Disneyland Day 5


This marks our last full day we were in Disneyland, and will conclude my recaps from this trip…two months later. I know, I know. I just have so much to talk about with other things I don’t have time to fit it all in. Hopefully my next ones will be a bit more timely!

So we left off Day 4 after getting stuck on a ride forever as the park was closing. The next day we decided to go back to CA Adventure again and take advantage of that extra hour in the morning, and instead of going to cars land like literally everyone in the park, we would go do something else but still go get in line for a fastpass before the park opened to the general public.


Since Toy Story Mania is one of Bobby’s favorite rides and they have no fastpass at the California version, we decided to take advantage of the fact that everyone was going to cars land and instead go to Paradise Pier to ride Toy Story. We literally walked right on and rode….and they asked if we wanted to stay on, since no one was in line when we came back….well of course we did! We ended up riding FIVE TIMES in a row without getting off, having a blast every time. The only reason we got off was because we needed to go get in line for Radiator Springs Racers fastpasses. We were laughing so hard, gong over and over again with zero wait saying how this would never happen at Disney World in Florida. So glad we took advantage, it was a highlight of the trip for sure.



After we got out fastpasses, we had an hour to kill until we could use them so we saw It’s Tough to Be a Bug, and walked through Bug Land


and we saw this guy on the way over


It was a very cute area for little kids.




Soon it was time for our fastpasses to be used, and we rode Radiator Springs Racers for the third time that trip. We had lunch reservations in Disneyland so we walked across.


We had a nice outdoor table with a great view.



After lunch we walked around a bit more, rode Big Thunder, and a couple of other rides


Then headed back to the room for a rest before our last night’s dinner at Napa Rose


This was probably our favorite meal of the trip. Excellent service, beautiful atmosphere, and great food. Would highly recommend this to anyone going to Disneyland looking for a nice, romantic meal.




They don’t rush you through dinner at all, and it was very relaxing. After dinner we went to the room to change and walked to CA Adventure park for World of Color. We had preferred viewing on a raised area near the lake.


I absolutely LOVED this show, it is NOT to be missed if you are going to Disneyland. It was so cool what they could do with the water and the lights. Well worth it.








It was a fabulous ending to a great trip! We walked back to the Grand Californian and went right to bed, we had to catch the 5:45 Disneyland Express bus back to the airport. Getting up at 5:00 wasn’t ideal, but having a non stop flight back to NOLA was worth the wake up call!

One last photo, the beautiful doors leading into the hotel, we finally got to see them closed as we were waiting on our bus. We had such a magical trip and I hope to go back out there soon!


QOTD: Have you ever gotten to ride a ride multiple times in a row?

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  1. We’ve always gotten to ride Triceratop Spin multiple times. Not NEARLY as exciting at Toy Story though!

  2. It looks like you’re wearing Mickey Ears standing in front of the Partners statue. TSM is so much fun, but I can’t decide whether I like that or Soarin’ more.

  3. I gotta say…with all your recaps, you reaffirmed my wanting to run Disney!

  4. Hey, thanks for sharing. I do enjoy the slow trickle of posts. Re-living that labor day weekend is a good thing – especially for those of who were there! Looks like you had fun. Thanks again.

  5. Turkey Leg! LOL Love Bobby’s shirt!
    World of Color looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it one day! :0)

  6. What an awesome trip! So glad you guys enjoyed yourselves, and how cool you got to ride a ride 5 times in a row!

  7. How cool you got to ride Toy Story so many times in a row! I wish you could fast pass it at DL. World of Color is so awesome!! Sounds like such a great trip.

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