Customized Water Bottle Giveaway

I was asked to review and giveaway a Camelbak water bottle, customized, by Mouse Ears and Me. Being a lover of different water bottles and fun customizable things, I agreed and was very pleased with the finished product!

unnamed (18)

The bottle used is a Camelbak eddy (I believe she sells two different sizes). My bottle is 25 oz.

The bottle itself is great. It has a spill proof top, is BPA free, and easy to carry. I like that it has a straw for easy use, and that I can grip it with one hand.


Now the fun part, the decals she puts on the bottle! Mine is just an example, so if you aren’t a Disney fan don’t worry, there are other options (including a keep calm and love the Saints bottle!) There are some super cute decals she has for the Princess half marathon with 19.3 on them and “Princess in Training”, adorable!

You can also have further customization by having your name added to the back. (You can also do further customizing of your decal, just ask when ordering! Also, there are different bottle color options to choose from.

unnamed (1)

Shipping was super fast, and I am very pleased with how the decal turned out. It is recommended you hand wash the bottle, but I still put the lid/top part in the dishwasher.

One lucky THLG reader will get to customize their own water bottle from Mouse Ears and Me! Simply follow the directions in Rafflecoptor below. Good luck!

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  1. I love these bottles! They are super cute. I would probably go for the Keep Calm and Run Disney with my name around the rim. Haven’t run a Disney race yet, but it may be enough of a reminder to get out there an run even in this awful weather. 🙂

  2. I would probably go with just a name, because the Keep Calm stuff is too trendy for my liking! But it would definitely be a lime green bottle.

  3. Very cool. I’m in.

  4. I would definitely choose Keep Calm and Run Disney. I am feeling nostalgic because last Valentine’s Day I signed up my husband and I for our first Disney race (Tower of Terror) and I can’t wait to sign up for our next one!

  5. Bridie Rist says:

    Purple for me! My son loves his Camelbak Eddy and it would be great to get a purple one, haven’t seen that color in our stores.

  6. I like the ones with the Walt Disney quote about your dreams coming true.

  7. Sherry Rini says:

    Too cute – love the straw! Needing a nice waterbottle – like the purple too 🙂

  8. Lisa Anderson says:

    I am liking the pink bottle and the Walt quote! I have that quote in my classroom too! Love it!

  9. Alyssa Bourne says:

    Those are great water bottles. My daughter uses them for school and sports

    • Alyssa Bourne says:

      addendum to my comment. I would want the Walt Disney quote on my bottle about how all of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them 🙂

  10. So cute! Love it!

  11. I would definitely do Purple with the Disney quote, “all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” and my name on the rim. Never had a Camelbak but I’ve heard such great things!

  12. I actually have that Keep Calm And RunDisney bottle bookmarked to go purchase one day!! So I’d definitely choose that. My goal is to run all the RunDisney races in 2015 so it would be a great mantra for me!

  13. Love these! SO cute! I’d probably do Keep Calm and runDisney.

  14. These are great and I’m a huge fan of Camelbak bottles. I’d probably choose the “Keep Calm and Run Disney” decal on a blue water bottle.

  15. Such a cute! I love the Keep Calm and Run Disney decal 🙂

  16. I am loving the All Your Dreams bottle! Great saying!

  17. Keep calm 🙂

  18. I’d keep it classic with the “Keep Calm and run Disney on”. Love the castle and how your name is written in Disney writing!

  19. I want it!!

  20. Amanda Delphia says:

    Super cute! Love the name on the back in Waltograph font!

  21. These Water bottles are awesome Iove that you can customize them with your name on them! I would probably get he Keep Calm and runDisney!

  22. Absolutely looooove all of the prints, I think yours (Keep Calm and RunDisney) is my favorite!!! I am running 19.3 next week in Disney so of course I love the Princess ones too.

    My waterbottle frozen in my car and can’t stand up straight so I could really, really use a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please 🙂

  23. I would personalize with my name!

  24. Very cool idea

  25. So cute- I want a Disney one!

  26. Cute water bottle!!

  27. Those are great! Awesome prize!

  28. christi in ma says:
  29. I would choose the “All our dreams can come true…” decal. It’s a motivating and inspiring Disney quote.

