BOB Stroller + National Stroller Running Day

Back when I was pregnant with Emma Kate, the amazing folks at Britax were generous enough to send me a jogging stroller for me and baby! I was sent the BOB Revolution SE, and it was love at first sight.


I had been reading up on the Best Lightweight Stroller – Lightest Stroller of 2017 among dozens of other baby items for months, and I had my heart set on the BOB.


There are so many great features packed into this bad boy, but I’m just going to tell you about a few of my favorites,

Smooth ride: I swear this thing rides better than my car. It’s SO SMOOTH, which is a must when you are walking with a sleeping baby, It’s super easy to push and takes bumps very well for a stroller.

Shade and viewing window: I love how far down the shade canopy comes, and how you can retract it part of the way or all the way. Also, the plastic/clear viewing window is great because I can take a peek at baby from above and see if she is sleeping or not, etc.

Lots of space: We all know babies need a TON of stuff. There is a nice big basket underneath the stroller where you can put blankets, diapers, a jacket, etc. and it also stays pretty well out of the elements.

Easy fold up: When I take Emma Kate to walk at the park, I typically go alone and meet a friend there, so I am on my own for packing and unpacking t he stroller. With two easy steps, it is folded completely down and I just lift it up into the back of my SUV. Then, I just set it on the ground and pull it up until it clicks for a simple set up. Works for me!

Adjustable: Sometimes when I know the baby is going to nap I will lower the seat back so that she is more reclined and doesn’t hurt her poor little neck. I love how easy it is to loosen or tighten the straps to make this possible.


Emma Kate loves people watching, and is typically a good girl in the stroller and will even fall asleep in it.

IMG_4319 (2)

If you are looking for a baby stroller and know you will be walking a lot or jogging with it, this is a great option. I know they are a little pricey, but this stroller will last for many years and Emma Kate won’t outgrow it until it’s time for her to not even need a stroller anymore!

On another note National Stroller Running Day is May 31st!

Katie from Mom’s Little Running Buddies has coordinated this effort, and has set up a website with all the information you need to know, along with some giveaways!

BOB strollers is sponsoring this special day, and winning a jogging stroller would be AWESOME! There will be a twitter chat with BOB later this week with a stroller giveaway (keep checking the website for exact date/time). Be sure to join the fun with #StrollerRun15, and be sure to check out the Instagram and Twitter pages.



UPDATE: Now through June 7 2015, purchase a BOB revolution SE single & duallie jogging stroller and receive a free gift or promo code at participating retailers while supplies last.

QOTD: Do you have a jogging stroller? What features did you/are you looking for in a stroller?

Disclosure: I was provided with a BOB stroller from Britax, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Ahh I would love to win a BOB stroller! ! I am only 16 weeks alont but hey 😉 Thanks for all the info.

  2. I definitely want a BOB when I have a baby someday!

  3. Those strollers are awesome!!! I had a jogging stroller when mine were little but it was super bumpy. I didn’t like it. Glad you found one you AND EK love!

  4. Kinnereth says:

    I inherited a used BOB stroller (2008) from my sister and I am looking forward to jogging with baby girl. She is 5 months now and has great neck/head control. When did you start jogging with EK?

    • I bought a car seat adapter so I ran with her in the stroller in her car seat when she was 4 months old with my dr.’s permission. I only went on very smooth roads, too. They recommend not running the normal way until 8 months, I waited until just after 7

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    Back when I was pregnant with Emma Kate, the amazing folks at Britax were generous enough to send me