Goodbye House!

Whew! What a crazy 24 hours! Sunday after church we drove down to our old house as the movers were coming to take all of our stuff early the next morning. My mom arrived with breakfast a little after 7:00, and we got to work on the last of the boxing up as the movers arrived behind our house.


Can I just say it’s amazing how much stuff we have accumulated over 7.5 years of marriage? This is after selling and giving away a lot of stuff too since we are moving into a smaller house. I have no idea where it all came from. The three movers started prepping the house and wrapping the furniture, and yall, I felt so bad for them. Yesterday the heat index where we were was 111. I tried to keep the house as cool as I could but because it was so hot and they kept the back door open all day, it was just plain HOT in the house the whole time.


My sweet mother volunteered to clean the bathrooms and help me keep the dogs quiet for the day. We would lock ourselves in a bathroom with the dogs and clean then move to the next. Bobby did a lot of dusting and vacuuming as each room was cleared out, and we had a nice little system going. I got frustrated because I had to take so many breaks and tired so easily. Then when I wanted to sit and rest, there was no furniture to sit on because they took all of that first, ha!


The poor dogs were so stressed out. When it was time to clean the kitchen and the movers were still all running around, Bella wouldn’t stop barking so I stuck her up on the counter and that made her be quiet, so there she stayed. (I was close by, and she would never try to jump off).


Let’s just say both the girls slept the whole three hours back home and also really well last night!



It was so weird seeing each room cleaned out that was full of boxes and beds and dressers that morning.


As we cleaned and moved through the house, I thought back to 3.5 years ago when we moved in everything, and it just felt so odd and surreal to be moving everything OUT already.


As I mentioned before, I am so happy to be moving on with life and on into the next chapter because it seemed like this one would NEVER end, but it was also sad to leave a home with so many great memories. It was a good house, one we designed ourselves, and enjoyed being in, and we enjoyed our neighborhood itself as well. The movers were finally done around 5:30 (after having to bring in a whole second crew because the first crew, poor guys were exhausted and drenched in sweat). We finished cleaning up the house and loading up our car with what we were taking, and said our goodbyes. We took one last picture out front with the dogs and baby M, and said goodbye to my mom.


It’s no secret I am super sentimental, so Bobby gave me a minute in the house alone while he loaded up the dogs. Between the bittersweet goodbye and the pregnancy hormones, not gonna lie, I stood in my kitchen/living room for one last time…and cried. I thanked God for all the great memories we had in this house, and that it kept us safe, dry, cool/warm for 3.5 years. Even though they were a very, very tough few years, and we wanted to move away badly, we still had some really good times. I am thankful for photographs so I can always look back on our years on Pine Valley Lane.

As we drove away, we promised one day, years from now, that we would drive back by and see our house. Hopefully, just like we did, a new family will have made lots of wonderful memories in “our” home.

QOTD: is moving bittersweet for you? Are you sentimental when it comes to memories etc?

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  1. Moving is always bittersweet, but here’s to even great things to come in your new home!

  2. I almost cried reading about you crying. I was so ready to leave Boston I didn’t really say good-bye to the house, it was good-bye to my parents. I knew I would visit and see the house again, but then my parents sold the house a couple years ago. That’s when I realized all the memories wrapped up in that house.

  3. Bridie Rist says:

    Moving, good or bad, is always rough for me. I have to remind myself that the memories are inside me not inside the house. Good luck!

  4. I am NOT pregnant and I still cried my eyes out when we moved this summer! I was excited to move back to LA but there was just something about leaving the home that we had known for 7 years (and the only home our son really remembers). You’re going to make me start crying again! Better things are on the horizon for both of us, I’m sure. (and now I’m going to be hearing “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow…” in my head all day!)

  5. I am such a sap when it comes to moving. I can’t even blame it on pregnancy hormones. I know God has great things in store for your family in your new home!

  6. I cannot imagine doing all that stuff while in my 3rd trimester! You go girl – I bet you got in a great workout!

    Moving is definitely bittersweet, and although I’ve never had a great connection to a specific home since I moved so much, I imagine that when my husband and I finally buy a house of our own, I will absolutely get attached to it! Congratulations on the new home :0)

  7. Oh yes. Moving is so bittersweet. But you are going to make such great memories in your next home especially with Baby M there! And poor Bella! She just looked pitiful on the kitchen counter! I know it has to be stressful for them too. I hope moving into your next house goes smoothly!

  8. When we moved out of our house, I got very sentimental. It was tough for me to see the house empty, especially the room where my first child slept and played for the first two and a half years of her life. It’s tough, but in the end, we are moving to a better place.

  9. I cannot imagine moving being this pregnant. I would probably have died. We’re in a similar situation, love where we are living now but really want to be closer to family! Sadly my family lives in an area where there are very few jobs. Maybe someday. I’m definitely sentimental. I said goodbye to my parents house last time I visited because it would be the last time I would see it as a “kid” (aka before I have my own kid)!

  10. Cheers to a new chapter in your life!

  11. Omg too funny you put Bella on the counter!

  12. So many amazing memories to come! Remember that it doesn’t matter where they happen, just who you’re with. Wishing you the best!!

  13. You forgot to mention our neighbors cooking us dinner the night before and last time we were there to pack.

  14. Girl, I completely know where you are coming from with the sentimental stuff. I cried when I sold my last car…balled my eyes out. Love that you put Bella on the counter. That’s hilarious!

    • LOL! I didn’t cry when Is topped driving my car b/c my mom drove it, then she got rid of it and didn’t tell me! I was mad!

  15. Bless your heart moving in your 3rd trimester! That’s tough, physically and emotionally! I was a military brat and have moved I don’t know how many times in my lifetime. I always get sappy, even if we lived in a place that wasn’t the best. It’s not always about the place you’re in but the people you’re with. It became especially hard when it became the place that we brought the babies home, or where they took a lot of their firsts!

  16. Now Baby M will have a fresh start in her new home! I often wonder if the family that use to live in our home ever drives by. We’ve done so many improvements and changed so many things to the house that I often wonder what they would say if they saw it. Congrats on a new chapter!

    • since we are moving back to where we USED to live, we drove by our old house where we first lived when we got married and it was so weird! sadly not taken care of 🙁

  17. Wishing you all the best as you and Bobby transition to your new home…just in time for Baby M. Keep your memories (good and bittersweet) in your heart, but Keep Moving Forward, Heather! 🙂

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