Cruise on the Magic Part 3


Ok so We left off with Key West’s sunset, and I realized my post was getting a bit too long. Let’s pick up with dinner that night:


We saw captain Mickey in the lobby


Dinner was great, not sure why I didn’t take photos of the restaurant. But I do have dessert!


The next day was sea day. We hit up the sit down breakfast before heading to the pool. We relaed a better part of the morning, then decided to do sit down lunch. I wanted an ice cream mickey for dessert and the server asked if I wanted minnie or mickey, I said surprsie me. here is my “mini mouse” bar. Oh dear. The spelling.


That afternoon we hung out around the ship, watched movies, went to the gym, and relaxed. It was glorious.  Dinner was semi formal, so we got all gussied up for the occasion.


We were in Animator’s Palate for the evening.



Dinner was great as usual, and we were tuckered out from all the sun so we headed to bed shortly after.

The next day was Nassau day. We have been here twice before, so we really had no desire to get off the ship. We woke up to this outside our balcony:



aaannddd this was on the other side of us:


Hello Disney Dream! This was our view from our pool chairs all morning! I was on the Dream last summer, so it was weird being on the Magic and looking over at her! After some relaxing at the pool we decided to go up a deck and get some shots of the Dream next to us in the port, and some higher up shots of Nassau..








Another relaxing day complete. When we left the port, we soon realized we were right alongside the Dream. This was Deja vu for me because this happened when I was on the Fantasy in March!


That night was pirate night, but I will save the photos for the next installment!

QOTD: Wen you cruise do you always get off at every port?

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  1. The “Mini” thing has me rolling =) When I cruise I still get off at every port since they’re usually new to me. However, if I was returning to the same location chances are I’d stay on the ship. I remember seeing a documentary about Disney Cruises and they showed Animator’s Palate. Looks like such a great place to have dinner.

  2. SO much fun! As always, you have some gorgeous pics! Umm but I can’t get over the “Mini” bar. Yikes.

  3. omg the slide on the top of the ship looks SOOOO cool!

  4. Looks like so much fun! I so need a vacation!

  5. sooo envious
    i swear one of these days I’ll be able to book a cruise or vacay through you 🙂

  6. The cruise looks awesome! But I am kinda scared of big boats and water…

  7. You and captain mickey must be on a first name basis. Great photos, great FOOD and you look snazzy all “gussied” up.

  8. I’ve never been on a cruise, but it looks like so much fun … and anything Disney?! Yes, please!!

  9. I’ve been on two cruises! We got off at every port 🙂 Lovin’ that black dress on you!

  10. A “Mini” Bar! What the heck?! Oh my.
    Great pictures! Looks like a nice relaxing day!! :0)

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