  30. These are so fun! I do love your pink/disney run one 🙂 cute!

  31. I would do a pink water bottle customized with me name with keep calm and runDisney! So cute!

  32. Great giveaway! My coworker has a couple of these bottles and I’ve been so envious of her…be great to have one of my own!

  33. I really like the one with the “all your dreams…” quote!

  34. I’m going to be boring and say I’d put my name on it, and I want pink! Actually, maybe I would get “Keep Calm and Run Disney”

  35. Kelsey (RockwoodstoK) says:

    These are so cute! I would totally get one that says 19.3

  36. Looked like a great water bottle!

  37. I’d choose the blue Keep Calm and runDisney one! Super cute!

  38. I would put the “Princess in Training” along with Princess Caitlin on the bottle.

  39. I want one of these!!!! I would get some Disney customization, BUT I am not sure which!

  40. Christine R. says:

    I would likely pick the purple bottle (LOVE purple!!) with the Walt Disney quote… “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”

    Great giveaway, as always, Heather!!

  41. Your bottle is super cute! Mine would say “Running happily ever after” and use the castle on it as well.

  42. I like the Keep Calm and Run Disney but also I’m stronger than I thought.

  43. I’d have to stick with Keep Calm and runDisney – I LOVE this!!!

  44. Adorable! I liked the quote one a lot but the keep calm and run Disney is what I would probably do instead 🙂

  45. I would go for the blue Keep Calm Bottle and I’d have on the back “Believe.” or another short inspirational saying.

  46. Love this!! And I left my favorite water bottle at Y this morning so it need to buy a new one!

  47. I really liked the blue Keep Calm and Run Disney. I’d go with that.

  48. Rachel DeVaughn says:

    I would pick the purple one and customize it with my name and the saying “Live Life Fit” 🙂

    • Rachel DeVaughn says:

      never mind i misunderstood the customization!! 😉 i would like the purple one and the saying dreams come true! i like that one the best!

  49. Love it! I would stick with keep calm and run disney. And my name of course. Love!!

  50. Leigh Ann Perry says:

    Love this water bottle! I’d love to have my name on it – “Leigh Ann” – as I can NEVER find custom stuff with my name! 🙂 Great giveaway Heather!

  51. Love the RunDisney theme, and who could not use a waterbottle

  52. Your design is super cute!

  53. I love the bottle just as you have it…only with my name on it instead. 🙂

  54. Melanie Cowell says:

    I love the Keep Calm and Run Disney (that’s what I would choose!). So cute!

  55. Ah! So cute! Love the Keep Calm and Run Disney logo. I’d probably choose blue though. If I don’t win, I’ll most likely purchase one myself. Thanks!

  56. I’ve been eyeing these water bottles for a while! I would definitely get the Keep Calm and Run Disney with my name on it 🙂

  57. Mary McHugh says:

    I love this water bottle!! Camelbak and rundisney!!

  58. I love the Walt Disney Quote one: all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”

  59. i want “Keep Calm and Run Disney” 🙂

  60. I would put Dumbo ears on 🙂 – just love – oh and my name

  61. I would get “keep calm and run Disney” or “race you to the castle.” Love these!

  62. I looove Camelbak’s water bottles! And the “Keep Calm and RunDisney” motto just can’t be beat.

  63. Kimberly L. says:

    I would stay with the stay calm and run Disney as I love running Disney and can’t get enough of it. I need some RunDisney in between their races.

  64. I love this water bottle! I would love the keep calm and run Disney. I’ve been saving up over several years for my sister and I to run a Disney race and this would be a great reminder to keep training and keep saving.

  65. These bottles are super cute. I would probably get the ‘Keep Calm and Run Disney’ decal with my name. I ran the Disney Princess Half in 2010 and it was amazing. The Dopey Challenge is definitely on my bucket list as well as a Coast-to-Coast medal.

