Friday Favorites: Weddings!


It’s Friday, Friday……ok I will not have that song stuck in my head all day, again! Anyway, I will admit I was NOT one of the millions of people who woke up at 3 AM for the wedding. I love weddings a LOT, but I also LOVE my sleep, and missing 4 hours of it is a lot, especially when we have this nice contraption called TiVo that I could use and record the whole thing and watch later/fast forward through the boring parts. Sneaky eh?

Anyway, I haven’t watched yet but I did see replays on TV and it looks beautiful, Kate looked beautiful! I cannot IMAGINE what was going through her head knowing how much her life is about to change! How exciting! This, of course, got me thinking about my past and my future. What exactly do I mean?



bridal2 bridal3




and HOPEFULLY something I will have in my future…a Disney vow renewal!

My dream is to have a vow renewal, possibly at the wedding pavilion, and a reception or dessert party outdoors at my favorite hotel, the Grand Floridian.












Yes I had done research, yes I have several ideas. If I was rich I would do if for our 5 year next year, but, I am not, so hopefully we can afford to do it for our ten year in 2017. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my wedding and had a blast, but I didn’t get to have my Disney wedding and I am determined to get it one day!

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Thanks for indulging me with my ideas and pictures on this post! I wish Kate and William a lifetime of happiness!

Ok, switching gears. Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL and I ran 3 miles.


It was cool out, but still very sunny, and well…I sweat a lot. It is beautiful again today so I am about to go run again! I just can’t help it! Catch ya later!

QOTD: Have you ever thought about having a vow renewal?

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  1. what a beautiful dress and I think it would be so amazing to do your vowel renewals at the grand floridian that place is so gorgeous!

  2. Yay, I cannot wait for your VR! The style of that wedding is SO you. You HAVE to have it or I will cry!

    I was crazy and got up at 4:45 to go watch the wedding with friends. I’m paying for it now…

  3. I love your dress!

  4. I was up to run before work, so I watched it from the treadmill, but I’m not sure I would’ve gotten up just to watch it. I love your wedding dress, and you were a beautiful bride!

  5. I was up at 4 am! Lol Crazy, yes!!!
    If you have a Vow Renewal, I think me, Jason, Jen, and Pirate should be on the guest list! ;0)

  6. You were a beautiful bride Heather, we British love a good wedding and today has been fantatsic! Kate was so beautiful and William so handsome, the whole occasion has been so very romantic, a true Fairy Tale. There were so many Americains there too enjoying the day! Hope you get to renew your vows one day!

  7. The pictures from Disney SOOOO match your colors from your wedding!

  8. I love seeing people’s wedding pictures!! You’re stunning! Vow renewal at Disney seems so perfect for you – 10 years would be the perfect time to do that!

  9. oh my!! You looked so beautiful!! I LOVE your dress! 🙂

    A disney vow renewal would be perfect!! 🙂

  10. Your wedding pictures are beautiful, and you look great. I love the dress! I didn’t get to watch either, but TLC had a replay that started at like 10ish, so I watched then…

  11. Wow those pictures are gorgeous, you were such a lovely bride! And that would be so neat to have a vow renewal tho – I hope it works out for you to have it soon!

  12. Wow -what beautiful wedding pictures. My favorite one is the barefoot one!! No vow renewals for us but we’ll be celebrating out 20th on our Disney cruise! 🙂

  13. Your dress was beautiful and LOVE the pic of you sitting and smiling barefoot 🙂 Polynesian (which is in background of one of your pics) is our favorite hotel… love that place!

  14. Your wedding gown was lovely! (I am biased toward pick-ups in the skirt, though.) I haven’t considered a vow renewal, but I’ve only been married for a little over a year.

  15. It was my mother’s dream for me to get married in Cinderella’s castle – it didn’t happen unfortunately. 🙂

    I love Disney and saw your tweet earlier! I’m going to talk to my mom today about coming with me (the Husband is so against Disney – whyyyyyy?!) and keep you posted!!

  16. you had such a beautiful wedding dress!

  17. Rachelle says:

    Omg! Your wedding pictures look like they are straight out of a wedding mag! I would love to do a vow renewal one day. I’m thinking of having a royal-esque wedding and making it giant hats required.

  18. Oh my goodness… your dress was gorgeous and you were completely radiant! Oh my gracious, seriously fabulous! Our dresses were really pretty similar which makes me smile (mine was strapless, though).

    And girl, I am all about vow renewals! We actually renew our vows every year on our anniversary. Our first anniversary we went to St Louis and renewed our vows in the Cathedral Basilica. This past year we went to New Orleans and renewed our vows outside at the St Louis Cathedral. This coming year we will be on a cruise so we will either renew our vows at sea or somewhere in Cozumel. We don’t do a big thing – just the two of us and our vows and sometimes a couple of curious on lookers. We want to do the all-out-vow-renewal for our 10 year, though! Disney sounds like the definite magical place to do it too! We went to Orlando for our honeymoon so that would be crazy great! 🙂

    • thank you! I loved my dress! the only reason I didnt go strapless was b/c I have a bad back and that dress was SO HEAVY in the strapless version and put so much pressure on my back so i opted for the strapped version!

      thats so neat how you renew your vows every year! I wanted a disney wedding but it didnt work out so I am determined to get a disney vow renewal! Talk about a fairytale and very magical! they have so many options too. only 5.5 more years to wait HA!

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