Friday Favorites: Naked


HAHA I got your attention, didn’t I? Evil of me, I know, but my Friday favorites REALLY is about Naked. No, not BEING naked, Naked Juice!


berry blast, my favorite….hence why it is empty…

Ok, if you haven’t tried this stuff, you must! I have been passing by it in the grocery store for years, but never picking it up. (It’s over by the produce and such, at least in my store.)

The great thing about Naked is that there are a TON of flavors, and the drinks come in three sizes. The small one like in the picture above, and then 2  bigger ones which are, of course, cheaper per ounce.

Go check out the Naked Juice website to check out all the flavors. Our favorites are Berry blast, Green Machine, and Blue Machine. The Pina Colada one is NOT as good as it sounds, trust me. All the nutritional info and amount of fruits in each one are on the website. If you look on the back of each bottle, it tells you how many of each fruit is in the bottle. I find it so fascinating that so many strawberries, apples, blackberries, etc are in one bottle!  They do have a good amount of sugar, but they also have vitamins and potassium, and for someone who struggles to get their fruits and veggies in during the day, this is a great alternative. You could even pour one into a smoothie of your own making!

Naked also sells coconut water now, which we drink as well. 

Most stores around here carry them, even our Target (not Super Target) has them! I like getting the small bottles to just try out new flavors in case I don’t like them. So, next time you are at the grocery store pick one up and try it!


Yesterday I hit the gym for a 3 mile run, but as I was waiting for Bobby to get there from teaching tumbling, I decided to just keep running, and I ended up running 5 miles in 50 minutes. I’ll take it! I was drenched after. A couple of very sweet readers told me I was lucky that I looked cute and not gross after a run. Well, rest assured I looked totally gross after this run! I even took pictures just to show yall! It literally looked like I jumped into a pool. I was dripping sweat all over the floor.



Believe me now? Smile

I was proud of my workout, and tomorrow we are going to try to tackle 10 miles so I at least have some semblance of a long run before Rock N Roll Providence NEXT WEEKEND! HA! Am I crazy? maybe. I am so stoked to be working the Running Skirts booth AND getting to run the race! Speaking of race….I can’t remember if I posted on here that my mom and I are officially signed up for the Princess Half in Disneyworld!


yahoo! Going to have a blast with my mom and Karen and her mom. I even booked our hotel room yesterday!

**Don’t forget, Monday I am going to be hosting an AWESOME raffle with all kinds of stuff from my favorite people, all to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma society! So please come back!

QOTD: Do you drink Naked juice? Or some other kind? Which? share!

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  1. I bought 5 bottles of the Naked stuff when I found out I was pregnant and juice sounded good. Of course the next day, I had a huge aversion to fruits and veggies so Jeff drank them all. I guess I should give them another shot now that I feel better.

    Great job on the run!

  2. I love Naked juice!! The mango one is my favorite, or maybe very berry? You can get them in bulk packs at Costco.

  3. You’re too funny. Yes I believe you now, but I still think you look better than I usually do after a run! =)

    Nake Juice is soooo tasty. I love Green Machine the best. It is a little high in calories though and for someone trying to lose weight I don’t always want to drink it. I find whole fruit more filling than fruit smoothies/juices. Every now and then it’s great though!

  4. You don’t look that bad after running. You should see me, it’s not a pretty sight.

  5. My husband loves that juice!

  6. Psh! You still look great after running. My hair gets all over the place.

  7. I’m signed up for the Disney Princess 1/2 too! I ran it last year – it was my first 1/2! Have you run that one before?

  8. you are going to have such a good time at the disney princess run!! i did! don’t forget you are practically required to dress up as a princess – and they have such good deals for park passes if you’re a runner. i also highly recommend staying on the disney property becuase it makes race morning really easy. have fun and good luck!!

    here’s a link to my post if you want to check out my costume!

  9. It has been forever since I’ve had Naked Juice! I should check them out again.

    Good luck at the Providence RnR. And YAY for the Princess Half! I haven’t officially signed up but I’m planning on running it. Well, I’m planning on participating depending on my knee I should say. I am officially signed up for the Tinker Bell Half though – I’m going for the coast to coast medal next year.

  10. ummm you still look great sweaty… I look ewwwwwwwww soaked in sweat dripping all over…
    meanwhile congrats to being signed up for Princess already…I’m thinking I’m going to miss it this time, hit it in 2013 (that sounds so far away though)

  11. YAY for Princess!!! :0)

    I guess I’m going to need to get some of this stuff! I keep seeing it in the grocery store and I’ve even picked it up a few times but I’ve never bought any! :0)

  12. I just found your blog recently and LOVE it. I’ll be running the Disney Princess 1/2 too, as my first ever half. Super excited!!