  66. That is so cute! I would probably stick with the Keep Calm and Run Disney with my name also, but maybe…definitely…change the color to blue! 🙂

  67. What a great looking water bottle! I am registered for the Dumbo Double Dare so I have a lot of training to do – I love the style that is featured here – maybe a blue bottle with silver vinyl? Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  68. Great give away Heather, I purchased a non customized one for my wife a few months ago and she love it so much this is the only “gift” she as for on V-Day. While the boys & I intended to spoil her with other gifts it would be pretty funny if she won this 🙂 all the best!

  69. Love it! I’d go for purple with the Walt Disney quote on it!

  70. I would get a blue Disney one. They are so cute!

  71. I have made it a goal of my to run the Princess in 2014, and would love one of these to keep me going. I would be a tough to decide the one you have, or the “Princess Half Marthon” one.

  72. So cute! I’ve been looking for a new favorite water bottle. Maybe this one is it!

  73. Love a purple bottle with “Keep Calm and Run Disney” can’t wait for next weekend!!!!!!!!

  74. I love water bottles! I would choose a purple one with the Keep Calm and runDisney. The Princess specific ones are cute, too!

  75. I love these bottles!! I’ve been looking at them for a while.

  76. I like the Walt Disney quote. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” I would put that on a blue bottle.

  77. Love the CamelBak Eddy! It’s one of my favorite water bottles. I would go with the pink, 24 oz bottle with ‘Keep Calm and Run Disney’ with my name on the back 🙂 Awesome giveaway!

  78. I love all of the designs it is hard to pick one! But I would probably pick the “All our dreams have the courage to pursue them.” But I do love that “Keep Calm and Run Disney.” So many awesome ones so hard to choose!

  79. I would do the pink keep calm and rundisney. So cute!

  80. What a great giveaway!!! So cute!!

  81. Love these!!! I would get a purple keep calm and run disney one!!!

  82. I would definitely love the blue keep calm and run Disney with my name around the rim!

  83. I love that decal! As a runDisney fan myself, I would love to get the same or similar decal.

  84. Diane Dziuban says:

    Love these!! I would go with pink with a Walt Disney quote.

  85. These are so cool

  86. Without a doubt I would go with the “All our dreams can come true…” bottle. Color would not matter even a little bit with that awesome quote on it!!! Great giveaway!

  87. I would choose the “All our dreams can come true” quote on a blue bottle. Inspiring!

  88. I like the standard “Keep Calm and Run Disney”, with the customized name on the back. So cute!

  89. Because I lack any type of creativity at all, I would stick with the Keep Calm and Run Disney on my bottle (and my name of course)! It’s so cute and I love the castle picture. 🙂

  90. keep calm and run disney would be my choice

  91. I’d have to get the “Princess in Training” 🙂 I love those – I added it to my Etsy favorites

  92. Libby Syzdek says:

    Keep calm and run disney…love it!!!

  93. I have this water bottle in purple, and I love it!! I didn’t have Mouse Ears and Me put my name on it though. I think it’s so cute!

  94. Purple water bottle in my mantra “Finish Strong” would be great

  95. Love it! Disney & pink – the perfect pairing!

  96. Christina Manning says:

    I love these bottles and you can’t have enough water bottles. I would love to have one of the bottles with “Keep Calm and Run Disney” on the front and my name and “Princess in training” on the back!

  97. Tiffany Smith says:

    Super cute! I would love a pink one for running Disney!

  98. I would go for the Princess in Training one for sure. Not the plain one, the jazzy one! And definitely add the name to it. Thank you!

  99. I absolutely love these waterbottles! It’s definitely on the list to get prior to the Disneyland Half! Mouse Ears and Me is a fantastic seller on Etsy & is more than happy to answer any questions that you have. Highly recommended!

  100. Janetta Dobler says:

    I would love one of these water bottles! My goal is to do a 5K next year!!

  101. That is such a cute water bottle. I would probably go with the Run Disney as well.

  102. Cathleen King says:

    I would probably keep it as Keep Calm and Run Disney.

  103. Mandy Hillman says:

    I would want the Keep Calm and Run Disney with the castle and then put my name on the other side 🙂 Love these!

  104. Sarah Trout says:

    I love the pink bottle with Keep Calm, RunDisney!

  105. I’d like one with my name on it. If I could make it totally custom, I’d put “Cat Lady Runs” with the outline of a cat!

