Disney Fantasy April 2013: Castaway Cay Day

Happy Birthday America! I am so proud and blessed to live in a free country, and grateful to those who have fought to keep it that way!

We left off with our last sea day, the day before Castaway Cay which is my favorite day!

In a way I have already covered part of the day because I did my recap of the Castaway Cay 5k already, so I will just skip over the actual race which was first thing in the morning.

We were smart and brought our bags with us so we didn’t have to go back to the ship. We changed into our swimsuits and headed straight for Serenity Bay, the adults only beach at the end of the island. My favorite place on earth!


Since we ran the 5k we were a little late getting to the party, but were still able to find chairs and an umbrella. Some dark storm clouds were looming overhead, and I really hoped they would go away so we could enjoy our last day of the cruise.






The tide was way out and the sandbar was above the water, so we decided to go out to it and bring Bobby’s underwater camera and have some fun.


Looking back at the beach


Chillin on the sandbar


yes, my arm is double jointed. Wwwweeeee!


It got quite dark while we were out there.


Oh you know, just hanging out in the middle of the ocean on a sandbar while a huge storm rolls in!


Bobby decided t take a nap.


After awhile, I decided to go back in while Bobby did some snorkeling. We got SO LUCKY and the storm went right over us, no rain, and beautiful blue skies came out for the rest of the day!

I went to our chairs and started reading a book, when I saw this guy walking across the beach. Of course, I had to get a picture. Ssshhh don’t tell Bobby. He was still snorkeling!


I then proceeded to do my favorite thing. Ever. I ordered a Konk cooler (my favorite drink, ONLY made on Castaway Cay) and pulled my chair up to the water and just relaxed. Pure heaven. (You can see Bobby with his snorkel gear in the background!)


I sat like this for a long while, relaxing, reading books, and just being so thankful to be in a beautiful place…and then my stomach started growling. Lunch time! Bobby came in and we headed towards the smell of BBQ to the adults only outdoor restaurant for some grub, followed by ice cream of course. We headed back to our spots, more konk coolers were consumed, and we enjoyed an afternoon of bliss.

Mid afternoon we decided to take the tram to the family beach so Bobby could go on the snorkeling path with his underwater camera. We packed up and then set up a spot at the back of the family beach. We only had a couple hours left until all aboard, so it wasn’t completely full of people by this point. While Bobby snorkeled, I went to take some pictures and walk around.



A near empty beach before heading back to the ship


Bobby is out there snorkeling somewhere!


Sadly it was soon time to go. We like to stay on the island as long as possible, and the lifeguards gave the 15 minute call so we decided to go.




The island from our verandah. Bye bye!


That night was sadly our last night at dinner, and it was at Animators again.



The drawing show is super cute, and was one of my favorite parts of our dining experience! However, I think I should keep my day job. Drawing is NOT my gift.


We went to the adult’s club one more time for a fun game of battle of the sexes before heading off to bed for our last time about the Disney Fantasy. We truly had an AMAZING cruise, and spent a lot of time just relaxing and enjoying the boat. It was very laid back with no set schedule which I loved, and hope to do it again soon!

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QOTD: Do you like to get in the water or lay out on the beach?

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  1. Konk Coolers are my favorite, too! I make them at home from time to time even. I actually did a blog post about them back in April or May. Yes, they got their very own post! Ha!

  2. There’s something about Disney and favorite drinks. My favorite is at EPCOT France and I have no idea if I can re-create it. Of course, I can’t re-create the scenery…

  3. Wow! I love the beach! I wish I can also go there with my hubby. BTW, I like your photos with that picturesque sea and sky background. It’s so amazing! 🙂

  4. Ahhh Serenity Bay brings back memories of our honeymoon! Love Castaway Cay! And Animator’s Palate is one of my favorite Disney restaurants! LOVE the Minnie polka dot bikini girl!

  5. My favorite place ever. At least you had a great day. We saw those dark clouds this past May and they brought some heavy rain 🙁 Time for a do-over!

  6. Happy 4th to you Heather! Loved your minnie dot swimsuit! SUPER CUTE!

  7. Beautiful CC pictures! I would give anything to be there right now!

  8. So… Where are those underwater pics?

  9. Rachel V says:

    Oh I would love to be there today! We’ve had rain for the last two days. Still got my run in this morning though!

  10. Gorgeous pictures Heather! Makes me want to get back on a Disney cruise stat!

  11. OMG love your blog from castaway cay – I will sail on the Fantasy next September and your pics getting me so super excited

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