Ice Cream Party and TNT


Super Saturday! It’s beautiful but hot here. Poor Bobby is still having awful back pain and spasms. he goes to move and it locks up/catches. Anyone ever had this happen? been like this since Wednesday…poor thing.

So, last night was a girls night ice cream party at my house for the ladies in my Sunday school class at church. We had a great time and I am so glad they all came!

Lots of ice cream was consumed


my bowl. yum. oh.


Them due to fabulous planning on my part, I got less than six hours of sleep before I was up at 5:00 this morning for my Team in Training run along the beach! It was my first group run with the team, and as much as I hate waking up early, it was nice to run in only mildly miserable conditions. We ran along the beach and across the Ocean Springs bridge which if you will remember from THIS post, is basically a giant hill I got to go over twice. Unlike last time though, there was no nice cool breeze. I think I sweated out a few pounds!

One of our coaches ran with me and we talked about getting me a training plan, and about my goals or running injury free, etc. It made the 5 miles go by really fast! I was really happy with my time, too. We ran the whole way except when we stopped to get water, and considering the ginormous bridge we doubled back over, we kept a really good pace. I have only had one run further than this one since the Mardi Gras half in February, so I wasn’t sure how my body would react. It did great!

Here is me and Nicole after the run, this was her first time every going four miles. Go Nicole! Nicole was at my house last night too, but she was good and didn’t eat any ice cream. Maybe she needs to rub off on me a little bit. I think I ate enough ice cream for the both of us.


I got home at 8:30 and Bobby, poor thing, was still in a loratab-induced coma. He woke up and ate breakfast and chatted with me….Then I took a 1.5 hour nap. Then we went to eat Mexican…and now HE is taking a nap! How lazy are we?

I wanted to leave you with these beautiful pictures I took from our upstairs balcony on Thursday night as the sun was setting. So pretty!

DSC_0670 DSC_0671



Stunning! God painted us a really pretty sunset! Smile

QOTD: Do you prefer running or working out in the morning or evening?

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  1. Love the sunset pictures! Gorgeous!!! :0)
    Great job on the run! Isn’t it so much better running in the morning than the afternoon? ;0) Ok I already know your answer. lol Don’t throw things at me…hah!
    Yum that ice cream looks awesome!!!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Great job on your run! And just as important…was that a bowl of cadbury eggs at your ice cream sundae party!? :).

    • thanks lady! and heck yes it is! I always buy several bags the day after Easter to last me a few months….They are my favorite candy!!

  3. Thanks for the link! lol. I would much rather work out first thing in the morning…except for the getting-up-early part. But I just feel better once I’ve worked out and then I can go about my day. Of course, running in the summer almost necessitates a morning run time, cause it’s so dang hot!! 🙂

    Looking forward to next week’s 5-mile run! 🙂

  4. Found your blog today, and I thought I’d say hi! I really enjoy your posts….and your love for ice cream (I share that love)! 🙂

    Look forward to reading more.

  5. I despise getting up in the morning. Since I live in the sauna of Pace, FL though and am training for my first full, I have been getting up four days a week to run at 5:00. It is SO nice to have the run behind me early in the day. There is NO WAY that I could do it once the sun is up. I figure I will need to do this through August and I can do anything for a few months. I have been doing this for three full weeks and I am quickly learning how it is effecting my body. I am trying to make the necessary adjustments.

  6. I prefer the morning, especially in the summer..but I only get to run at noon these days…

  7. Cute running outfit and great sunset pics!

  8. sounds like a great run! i am all about morning workouts!

  9. Yum!! I love Cadbury eggs!! And Reeses Pieces, strawberries and bananas?! Hey, can I get invited to your ice cream party next time! 😉

    I prefer the morning since then I have the rest of the day. But on the other hand that means getting up! So I’m probably half and half.

    Gorgeous sunset pictures!

  10. Gorgeous pictures! you should get those framed!

  11. The ice cream & toppings look DELICIOUS! YUM:) I’m definitely a more evening work out girl…mornings are not kind to me at all:)

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