  106. I would go with Keep Calm and Run Disney with my name.

  107. Love love love everything pink! Also love the “Stay Calm and Run Disney” on the bottle.. That would be awesome to use when I’m training for Dopey 2015!

  108. I’d love the purple bottle that says keep calm and run disney.

  109. Keep Calm and Run 19.3 with the tiara!

  110. I need a new waterbottle, and I would LOVE one of these!

  111. I’d love the purple bottle that says “Keep Calm and Run Disney”

  112. What an awesome idea! I love the castle and I would want my name, too!

  113. I’d love a pink one with the Walt Disney “All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to peruse them” quote.

  114. What a fun idea! I especially like that she uses high quality water bottles. Great inspiration while you hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

    • I think that’s what I’d put on my bottle, a runDisney reference to “Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!”

  115. I’d customize it with 13.1 (my favorite distance) and my name! I’d love Princess In Training (hoping to run a Disney half sometime)!!

  116. I actually follow this shop on etsy and have this water bottled favorited! So if I won id like the keep calm and run disney bottle!!

  117. I’d love one with a Walt quote!

  118. I absolutely live these water bottles and the fact that they have a customized Disney design makes them 1000 times better!! I would customize mine with the quote: “all our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. It gives me inspiration to achieve my dreams, whether they are in my career, home, fitness, or personal!

  119. I would choose one with my name on it. I would also love one that says something about a half marathon or 13.1 without the disney part as I have never run disney.

  120. Stacey Niedzwiecki says:

    I would get the Walt Disney quote about dreaming , but on a blue bottle.

  121. All our dreams can come true…

  122. I’d love the purple one with the “keep calm and run disney” for sure!

  123. I would do the one about dreams coming true in lime green. Disney – one of my favorite places!!

  124. What an adorable bottle with the disney decals! I want one!

  125. Thats awesome. Very cool customization to the bottles. Love the runDisney too.

  126. I was just looking at these the other day! Glad to hear they’re as great as they sound!

  127. I love this water bottle! I would put: “go running and Let It Go!”

  128. Nice looking water bottle. You can never have too many water bottles.

  129. How cute. I love the customization!

  130. I would get a green bottle with my name in silver and maybe the princess decal in silver.

  131. I’d do a Keep Calm and Run Disney in blue and add my name to it. Def wouldn’t get it mixed up at the gym!

  132. I love my Camelbak and would love it even more customized for Disney 🙂

  133. That bottle is adorable!!

  134. I would do the purple water bottle with my name.

  135. What an awesome idea! A pink bottle with my name and a tiara would be great!!

  136. Cooool! I’d probably choose purple with my name.

  137. Krysten Moore says:

    I would pick the “all your drams can come true…” quote 🙂

  138. So cute! I would love taking that to the gym so everyone knows what I’m training for.

  139. I love the Princess in training decals!

  140. Love the Camelbak products!!

  141. I really like the water bottle in the picture! The pink camelback with Keep Calm and Rundisney 🙂

  142. I would definitely do the keep calm and run disney. I am hoping to participate in my first half marathon, the Walt Disney Half in 2015!

  143. I like the princess shoe keep calm and run XX.X

  144. Really love your arrangement with a nice water bottles!

  145. I love these! I would have to go with the purple water bottle that says ” All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. Love that Disney quote. 🙂

  146. I like keep calm and run disney

  147. I think I would choose the pink bottle with Keep Calm and Run Disney in white or silver, with my name. Unless I decided to go really creative and made a custom one with my favorite Walt quote: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

  148. I love Camelbak bottles. I think I would do a custom saying… not sure what yet. Run Disney is on my bucket list but no definite plans anytime soon. 🙁

  149. I would want the “all our dreams can come true…” one!

  150. I love Camelbaks, a Disney one would definitely become my favorite and most used! I love the pink one with the castle on the front and name on the back, but I would want 26.2 Princess In Training on mine. I’ve done a few half marathons in Texas, but I loved doing the Expedition Everest Challenge last year, so I plan on my first full marathon to be at Disneyworld!

  151. I would have the name of my blog and donald duck

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