-04 14.16.53

We then sat in the sun out on the balcony and took advantage of the free Wi-Fi. I ended up getting sunburned in just about an hour of sitting out there. I guess I was way more pale than I realized! The sun went down, and we ate more leftovers for dinner and then headed back to the hot tub. This time it was just us.


We grabbed a cart so we could start packing up, and you guessed it…watched a movie then turned in for our last night.

2012-02-04 21.04.56

Sunday, we packed up and headed out of town. We hit up Lambert’s….again…

2012-02-05 10.08.47

We were sad to go home, but all good things must come to an end, right? I want to leave you with a video tour of our condo.

QOTD: Do you tend to go back to the same vacation spots or try something new every time?

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  1. I love the sound of the water….that’s awesome!!! I would have slept with the door open, too! lol

  2. Love it! The tour was neat – and I had to laugh at Bobby. He acted exactly like B Lee would…”what the heck are you doing?” 🙂

  3. what IS this V-word of which you speak??

    I do need to get me a vay cay.


  4. Once i find some place I enjoy I usually stick with it
    and ummmm those signs…we have all over my neighborhood!
    including the canal behind my building (dont walk dogs back there…)
    gotta love south florida 😉

  5. Looks so nice and relaxing! I want to go to the beach now.

  6. Looks like you guys had a great and relaxing time! Glad you were able to get away and enjoy some R&R!

  7. Looks great! Well, except for the beware of alligators sign, haha!

  8. Oo!! What a fun vacation!! And running on the sand is the best workout!! The prettiness somewhat compensates for the difficulty 🙂

  9. Beautiful! I want to go! We do have a favorite vacation spot for the summer that we return to over and over again. However, we’ve decided to make it an every other year spot so that we can see other things.

  10. What a great trip, I’m jealous! Running on the sand is no joke, way to go! We do a bit of both– new spots for ourselves, but a few repeat spots with extended family.

  11. oh I’m so jealous, that beach looks AWESOME!!!
    we usually go back to the same place over and over. 🙂