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So you made it to my blog. What do I usually talk about? Well, a few things. People are constantly telling me to narrow my niche, but I am a lover of so many things it’s hard to choose just one to chat about. Here you will find a mix of fitness, travel (lots of Disney! I mean, I do live in central Florida!) , and family related posts if I had to choose three top headlines. I try to rotate between them so no one feels left out, but I totally understand that not every post is for every person.

A little about what I do. I love to share information with my readers. I am a nerd at heart and a perpetual student, so anything I can do to help someone else along makes me happy. Two things in particular I enjoy teaching about would be Disney/travel, and self improvement related topics. I launched my first eBook in 2016, The Average Girls Guide to Living an Above Average Life, and am so proud of my accomplishment. I hope it inspires at least one person, and I always say that if one person can benefit from the things I have had to go through, then it’s all worth it! I have also created some free fitness and goal tracking printables, as well as a free e-course on how to start your own blog. I am looking ahead to the next digital product I want to offer, but haven’t settled on anything yet.

More about me. I used to go by Running with Sass®, which I started back in November of 2009. My blog has evolved a lot since then thought. back in the day (gee I sound old) I stuck with my name and mainly blogging about running for years, but eventually decided I wanted to branch out and blog about other things, which is how Through Heather’s Looking Glass was born. I changed my blog name, but still own and go by “Running with Sass®” on certain websites and am referred as that by some people, which I honestly still love, because it reminds me of where I came from!

This blog started as a way to document my training and the beginning of my distance running journey. Never did I imagine it would turn into what it is today, and never did I think I would have run as many races as I have, including four full marathons and nearly 30 half marathons. I was the girl in high school who thought one lap around the track was “long distance running.”

I have truly enjoyed the friendships, advice, and love I have gotten over the year. I love encouraging, helping, and being there for others, and while I by no means have it all together, I love helping other people through my life experiences. I love God, my husband, my toddler Emma Kate (born 9/24/14), my family, my furbaby Bella, being active, watching TV, text messaging, blogging, being outside, reading, chocolate, Disney World, cruises, and many other things. I love meeting new people and making new friends, so please don’t be shy!

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